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  1. If the piston is at TDC im guessing the cam timing is off by the way the sprocket looks.
  2. john510

    L-20b rebuild

    Datzenmike,its right on just like your picture,thanks.Hainz ive watched your video probably 10 times just so i get this done right.I did the head gasket and put an L20b cam in the L18 thats is in the car now,so far no problems.Thanks guys.
  3. john510

    L-20b rebuild

    Hainz,im running SU's the manifold is port matched to the head.Im going to use the water ports ive never had a problem with leaks,i always use the nissan manifold gasket.I have a distributor- oil pump shaft that i took the gear off of so priming will be a lot easier.I got the cam gear set on number 1 because i put in a new chain and sprockets also new tensioner and guides.I know the L20 comes factory set on number 2 so i was not sure where to start with a different cam.Any suggestions ?
  4. john510

    L-20b rebuild

    I chose that cam because they say it has a strong broad powerband.A lot of the cams i checked into the power is good from about 3250-7250 rpms and i really dont want to rev the shit out this engine.
  5. john510

    L-20b rebuild

    My rebuild continues on,got the block done.L-18 pistons .040 over,reground crank all new bearings.Just put the head on the other night.A87 peanut head that is ported.I chose the Web cam .488 lift 252 duration cam, resurfaced rockers and schneider valve springs.All this stuff is getting expensive it better run good. The last picture is the motor before i tore it apart
  6. I got konig rewinds from my wife
  7. I paid just over 500.00 to bore an l20b .040 over,crank was reground for new bearings and they assembled the short block with pistons and rings i provided.This was at a reputable machine shop.About 60.00 of that was parts.
  8. Thats a good way to get your ass beat or maybe shot at,wait till somebody causes an accident with that thing.What a couple of douchebags !
  9. john510

    Head milling...

    All the stuff you want to do is going to get expensive.Im building an l-20b right now and ive spent over 1500 bucks and im not done spending yet,whats a few more dollars for pistons.
  10. john510

    Head milling...

    Listen to what these guys are saying ,dont mill a head if it doesnt need it.If you want more compression use L-18 pistons they are the same as the L-20b except for the dish size,L-20 is 11 cc dish and L-18 is 4 cc dish.I dont know what compression would end up being but that will be better than milling a head.
  11. Bigjoe pm me your number i can pick it up this weekend i may be interested in other parts too,thanks
  12. how about an L-16 oil pan ? i need it,im in san diego and can pick up
  13. If you have to have new ones part #11056-p7600 short bolt about 5 bucks on the courtesy nissan site,long bolt is part # 11059-p7600 about six bucks.
  14. I use a hidden switch for the electric fuel pump,the Club on the steering wheel and a car cover when it sits in the driveway.If you have a 2 door 510 put some sort of bailing wire on your 1/4 window latches that seems to be an easy place to pry open a window.The two times my car has been fucked with they attempted to pry open the 1/4 windows.The first time they got them open but couldnt start the car ,there was no battery in it.The second time the 1/4 windows were wired shut and all they could do was some minor dinging and scratching near the latch.
  15. Just out of curiosity what offset are those rims ? it looks like you already have some sort of flaring done and its not even close to fitting.
  16. Is that water on the rims or pitting ?How far from San Diego are you,will you ship ?thanks
  17. Thanks Dat-side ,i will figure the picture thing out eventually.
  18. Thanks for those pictures
  19. Ya,WTF ? thats what i said when it didnt work.Im not the most computer skilled guy around but im trying.Qwik510 thanks for the reply and yes those rims are listed to fit the older Z-cars.
  20. I found a set of konig rewinds 14x7 -9 offset im wondering how well they might fit my 510,im not sure if my pictures are getting onto this post ,so i will describe the setup on the car .Its flaired similar to the BRE look,lowered but not slammed,stock brake and suspension and now i have 13x7 libres with 205-60-13 on it.The current wheels and tires are not even close to rubbing anything.Any help would be appreciated before i buy these rims,thanks john
  21. What datzenmike said,drive it carefully and try to remember that your driving a car a lot of people would love to have.Respect it and take care of it.My first car was a '71 510 i was 16,back then it was just a cheap used car now im driving my fifth 510 and will never get rid of it.Good luck.
  22. Yes, thats how the A87 head was plumbed for water to the intake and now the U67 is the same.Its all put back together now after removing the front cover because i couldnt get enough slack in the timing chain.The A87 head must have been shaved a little and U67 wasnt.I tried and tried but could not get the cam sprocket back on,so i took the cover off and put new chain guides and tensioner in while i had it apart.It runs better now with the U67 head even with less compression.It turns out the A87 head had a stock L-16 cam in it.The U67 has a cam with roughly a .430 lift,what a difference it makes.
  23. Looking for an L-16 oil pan for my L20b thats going into my 510.Willing to pay a very fair price,hoping to find someone in the San Diego area but im willing to pay shipping.PM me if you got it,thanks.Oil pickup tube would be needed also.
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