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  1. I turned it into a 2dr 2 years ago.... it came back for this phase in december.... had to wait for wheel n tire choices before I could really get going on it... and now it's done spiraling out of control.... and down to detail & loose ends on the fab side
  2. Pic hosting issues... guess it's up to James to add current pics
  3. The trailer is headed up to me to finish off the sheet metal.... we have a rough plan on what the front of it will be
  4. I got slammed with racecar work... but I'm back on the goon... updates this week
  5. It didnt go away due to lack of interest.... lets just say the deal made sense on my end to let it go. Last i heard... it is headed off the mainland
  6. Tire delete looks good... i assume it dropped right in with minimal effort like i planned?
  7. Wont be any more updates from me.... it went to a new home
  8. Apparently its another top secret build now.... unless "somebody" slips up.
  9. Its at my shop.... and there is absolutely no f'n way i would build a donk dime
  10. Coat it in stripper and lay plastic down to keep it wet.... it keeps workin if it cant evaporate
  11. Bodywork on the qtrs roughed in and brought the car home to start the wiring project
  12. Fixed glass on the side window.... and it has mostly to do with keeping the stainless trim and making things look "right"
  13. I didnt really have time.... but i did it anyways since shop will be completely full for the next few months
  14. 2dr sedan doors, but i didnt have any 2dr b pillars on hand, so i modified the wagon pillars and fabbed what was needed in the jams.... while i was at it, ditched the shitty datsun latches in favor of something more modern. Doors close with 1 finger force now. Used the rear door skins for qtr fillers, and trimmed up the inside to use 2dr door panels.
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