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  1. Dude... great video man, damm. How much are you willing to let her to go to a new home. u LMK
  2. Alright, you guys will see old school vs new school cars.badass cars, damm I saw few datsuns too, so go ahead make some popcorns and stop for a sec your cuckold porn, gayporn, animeporn.. etc.. lol. jk, anyways enjoy the videos down below guys.. . if you don't want to see the whole cool race which it was exciting for me, but anyways on the 1st video at 13:30 you must watch the turn for the 510.. . on 2nd race video at 4:02 and at 5:05 replay for the 510 and mustang. down below final race 3 round, very exciting race...
  3. What suspension are you running to your front fenders? 280zx or M30 struts hubs? Your 510 it's a coupe 2 Dr's right, my car it's a 4dr sedan.. I try not to do any cutting except stretch roll the front fender lips and rear lips too. Also what tire size are you running to your fronts?
  4. Is there a difference on S13, S14 and S15'see sr20det's motor mounts.. I thought all sr20dets are equal.. as far as internals are different, different turbo size from factory, and 6 speed manual tranny.. the s15 sr20dets motor mounts are located in different location from the s13 and s14.. which isn't swappable?
  5. Holy mother, I like watching acrophobia videos.. to my eyes looks sick, man I wonder if this guy has the infiniti m30s struts with the z32 calipers for the fronts.. ., I'm using that set up for my datsun 510 4dr Dude, I found a guy selling a pair of rims his fronts are 15x7's with +25 offset & 15x8's +0 offset back. Do you think I'll be fine using those rims without flares or maybe I should roll the front fenders and roll the rear lip as well? the tire sizes for the fronts I might use will be 175/50R15 and the rears 195/45R15 ... let me know what you think?.. Do I need to use any wheel spa
  6. Dammmm... you are too much dude.. are you a preacher or something, do you do Sunday's church.. ? Damm my church would love to use you.. just kidding.. but I see your point.. respect

    1969 510

    Damm nice Cool rims... manAre you using infiniti m30s struts in the front with z32 front calipers.. .? what's the info ofyour rims.. what are the size for the fronts and the back rims and the offset ? What tire size are those fronts and back?
  8. Dude, video came out really good nice song as well.. . Man, I have everything stock in my 69 510 too.. but I'm still debating if I should go sr20det s14 full swap or rebuild the L16.. your engine set up looks good can you make a video to hear how she sounds. ..?
  9. Oh my Lord, I think I just came .. faster than pounding my best friend's wife.. . pure sex, I tell you that much.. . she's gorgeous dude.
  10. Awesome so basically camber it's not the problem its more the Toe.. so when it's too much toe to consider it's bad -/+ ? if the inside tires are getting shred it's because the toes are pointing too much inside, if the toe are pointing outside then the outside tires will be shred as well.. it's better to have it right in the middle or where it's better to have as far as track and daily.. like Q-tip his toe it's about 1/8"-3/16 toe out. .. that means he's on point? As track and daily, street local/interstate highway 80mph.
  11. Wait a second, -2 camber that means the top of your front rims are leaning towards inside but isn't going to wear out more the inside tires.. not wearing out even.. ? What about the rear wheels how much camber, +0 shouldn't be ok since it's going nothing but straight pushing the car forward, but the front wheels does the play left and right.. shouldn't be ok a -0.5 or -1.0 camber ? OR it depends the track size autocross (no drifting) if the corners are shorter tighter or long smooth curves.. ? I ask this questions more leaning towards autocross/circuits.. time attack but no drifting, I don't w
  12. Great video, when you lower a car right on coilovers, can you still be able to have an alignment done to your car.. . If it's not a stock height the alignment goes off..
  13. Hey dude whats up, I see you are getting back on your feet by fixing your sr20det engine, that's great man don't let problems slow you down, there's always a solution to problems in life except dead, you are great motivation man watching your videos how you destroy most cars in the track, badass dude. Also I have good news, I finally found the heavenly holy infiniti M30 its a 1990 took me awhile to find 1 but this m30 I found its like 3 hours drive ouch.. :( , I was close to give up finding 1. Good luck with the engine man, building my goon it's a challenge for me now, I can tell you that
  14. I wonder how much it cost acid dip, I believe anywhere from $1k - $2k + primed included. I saw some acid dip process in YouTube it's worth every penny if you are on your 20s or 30s years old to keep your 510 for long time but if you are in your 50s or 60s years old why acid dip, only have 10-20 years to enjoy it. Most likely the family sells the car after you are gone. Truly Acid dip 100xtimes better than any blasting, cus blasting can't get into the tight compartments, edges, inside the frame rails, some bad rust are located inside where you can't see it from the outside that's when Acid Dip
  15. The wagon insane love the color amazing rims great match but wait a minute his brake set up its 4-piston front callipers with 298mm front discs and 2-piston rear callipers with 260mm discs.. by endless, isn't too much brake for that much lightweight 510 wagon. I heard too much brake power it's no bueno.. if that's true why this guy needs so much brake power?
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