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  1. One of the coolest coupes on the island!
  2. A couple of weeks ago, i was browsing facebook and have seen many wagons like mine. USA, UK, Australia and some far east countries and then found this fourm, so that boosted my interest in my car. Seeing a wagon like mine with a japanese flag under the bonnet, inspired me to do mine. Mine! The inspired car! :thumbup:
  3. Since i had bought my Datsun i always cared for it and polished it and done even the engine bay! Till some time ago i changed the battery and did not secure it properly to its bay. As i was driving it , i heard a grinding noise and stoped to see what's the noise under the bonnet. To my amazement the battery moved sideways, touching the alternator and grinded a slot in the battery side, spilling all the acid water all over the engine bay. the next day everything was white like salt and all over was rusting. Since then i never bothered about my datsun, just use it as it was meant to do! As it
  4. Thanks for the info! I presume that mags are tyre rims! No they are not factory rims , When i bought in 1984 ( as its a 1980 model ) i went straight to the Tyre Service and bought a set of rims with 185 tyres, that i thought looks best at that time.
  5. No ,i did not get it brand new. I bought it when it had 4 years old from a friend's friend. I'm the second owner.
  6. Sorry to bother you again what is the difference between A14 and A15? 1400cc and 1500cc engines?
  7. This imaculate van was for sale several times online and i was very tempted to buy it and regret not buying it for just under €700 euros. Lack of Space to store it is a big headacke here in Malta. This time i won't see it again for sure as like most of classic cars, they are being bought by the british as here in europe, Malta and England are right hand drive.
  8. Here in Malta very few were imported, infact i only ever saw 3 on the road since i'v owned it, and i know of only 1 survior in good nic. Probably as the newer square headlamp version came out a year later. But cars there were many!
  9. It is the WHB310 as i had to go and check it out on the vin plate. Those bumbers came out as stantard. What is the difference between WPB310 and WHB310? By the way great forum!
  10. Hi , this is my Datsun Sunny 140Y sportswagon. I have owned it for 31 years , it was my 18th birthday present and still very fond of it.
  11. This is my Datsun Sunny 140Y . This was and still is my first car, I'v owned for 31 years.
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