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  1. Yes it did.Probably a conspiracy to create more demand for Canadian Maple syrup.
  2. Mike,your theorem makes zero sense.Prove that it does.This just my opinion and i have no factual evidence to back up my opinion.
  3. Sounds like the "dog ate my homework" excuse.
  4. And now that we have Omicron Biden has decided to delay a travel ban (Africa) on advice from Fraudci and his team.If he's serious about controlling and stopping the spread why wait ? You would think Fraudci would suggest banning travel NOW and not take any chances.Jesus what's wrong with these people ? Or it's just more scare tactics.
  5. Come on Mike,the "fact" thing again ? "facts cannot be proven true" ? They can or the word wouldn't exist.What would we need it for ?
  6. Well Dav just seems to copy and paste what somebody else thinks,hard to filter him out.I didn't read any of it myself.
  7. I can see his post if you quote it.Thanks a lot.LOL.
  8. I'm guilty of the same thing.I usually don't block anybody but that guy's a tick.
  9. Probably the dumbest meme i have ever seen.
  10. The mainstream media and the left are very disappointed that Darrell Brooks isn't one of those "angry white males" I check my Yahoo page for emails every day.That story isn't even on there.
  11. All i got is Let's go Brandon.
  12. Mike,if Blue IS your favorite color that's not an opinion is it ? And the fact thing ? If i claimed that the sun was hot at it's surface could anybody argue that ? I guess they could but they'd be wrong,JMHO.
  13. I don't recall ever suggesting the use of Ivermectin to treat Covid.What i do believe is that Doctors and even science shouldn't be so against treatments that can be safe and effective if used correctly.You seem to be a victim of the media and all it stands for.And you say you have a great bullshit detector ? Laughable.I didn't take you for a liberal nut at first but i'm convinced you are now.You definitely have the symptoms.
  14. Your bullshit detector isn't working very well.
  15. What again ? Who on the right claims to NOT want any medications because of Biden ? From what i've seen the right sided people have been supportive of any alternative to the vaccine.Is this a conspiracy you're speaking of ?
  16. This verdict is great news for all law abiding good people out there.
  17. Yes,like that conspiracy about Gavin Newsom forcing vaccinations on kids.Thanks for debunking that one.
  18. What's up this conspiracy crap ?
  19. I'm thinking a couple of days.They have to debate and weigh in on the "rioting" factor if they say not guilty.What would be the lesser of two evils ? Guilty and no rioting or Not guilty and some damage ?
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