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  1. OK so from what you are saying. 1) I don't need the relay with the 4 wires (shown in picture) for the distributor. I can eliminate it completely including the wires that connect to coil & distributor and still have the car start without it? As you said its mostly for emissions which controls the 2nd set of points when everything is connected from factory (Speed indicator, throttle switch, neutral safety switch, 4 plug relay ,ect) - i didnt know that, i learned something new :) 2) I don't need to connect any wires to the neutral safety switch on the manual transmis
  2. OK im alittle confused but im thinking about it as i am writing and viewing diagram. I disconnected the Carb switch completely. I don't know what third switch means and how it looks like but im not too concern because i dont have the blue/yellow wire connected to the relay circled in pink. "If you have a dual point distributor on the L20B just disconnect the relay and it will run proper advance like engines were intended to run." - do you mean the relay thats attached to the radiator / the four wires pictured? I thought you needed that for the point distributor? "
  3. yes i eliminated that one as my father has side drafts webers and the original carb was in pretty poor shape.
  4. Ok so i been messing with the wiring of my father car which is a Datsun 510 with an L20 engine and a 5 speed transmission from a what i believe came out of a 1978 610/710 truck (i forgot at the moment). I been doing a wire tuck to give the engine bay a cleaner look PLUS less stuff hanging around. I think i am almost done but hit a few bumps along the way. At the moment im trying to figure out what is this relay called? what does it do? and is it necessary to have? im not next to the car at the moment but i will try my best to describe. It has three green wire; if i remember co
  5. I was wondering do you know where can I buy replacement clip terminals for the fuse box? I saw these available for a 1968 mercury cougar and thought maybe there is some available for the datsuns somewhere. I have looked but haven't found them yet. I check Vintage connections but they dont have it on there website but I might give them a message to see if they have them around
  6. thanks yenpit but mine is still ok, intact and functions but thanks for the offer. i just thought that since Im tearing the wiring apart (keeping the original as a backup/diagram and installing new wires & connectors) I might as well find a new modern fusebox . I don't mind using the original one but i really wanted to change the clip terminals, I wonder if those are available
  7. well demo243 i agree with you 100 percent. I played alot with the early 1970s mopar wiring but datsun is a different beast but im not afraid. I did buy a ton of connectors and terminals + extras from vintage connection (great site, great prices and fast shipping) and I did say that I was doing the wiring new (which i got rolls of new wiring), I just wanted to know if i can replace the fuse box for a new one being that i going all the way with the wiring of the 510 and wanted to freshen / update her as much as i can possibly can. hell even if you guys can point me wh
  8. ok so we been doing alot of things to the dime and she been needing some attention here and there. Both my father and I are jumping left and right to fix some of the previous owners negligence. Now i have arrive at the wiring harness; its pretty bad/poor conditioned, so i bought terminal/ connectors/ crimp tool from http://vintageconnections.com/ First time buying from them and it won't be my last, thats for sure. Since im messing with the wiring i was wondering : does anyone know or have upgraded their original Glass tube fuse box for a modern square plastic "U" fuse fusebox
  9. hey datzenmike, I wanted to say thank you very much for the help, there isnt too many people out there that will take their time to explain in detail or even help. I don't know too much because Im young / inexperience but i can always try to help others out when i have an answer. As of now all i can do is show pictures, progress and try to explain in detail so maybe others can read, see photos and compare AND maybe it might answer their problems. again mike thanks alot. I haven't done anything to the car beside have the engine/tranny out and cleaning the undercarriage. on
  10. Oh-Oh, so what would u suggest? I thought it was kinda fishy especially for that large gap away from the floorpans. should i remove the spacers? I have no prior history on the car and the PO isnt car knowledgeable & doesnt know about cars. So 100 percent i assume it wasnt him. probably the owner before him.
  11. here are the pictures of transmission on the car with two spacers. I gotta do some cleaning down there. when the transmission is back on the car (nice and clean) I'll do the measurements because when i saw that space away from the body it concern me but datzenmike since you said that its normal just measure its straightness . At least that puts my mind at ease alittle transmission is out. Im guessing its a FS5W63A 5-SPEED Dogleg It looks like the one from dime quarterly Vol 11 - issue 4 Page 5 BUT the owner said it came out of a pickup truck and
  12. 👍 wow that pretty much answers my question thanks mike. I'll be getting one of those protractors and seeing if everything lines up. As of now I took the engine / transmission off the car for a bit of cleaning and updating. now I gotta figure out what transmission i have so that i can buy the right clutch kit.... and a whole list of parts / wiring 😵
  13. I have a 1972 datsun 510 - was an auto but was converted to a manual 5 speed / L20 engine some time ago by PO (Previous Owner) I don't have pictures at the moment but i was wondering about something i discovered while poking around the 510. I started taking all the front engine bay wiring and relays because they were in bad shape and wanted to clean it up and replace whats worn/ damage OR eliminate what i dont need (thats gonna probably be another thread on its own). I then went under the car to disconnect the speedometer cable(which was disconnected and never connected) & the
  14. ok i think i found something on this site: http://dimequarterly.blogspot.com/2011/08/tech-how-to-510-factory-tachometer.html I guess i'll got with the modern tach with the signal wire (black with green line) going to the negative side of the coil. everything else is connected together with the three pin connector lightbulbs. I just wanted to know what was the right way of connecting this and if i was missing something from one or both of them and if the white wire is suppose to be loop like that and not connected somewhere like on the screw thread shown in picture. I
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