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  1. Ok i see the correlation,L.A. county is an dense overpopulated shithole and the others aren't.
  2. And now we have the new "Mu" variant.
  3. I had the same questions myself.Decided to get vaccinated and was glad i did after what i saw.Was i just lucky when i was exposed for an almost 10 hour period or did the vaccine help keep me from getting sick ?
  4. How did Frisco get to where it's at now with all this crazy shit ?
  5. And you're aware that Biden scrapped the plans made by the Trump administration in case the shit hit the fan ? That's Trump's fault also correct ?
  6. So what did they die from ? My friends mom died awhile back.85 years old,had a stroke,fell and broke her ankle.Had another stroke in the hospital and died from Covid,go figure.
  7. They could really keep the ball rolling with a new "variant vaccine"
  8. I believe the chances of death are diminished if you're vaccinated.Even the effects of Covid are supposed to be not as severe.
  9. Maybe the vaccinated are getting infected in bigger numbers because they feel too safe and aren't practicing the precautionary measures that they should be ? Just because i had the vaccinations doesn't mean i'm going to concerts,ball games or any other crowded places.I'm still trying to lay low,keep my distance from others and wash hands often.The mask thing i'm not doing anymore.
  10. I would have serious doubts about that.
  11. He's the guy i picked,he has the best chance.Hell i would pick Caitlyn Jenner if i knew he/she could win.I'm in the "anybody but Newsom" camp.This guys political career needs to be castrated now.
  12. That's a man Baby! - Groovy Austin Powers - quickmeme.html
  13. Get the vaccine or don't.I now know four anti-vaxxers that regret their decision after getting very sick.I got vaccinated and was exposed to one of these four for a solid eight hour workday.He rode in my truck for over an hour while sick.I didn't get sick,if i did i didn't know it.One of those decisions i don't regret after being very hesitant to take the vaccine.
  14. That is a good question.I will point out though that we do have a CDC and FDA giving us guidelines and are going through the same shit as the rest of the world.It's tough to know what to believe anymore.
  15. No kidding /\ It's hard to believe the world isn't angry with China.
  16. Except they have no responsibility as far as getting things done.You would have to know these guys to completely understand.My helper didn't know what he had except for a splitting headache which is normal for him as he's usually hungover.Two of them came back to work in the shop today,refused a free covid test and were sent home until further notice.These are Qanon believing wackjobs that thought Trump would be reinstated August 14th.This is the mentality my boss deals with.We're looking to can em,they aren't worth a shit anyway.
  17. Yea i'm not too worried about getting sick.I don't want to get tested,miss work and get behind.He did test positive.
  18. My workplace has an outbreak going on,probably Covid.One of them is my coworker and rides with me every day.The other three sick ones are a dad and his two sons.All of them are anti-vaccine types.My coworker worked last Friday (with me) sicker than shit.I had no idea he was that sick.He's the only one willing to get tested.He's been told by me he's not working with me or getting in my vehicle without a negative test.I hope my vaccine works.If he's positive i have to get tested because of these fucks.Something like this can definitely change your feelings about this whole situation.
  19. That is some scary shit.Our own Homeland Security people are more concerned about people opposing Covid measures while our border is porous enough to invite disaster in.
  20. Thank you,couldn't remember her name but i do remember i can't stand her.
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