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  1. Potato_Head

    Just bought a 1965 Roadster

    Hello Tr8er, I agree. The car will stay in primer only until I can afford new paint.
  2. Potato_Head

    Just bought a 1965 Roadster

    Some of the stuff that I kept.
  3. Potato_Head

    Just bought a 1965 Roadster

    Out with the chop saw. I wish that I could have saved more from this car but could only keep what I needed. Evrything else will be made into tomorrow's cars. This car was originally Sora Blue. The color is growing on me. It;s now on the top five list of colors - Cherry Red, Sora Blue, Black, Metallic Silver and flat black.
  4. Potato_Head

    Just bought a 1965 Roadster

    I picked up a donor car last week. Another 1500. It had a good rear panel section and front center section so I should be able to undo the tail light modification. I now have spare hoods and rear decklids as there were parts from two cars in the deal. I was also able to get a partially rebuilt 1600, transmission, carbs, soft top frame and a hard top too.
  5. Potato_Head

    Just bought a 1965 Roadster

    Let's see if I can get some pictures up here. This is how the car looked when I bought it. I liked some of the body changes the PO made but the rear panel made me ask WTF?
  6. Potato_Head

    Just bought a 1965 Roadster

    Hello MikeRL411, The picture shown in hobospyders post IS my car. I assumed he culled it from the photobucket link I provided and was trying to show me how to do my own pic posts.The 64's had single carbs and third seats in the very early versions. Mine is #1072. I am assuming that by this time the third seat was deleted and the dual carbs were added. Similar to the transition between 66 and 67.5 bodies. The engine block is a G code 1500 block and I am 90% sure it matches the id tag I have. I will need to remove the carbs so that I can get a clear shot of the frame VIN to know if all three key numbers match. Vin plate - Frame - Engine. Of course you can take any 66 or earlier carcass and mount earlier fenders then put any vin plate onto it and it would be hard to disprove. At least the 64 and earlier bodies have different floor boards and other elements that are cost prohibitive to fake. If anyone can provide a template for the tailight plate I'd appreciate it. I need to undo the work the PO did so that I can use OE taillights. I am hoping that under the center bondo there is still the license plate tabs. I will also re open the window channels and door/trunk handles. Gas fill too. Thank you for all constructive advice!!! M
  7. Potato_Head

    Just bought a 1965 Roadster

    Trying for pics http://s563.photobucket.com/user/1hr40/media/0711417a-5b63-4c79-9490-0fc39a7730da.jpg.html
  8. Potato_Head

    Just bought a 1965 Roadster

    Hello MikeRL411 and Tr8er, I appreciate your opinions. This car is far from perfect and has some modifications from the PO that will take some effort to undo. There is no interior, no wiring, non original hubcaps, no top, no bumpers. The quickest path to having a car that I can drive and enjoy would be to make it look liked a stripped down racer from the late 60's. I could then take the time required to source all of the missing bits and pieces which may take years. Any safety or power mods would be period correct and reverseable. Nothing would be "fucked up" I recently sold my 04 Subaru STi. It had many suspension, exhaust and cosmetic mods. I saved all of the original pieces and gave them to the new owner so that they could restore the car to original if they wanted. I will post pics as soon as I can remember my photobucket account. In the mean time you can search for a completed auction for my car on THAT site. Judge as you see fit.
  9. Potato_Head

    Just bought a 1965 Roadster

    Hello Ratsun, Just bought a 1965 1500. I had owned a 1966 Fairlady almost 20 years ago and I've regretted selling it every since. The car is in decent shape but I will be needing parts and suggestions for safety and performance upgrades. Mostly brakes, roll bar and a possible G15 crank to U20 block engine upgrade. At this point I am interested in doing a resto mod to recreate the look of the period racers. I had no idea that there were so few 65 1500's made. Hopefully there will not be so many model specific parts. Pictures to come next week.

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