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  1. Alright so what I did was bypass one of the wires and went directly from the brake light switch to both tail lights. I now have brake lights but if the turn signal is on and I hit the brakes I no longer have turn signals. Any suggestions? Both turn signal and brake lights work but not at the same time!
  2. I forgot to post yesterday but I did have to replace the fuse for the 4-ways but still no luck. I'm really in a pickle here
  3. In my truck there is big bulb for the tail light and a smaller bulb that I thought was the brake lights, unless both bulbs are for the tail lights. The two smaller ones were burnt out and when I put a new one in it stayed on with the bigger bulb. The bigger bulbs do flash with turn signals and my 4 ways do work. And I have moved the 4 way switch to make sure it is not interfering with the connection.
  4. At the moment I only have a light bulb in one side of the lights and not the other, not sure if that would make a difference
  5. The brakes lights turn on and off with the head and tail lights. I can press down the brake and manually push in the switch with my finger and nothing happens.
  6. I plugged in the old switch with no change to the lights. And I checked and the bulb is in there nice and snug
  7. I also tried to wire the red striped wire to the switch and put a new ground on but it did not change the fact that the brake lights are still on.
  8. Alright so I did a bit of looking and realied the bulbs were burnt out so I had one on hand and was able to. I also wired up a new switch just in case. The new bulb turns on when I turn the lights on but when I push the button on the switch they do not shut off. So I took the bulb out and held the two wires to the bulb with no results. I took a new wire and held that and the red striped wire to the bulb and grounded the new wire. I was able to get the bulb to come on, so does that mean that the blue wire has a short in it? Basically my new problem is that the brake lights are now stuck on. I a
  9. I will check it out thanks again Mike!
  10. I hope everyone is having a great Independence Day weekend! But the other day this lady followed me to my work and told me she had almost hit me twice because my break lights were out. After I took a look I realized that almost everything except the brake lights work. I have tail lights, turn signals and reverse lights but no brakes. I replaced the fuses and took a look at the switch for the light and it seems to be good. I do not have a voltmeter so I removed the wires to the plug in the back of the switch and connected them and still no lights. I'm thinkin of putting in a new switch just to
  11. I was able to pass deq! But I'm not sure where the exhaust manifold would be
  12. There is one random wing nut on the air filter, I don't belive it is stock. I will be able to check everything else tomorrow. Thank you!
  13. Would adjusting the throttle or the idle screws do anything? As much as I would love to replace the cat I need to do something right now to pass DEQ and I unfortunately do not have the time to replace the cat. I appreciate the reply man!
  14. One thing I forgot to mention is that once I let off the gas pedal the truck still accelerates for about 2 seconds before rpms start to drop. Even in idle I can tap the gas real quick and the rpms will continue to rise after I depress the pedal. This is probably part of my problem but I have passed DEQ with this issue before.
  15. I'll start off by saying I've got an '85 Nissan w/ king cab and long bed. Runs on gas and we just passed 200,000 miles about 100 ago. I went to DEQ twice today. The first time my CO levels were 1.1942 and 1.3625, passing is 1. After the fail I came home, and replaced the air filter and went back. On the 2nd test my CO levels were 1.0663 and 1.6172. I do not have a tachometer so I belive that I got the rpms too high before the 2nd idle on my 2nd trip to DEQ. I read on another post that messing with the idle and fuel mixture settings but I am not sure how to do this or what I'm actually trying t
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