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  1. oh ok then I thought it was a factory casting / extra excess metal. Yes I did use a large C-clamp and its push all the way, rubber is worn and torn in two places though. I hope they (summit racing) have some (calipers) in stock and ship them out as soon as possible. I don't see another way other than sanding them down like you said. I want a safe and reliable car this summer for my father and I can drive and enjoy and that actually stops on a dime. I don't know why the calipers are out of stock everywhere I look. ebay has a few left sides but thats about it. Im guessing its because its the non-bracket type hopefully the back rear brakes don't give me trouble, Im ordering parts as we speak - shoes, springs, rotors, wheel cylinders, ect
  2. no i don't have original nissan pads just those duralast ones. I did look online for different pads just to read measurements, they have slightly different sizes but nothing too crazy. it annoys me when something like this happens and its sets you back a few days to figure out whats wrong or if you are doing something wrong but again Im not an expert on the datsuns but we love them never the less. this is the slight raise i was talking about, its almost the same amount i need for the pad to pass between the rotor, believe it or not.
  3. ok i figured out to use image upload. let me know if this is ok in size and if they are visible right now I am waiting for the new calipers from summit racing which they changed their date to 4/24 availability.... hopefully i can get them sooner. I also ordered a set of 20 brake lines so that i can go over the car. I didn't think of sanding the pads. any type of grit? is it ok to go a few centimeters? it won't effect stopping if i did that? (im sorry for the stupid question there). I don't have a problem with the inner pad its the outer one that doesn't go - its a little big and rotor in the way. I have another question its about the caliper, what is the deal with the outer side of the caliper where the brake pad sits, there is a slight raise. any special function or is it extra metal I have the non-bracket caliper
  4. unless there is another model car that i can use brakes and calipers from that is more available and an easy bolt on - plug and play deal?
  5. I had a mission this spring to update a couple of items on my 1976 datsun b210 and the first thing I wanted to do was refresh the brake system starting with the brakes..... well I hit a speed bump at the moment. As the title implies I can't seem to fit my new brake pads on my rotors on my car. the pads are from Autozone's duralast brand but that shouldn't be a problem. I was wondering if there is a trick to it or is there something wrong. I push the caliper's hydraulic-thingy all the way in and still doesn't fit. pads sit ok inside caliper but when installing onto rotor thats where my problem begins I also tried ordering front calipers but they seem to be out of stock EVERYWHERE. I did order a set from summit from Raybestro but its a special order since its out of stock as well and they will notified me on 5/1(hopefully) part #s: agb-frc3023 and agb-frc3024 *** bonus question : what size threads are the brake lines? M10? I know they are 3/16....i think. reason i ask is because I wanted to look for new lines but are non-existent and from what i read on datsun1200's website I have 4 opinions http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=Brake_Lines get pre-made lines of various lengths and bend and install it yourself get brake line material and fittings and cut it, flare it and fit it pay a shop to make and install custom lines buy genuine brake lines from Nissan and install. The ute parts are still available, and most will fit a Sedan or Coupe. so I found a few guys on ebay that sell brake line kits and was thinking of trying from one of them https://www.ebay.com/itm/Complete-brake-line-kit-made-for-Nissan-or-Datsun-1970-1971-1972-1973-1996/382875913431?hash=item59252eccd7:g:GrIAAOSwya1ceE3h I do have pictures on my camera and phone I just don't know how to load it here
  6. sorry about the font size i sometimes can't see too well and need the letters more bigger and bolder. The valve lash is probably my problem but i can't mess with it now cause of my workshift. will have to do that on my day off when i can concentrate and not leave it half finished...its strange because it was running great for 2 to 4 months then this happens As for reference what is the kit # for my specific carb? one of my needles has a slight bend on the tip - now that i notice
  7. spark plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel pump, points, fuel filter are brand new. I did gap the points correctly and i think i timed it correctly (gonna need to check it again if i can get it running). haven't messed with the valve lash and i believe all the vacuums are all connected in there correct spots - not that many. remember the car was played with before i got it so... original it is not. I heard that these carbs have an electronic fuel shut off solenoid, i was thinking of that as well but maybe im wrong. It was a mess when i bought her but I replaced alot of necessary things (besides the carb) and she ran great for about 2 to 3 months after that something gave up or became out of synch or out of tune.
  8. my carb has been played with so much that it DOES need a rebuild but don't know where to get a complete kit. As of now im pushing my car because the carby won't stay on when you change gears (automatic transmission)... it does stay on when park but shaking and sometimes idle is high and when you try to tune it down then it shakes worse. i don't have money for a weber 32/36 (but will get one in the future). i thought it was easier to replace it with something new ... it looks tempting but wanted to see if anyone went the cheap route OR had experimented on these.... here is my carb part number - its alittle faded but i think it says : scd306-1 6604ht not too sure
  9. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these Ebay Carburetors that are for the A14 engines. They are pretty cheap, brand new and they have to be better than the old beatup hitachi that i have. The only thing that's missing is the electric choke on the side, I wonder if that would be a problem. they both look identical to each other but then again pictures can be deceiving. here are the ebay link. There are two different type #1238 and #1237. I haven't ask the seller yet on specs either. any insight on these http://www.ebay.com/itm/1237-BRAND-NEW-CARBURETOR-A12-16010-H1602-DATSUN-SUNNY-B210-PULSAR-TRUCK-/121817682086?hash=item1c5ce650a6:g:Yj4AAOSw--1Wso82&vxp=mtr http://www.ebay.com/itm/1238-BRAND-NEW-CARBURETOR-1972-1982-B210-210-310-ENGINE-A14-16010-W5600/121338824587?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D38530%26meid%3Ddf58e1fb6611412cb69a772890453b32%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D172382093758
  10. Good evening everyone: As the title saids, I have a 1975 Datsun b210 which im working on and i came onto a small stump. In my search of purchasing needed parts to work with my car, I just couldn't find a Leaf spring rear shackle. Do these exist? I want to buy them new but can't seem to find a part number or even a part for that matter. unless im searching it wrong . I did see the picture on the datsun1200 club but there was no info, part number, or if it would fit the b210. http://datsun1200.com/modules/myalbum/photo.php?lid=24931
  11. so if i bought #31-624 distributor with the black box on the side would i need the "transistor ignition box" or anything extra to connect/get? since now i have to return the distributor #31-621 i got today back to Advance auto and start to think about my options. Pertronix or Distributor #31-624. As of now i am going to try again and play with the points since i won't be able to get anything by friday....
  12. I was also thinking of that as an opition as well but was alittle worry about the distributors condition. to think the distributor cost me about $70 brand new + the shipping that i paid extra to get it here quick - if i went with free shipping then it would have cost about the same as the Pertronix - thats the reason why i went with the distributor. I guess i'll be losing the shipping cost on the return.
  13. sorry but im very new to datsuns and just getting use to this b210. Advance auto #31-624 has this type of distributor but alittle different. would it fit my '76 datsun b210?
  14. damn my pocket is hurting. the GM HEI unit isn't bad for $20 but that Transistor ignition box $200! ... how about this other electronic distributor part number #31-624 from Advance auto for a 1981 datsun 210 - A14 engine. do i need anything for that distributor? I should have done my homework more better and ask before buying do you mean the black box under the kickpanel? I check there before on both sides and i don't see any transistor ignition (big black box). as for the coil i have an "MSD blaster 2" on right now
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