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  1. I was wondering if anyone would know the Length and Width of a JDM rear bumper datsun 120y? Reason I ask is because I been talking (trying to anyways) to a few Malaysian guys online and one guy was kind to reply back to me about having a set of JDM bumpers for my datsun b210. we been speaking weekly because he is very slow at replying back to me and takes about 2 days or longer to get a response; again I don't know why but its ok at least he's replying. He did show me a few pictures and told me that they were the Japanese version bumper. He also said that the measurement was different from an original JDM bumper because these are new. Im ok with a reproduction but the only thing that has me thinking is that he said the Width wasn't the same. His measurement was: -Length = 155cm -Width = 15cm Now 155cm in inches is 61.02 & 15cm in inches is 5.90 My question would be: what is the dimensions or measurements of an original jdm rear bumper? If you have an Australian bumper that's ok too, you can add that measurement here too, in case someone wants to know measurements on a AUS bumper Im just curious because I want to know what he is talking about in difference and i couldn't find measurements or differences about JDM bumpers vs the rest *** I don't know if my eyes are playing tricks but doesn't one rear bumper look longer than the other one? I ask him about this and he said that the bumper type that he is selling is the car pictured below. so i guess that puts me at ease
  2. sorry for late reply but I did what you said the same time you replied and it fire right up! You were right, I guess i was grounding out the spark with the battery's negative & chassis ground together (who knew). Now i gotta figure out where those black wires go and if they need to be connected in a specific way? All i can say is: You sir Crashtd420 are the man! u saved me from pulling the coil out and getting a new one
  3. I been breaking my head with this diagram. couldn't they make it just one version in stead of mashing them up together; Federal and California wiring. https://datsunforum.com/Datsun_Wiring_Diagrams/Datsun 210 and B210/Datsun_B210_Wiring_Diagram_1976.pdf
  4. i did a small test with the ohms meter and it looks OK numbers wise. I am not an expert in this type of thing. Don't worry about the black wire on the positive post of the coil, its not there anymore, only the three reds which I mentioned early
  5. I did disconnected a few boxes and this one is one of them. Im not sure what this one does as well. I don't think this would be the cause of my problem because I reconnected him and it did nothing
  6. The negative side of coil has 2 wires. one of them is from the distributor and the other is a larger gauge wire connected to other smaller gauge wires - 4 of them. where my hand holding the heavy gauge wire Its being ground to the battery terminal and the battery shelf - (where the battery sits) As for the red cables - one of them is for the aftermarket tach, the 2nd wire is for the distributor and the third is shared with a Black/red line wire and a Black/white line wire. The other black/white line wire shown by itself is skinnier than the one attached to the black/red. i have no idea where that goes or what its for?
  7. Ok so I tried starting the car today to see the progress that I did and it failed to start. I have tested that black/white line wire for power in both key positions- ON and RUN positions. it had no power. It use to be connected as a split wire to the negative wire of the coil. I did reconnected it but as its own separate wire going to the negative post of the coil but still no start. I tried connecting it to the positive side but still no start. I did check for spark, my father disconnected the #1 spark plug wire and inserted a screw driver and got it close to a ground source. I cracked it and it was no spark, so we plugged the #1 back and disconnected the coil wire from the distributor cap and did the same steps as the #1 spark plug.... still no spark. timing is set at 8 degree BTDC at the #1 spark plug As of now Im looking around for loose connections and wires that I mis-connected but I don't see that many wires. I know some were spliced together in 1 solid wire. Maybe the "black/white wire" needs to be spliced together instead of being separated? now its a no spark condition
  8. you don't mean these? They look like they can do the job but do they fit? I tried looking for specs on them but all it says is bore size = 2.013 & inlet/bleeder thread is M10x1
  9. I been looking at a few acura legend brake job videos and its making me think that they might fit. I'll post a few pictures of a side by side caliper tomorrow because i am also curious about the back where it mounts to the rotor. I'll try to look at calipers for a 210 from '79 - 80 and see what i find. Im also going to compare Specs on the datsun b210 caliper VS this acura caliper..... damn you automatically said what I was going to say about them being "for sale?" 😀
  10. I knew something was off. I did a little searching and they are suppose to fit a 2004 Honda to a 1994 acura legend. Im not gonna take a risk on it - im going to return it back but since its memorial day I don't think post offices are open or anyone from rockauto will reply on a weekend/holiday. Here is the ebay link for the same caliper https://www.ebay.com/itm/Disc-Brake-Caliper-Unloaded-Caliper-with-Bracket-Rear-Right-Cardone-Reman/392303383604?epid=76746646&hash=item5b571a9434:g:MtMAAOSwsB9bmCSP&frcectupt=true
  11. ok so here is an update. Rockauto notified me a week ago about having a passager side caliper available. The part # 19-B148 and is made by cardone. I then bought it quickly and it has arrived friday afternoon. I open the box with excitement and then it changed to confusion.... here are a few pictures now, i haven't tried it on my car yet and i still have a chance to return it. is this the right caliper or did they send the wrong one? it seem so much different. I know that the stock photo from rockauto looks exactly like my old caliper BUT this one that came yesterday doen't look the same. the stock photo also saids that "actual item may look diferent but function the same". i also need to figure out how to add the metal hardware that came with this caliper
  12. the only wire i don't know where it connects to is this one. its a black wire with a white line in between. I think it was connected together with the black wire on the coils negative but Im not sure
  13. ok so I was doing a little wiring a few days ago and i think im just about done with it. everything has been connected and re-routed. Its 100 times better than before in my opinion. hopefully i got this right I have the black wire connected to the battery negative and onto where the battery sits - as seen in picture it is then connected to a series of other black wire. Coil is connected - three reds (tach, dizzy and red wire connect to a pair of two other wire) and two blacks (dizzy and the black wire connect to the multiple wires as seen in above picture) i fotgot to take photos of alternator wires connected but i will get them up soon
  14. ok so here what we did, i ask my father to help me make a thread on the AIS passage so that i can plug it. My father thought it was a great idea but then were both afraid of the metal shards being left inside the hole. So he came out with another quick solution, why not make a block-off plate. It does the job well
  15. wow, ok thanks for that info & pictures I never thought of that, i appreciate it I guessing if you leave "open" then the exhaust soot comes out? yes the head is still on the car, I might go with a thread and plug... if not that JB weld/aluminum foil is another great idea. I'll post it up when it done. 🙂
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