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    Looking for some 4x4 720 leaf springs so I can finish my 620. Thanks in advance!



  2. I guess so, the add said that it does not come with the wheels or seats. $1000 seems pretty steep to me. The tail gate is very nice but the bed was very dented and rusty when I owned it. Maybe if he sells the 5 speed he can get some money out of it? sad to see it wrecked but every time I recline in the king cab I dont regret key letting it go.
  3. My dad found my old truck on let go. Hopefully the driver is okay but its sad to see it wrecked after only being gone for one year. Looks like the tail gate rick sold me came out of it okay though.
  4. I have to datsun 620 wheels I can bring. Both hold air but one tire is pretty old and cracking.
  5. Yes the pans under the carpet was a nice suprise. But then I finally looked under the plywood in the bed and found another suprise. Thats the original 510 blue paint in the bed. I will have to clean it up before Canby. If the dash waasnt so shiny new I would suspect it to be original after finding the nice paint
  6. Found the owners manual and warranty book in the glove box today. Guess I never noticed it because I always use yhe parcel tray. Sold new at mcminville datsun and services at Gladstone datsun for a couple years.
  7. Ford explorer seats already out in this picture but this is the old carpet. the floor boards look awesome. The front pans are cleaning up very easy, should be able to get it with sand paper only. the rear pans look amazing.
  8. I started with the intention of putting in a new seat belt and ended up taking all the carpet and seats out so I can redo the interior. The carpet is wore out, the seats are not to comfy and it smeels like cigarettes when its warm outside.
  9. Yeah I will get around to the bumper eventually. I need to fix three oil leaks first and then maybe. I keps the smog stuff. I'm using it as a reference while I add a pcv valve and fitting onto my blockoff plate then I will sell it.
  10. Pic of the carb and header. This was all inspired after I found out it was stolen leaving for work in the morning a couple weeks ago. They either ditched it for something else after a few blocks but most likely it started misfiring and running like crap and they couldn't drive it any further haha. They made off with my tool kit and my spare tire lowering rod handle but left the bottle jack and handle behind.
  11. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention the wheels. I found them on Craigslist back in september. They were from a guys c10 project and he decided not to run them. Brand new wheels, tires, hub caps and beauty rings that I have not put on (debating if I will like it). I don't know the offset but they just barely stick out.
  12. Made a lot of progress on the king cab the past couple weeks. Got a new weber put on and pulled all the smog stuff out. Scored an old school header that was still new forever ago and threw that on because my stock one was in extremely poor condition. I also got it to stop leaking coolant and over heating and with no more vacuum leaks it runs awesome. With the new header I took and had the rest of the exhaust done as well.
  13. Unjnnnvjggmvmv",'s C,m C. Just nckn,knmm,,,k,om,,kbb
  14. I just need to figure out why it's running hot this weekend and stop the misfiring when it's cold and it's ready for my daily driving.
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