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  1. ??? At least a with a call i can keep my eyes on the road while talking.Texting involves a little more than just holding a phone up to your ear or putting it on speaker.I don't even like to talk while driving and never make an outgoing call.
  2. So how do you go about censoring the millions of text messages sent daily ? I have the answer.Eliminate texting period and make people actually talk to one another.My boss is a text communicator and i can't stand it.I'm at home right now because he texted me while i was driving back from a job.He had a repair for me to do,tough shit i'm already home.If he would have called i would have done the repair.
  3. I heard about this on the radio yesterday.Just crazy.
  4. And i'm not following why you even pointed it out about Republicans when both sides are just as guilty as the other.What does gay have to do with it ?
  5. A small nail gun compressor will have a hard time seating beads.
  6. Who's ranting ? Should gay rights be any different than any other human rights ?
  7. Is it really prejudice against gays or are people just sick and tired of the rhetoric ? The constant demands for equality,rights etc. The demands that we must accept and approve of it.In my opinion they have every right any American has.I don't care who's gay or not but i don't need anybody to advertise it to me and force me to approve of it.
  8. I couldn't get here for a couple of days.I thought i got banned for typing something offensive.
  9. Yea this CRT bullshit is starting to get some attention from parents.I'm glad my kids were done with grade school a long time ago.I'd be raising hell about this nonsense myself.
  10. That's just for state employees traveling on the states dollar.And i'm sure West Virginia is deeply saddened by this.LOL.They're probably saying "GOOD" !
  11. This tranny technically exposed himself which is a sex crime,unless of course you're a tranny.If a regular (normal) man would have done the same thing he'd be arrested,charged and labeled as sex offender ! What a fucking joke society is becoming.
  12. Yes,the ones that actually take flight and go boom with a lot of color in the sky.We can't have those here in California.
  13. Happy Birthday America.And for those of you that are allowed to purchase and light up the good fireworks,don't blow your fingers off.
  14. I wasn't offended at all.And no,changing it isn't better.Leave it as it was.
  15. Well that might offend somebody as true as it is.
  16. Canada has an undefended border ? I know you can't cross it right now because of Covid and heard that even an American with a DUI can't come in,is that true ?
  17. Exactly.Shouldn't murder be considered a hate crime no matter what color anybody involved was ?
  18. True but they're getting us in so many other ways.If they remove prop 13 i'm out of here.
  19. At some point it may be required to try it at least once just so we know what it feels like.
  20. We've been treating them special for a few years now,it's getting worse.Using the hate crime charge is an example.Ever heard of the hate crime charges being pushed when a white person is the victim of crime from a person of color ?
  21. We must treat these people special so they feel good about themselves as attention seeking whores.Where can i donate to the burnout guys legal defense fund ?
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