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  1. Yea i'm not getting that one either,is that George Floyd being used as a bowling ball ?
  2. No,i'm referring to people getting sent multiple ballots,dead people receiving ballots,illegals voting (like they do here in Cali),signatures,counting late ballots,odd behavior from poll workers, etc. Your mindset is there is zero fraud ?
  3. I honestly don't know how anybody can say there was no voter fraud with what we've seen.Whether or not it changes the outcome is not relevant at this point.It exists.
  4. I still use a Thomas Guide.Three reasons,the dipshit sales guy i work with writes like shit and doesn't spell correctly so i use the Thomas to try and track down the correct spelling of streets.The other reason is so i know where i'm headed before typing an address into my GPS because the GPS will take you the shortest route which is NOT always the fastest route.Third,my Thomas Guide never acts up or fails me at the worst time.
  5. Well what kind of tribe member votes for those that want to fuck them ? To me there's a big difference between tribes.One tribe is looking out more for themselves,that would be Democrat politicians.The other might be looking out for themselves but aren't so eager to fuck you in process,Republicans.I belong to neither tribe but tend to lean towards the one that doesn't want to aggressively continue taking from me so they can give it to others.Don't we pay enough taxes as it is ?
  6. I never thought for a second Elder would win.Or any other Republican.Most people i know didn't think he had a chance.This is California where the voters just don't pay attention or just don't care what goes on.At this point in time i'm in the "anybody but Newsom" camp.I wish somebody could explain to me the positivity of supporting those that want to tax you more,ignore crime,drug issues,housing problems,a porous border or even open one, etc. I think too may people here just see "Democrat" and darken that circle in without even considering what's going on here in California.Serious question here,can you give us some examples of what Newsom has done to make this a better state for those of us that have been here all our lives ? I don't consider the recall effort stupid at all,the right had nothing to lose in this state at all.As far as costs go ? Who cares ? That money would have just been pissed away on something even dumber than a recall election.The recall effort gets hammered for wasting money but the unemployment scandal gets buried by the media and the left,how much did that one cost ?
  7. Nobodies Covid policies were an asset,from either side.We should trust a guy that tells us what NOT to do and then does it himself ?
  8. Well thank God we still have Gavin Newsom to lead us out of this Covid nightmare.LOL.
  9. You might try a finer grade of sandpaper for faster results.
  10. Definite proof that California has the stupidest voters in the country.Never mind the Covid thing and how Newsom and his aunt Nancy showed what they think of us.How about his taxation policies,lack of punishment for crime,releasing serious criminals early from jail etc. This is one of those "WTF is going on" moments in history.How did people become so stupid ? And if you voted for Newsom ? Yes i'm calling you stupid !
  11. No not stubborn but have enough respect for others to understand why they don't want a vaccine that doesn't appear to be fixing much at this point.I've been vaccinated.I don't regret my decision to do so.Adapt to what ? our government forcing us into it ? No thanks.
  12. Lame.How is it a choice if your present job didn't require a vaccination when they hired you and now they do ? I guess you can choose to quit or get fired but that's really not much of a choice now is it ? In my opinion that's being forced which isn't a mandate.Move to a state that doesn't have mandates ? Yea pack up your life and move because some tyrant forces you out.What a great way to go through life.My belief is these kids and adults need to get sick and build an immune system that is stronger.Vaccinating children for a flu bug is a joke along with masking them.Stop yer crying about those that don't want to get vaccinated.If you look at the numbers since vaccines have been given it seems as if not much has changed except we don't get the daily death count from our left wing media.We're at about 8 months into vaccines,a year and half into masks and look where we're at.
  13. You left out another important question,are they still doing it ? That lab needs to have a large bomb dropped on it.
  14. I'm a carpenter and the only use i've had for those is to scrape uneven glue joints down when we clamp boards together.I've seen guys use them to plane a tight fitting door so it doesn't bind in the jamb.Down here in san Diego they sell them at swap meets and they're not cheap.That's probably worth more as a collector item than a tool you would use frequently.
  15. Nothing like LA is.Frisco has less than million,LA is at 10 million.edit.
  16. Ok i see the correlation,L.A. county is an dense overpopulated shithole and the others aren't.
  17. And now we have the new "Mu" variant.
  18. I had the same questions myself.Decided to get vaccinated and was glad i did after what i saw.Was i just lucky when i was exposed for an almost 10 hour period or did the vaccine help keep me from getting sick ?
  19. How did Frisco get to where it's at now with all this crazy shit ?
  20. And you're aware that Biden scrapped the plans made by the Trump administration in case the shit hit the fan ? That's Trump's fault also correct ?
  21. So what did they die from ? My friends mom died awhile back.85 years old,had a stroke,fell and broke her ankle.Had another stroke in the hospital and died from Covid,go figure.
  22. They could really keep the ball rolling with a new "variant vaccine"
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