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    JDM to USDM License Plate Adapters

    OK. Thanks I just did. I hope he has a spare set laying around....fingers crossed :crying:
  2. NYGator

    JDM to USDM License Plate Adapters

    Thanks Mike. Right, I don't want to punch holes in my US plates. Yes INDY those are the adapters....they'd really help and I don't know how to get a hold of a set....checked the classifieds none are listed and that is an old thread that's locked. Any ideas?
  3. Hey Everyone. I'm new to Datsun community and I really need a set of JDM to USDM License Plate Adapters for my new project to be street legal without drilling another set of holes. I did see some ingenious ones posted that can be utilized both JDM and USDM but I am unable to reply to that original posting. Please let me know if you have a spare set laying around or any other advice. I would most definitely compensate you for your parts and S&H. Thank you for your time and I hope someone can hook me up. I look forward to being an active datsun ratsun member.

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