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  1. @lfred671

    cooling line for carburator manifold.

    I don't have a picture right now, the way it looks is there right nest to the temp sensor there is a hose that coonects to a fitting right next to it and runs down to the lower part of the motor. I was wondering if I can bypass it temporary till I can get the correct one or take the one I have to a machine shop and have the shop tap a line for that fitting.
  2. @lfred671

    cooling line for carburator manifold.

    is that bypass outlet right next to the temp sensor, could I disregard bypass if I had to. or is recommended to run that bypass line. I ordered that part on ebay, and I cannot find the the housing I need, all the housing I come across only have the temp sensor hole on them.
  3. On my 75 620 my thermostat housing cracked at the temperature sensor, so I ordered a new housing. the issue I have is on the original housing there is the connection for the carburetor cooling hose, the new housing I got does not have the port for that hose. So my question is do I need to run that hose or can I block off that hose and not have to worry about cooling of the carburetor manifold.
  4. was seeing if anyone out here has a drivers side window for a 1975 datsun 620 pickup. mine got shattered when someone broke into my truck. if anyone has i would like to purchase it from you.

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