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  1. Brohemius

    F. R. E. D.

    As Al said that flatbed is total trash. And we truly found out how trash today, i stopped by and had some fun. Tearing into it! Rotted as fuck. Super rotted... All the stupid wood flatbed shit is gone! Got rid of these... Al Cutting the knarly welds away. And gone! Oh also changed the gears in the li'l hooker. And FRED is now basically ready for the service bed. Had fun today Al!
  2. Brohemius

    About to purchase a 84 King cab 720, want opinions

    Theres many many reasons it could be idleing high. Check the throttle return stop on your carb, it may need to be adjusted back or "down". Check for any vacuum leaks on every hose in the engine bay, and leaks around the carbs base. Check and if necessary adjust your idle mixture screw or "air fuel mixture screw". If it has a weber carburetor, check to see if the throttle linkage is returning all the way. Webers tend to stick and not return completely, causing high idle. Mine was idling at like 3500rpm sometimes until i put a helper return spring on.
  3. Brohemius

    My First 720. And First Datsun!

    Awesome thanks for the info everyone!! Dmike that was exactly the info i wanted, thank you kindly sir. Ill get on the adjustment asap. And it wouldnt surprise me if it was a shitty alignment. Most mechanical shops these days dont give a fuck.
  4. Brohemius

    Datsloco's Oregon ! , Monthly meetings

    I agree with loren. regardless of anything else, you put labor into the truck. The pins are for those who donated time or whatever they could. Hope the meet was good! Has been a hectic couple of weeks so i didnt make it.
  5. Brohemius

    About to purchase a 84 King cab 720, want opinions

    That truck is pretty damn clean dude. I paid about the same also. Same story as that-son. Nice score.
  6. Wow dude what a service you are doing for the datsun community!! So awesome. I only saw one 720 booklet. I would be stoked if you had any other 720 literature you can scan. Way to be dedicated!!
  7. Brohemius

    My First 720. And First Datsun!

    ^ i believe they did justin. But i dont need a spec sheet to say it pulls left... It should not pull into oncoming lanes by itself lol. It isnt a crazy pull but its annoying. Another steering related issue. My wheel has about 4 inches of slop, about 2.5 inches in each direction. Here it is turned to the right all the way (before steering engages) And then turned to the left fully (again before steering engages) The left slop is slightly worse... My question is, what can i do to tighten that shit up? Its annoying as hell lol.
  8. Brohemius

    My First 720. And First Datsun!

    Got the truck aligned today... Still pulls left slightly, probably gonna take it back in and ask them to make it better. Thats the only update for now.
  9. Brohemius

    And so it begins .... Engine funkery

    I say go for it, if a fatty american engine is what you want do it. I have a similar project in mind for my 720. And as for 720's in general, i love em. Sure datsun made sexier trucks... But its still datsun!... (or nissan lol)
  10. Brohemius

    F. R. E. D.

    Engine swap underway!! Sweet shit al. Hit me up if you want any help, and so we can arrange a time to tear up that donor truck :)
  11. Brohemius

    new to datsun kingcab 720

    No. Rhino13 up there swapped his gears with a 620 truck. (he has a 720).
  12. Brohemius

    My First 720. And First Datsun!

    Thanks charlie, my truck is 2wd, and so is the console i believe. Found a new bed for my truck! Getting the bed and floorboards from a donor rig. Maybe some other stuff. Also have paint in the works... Lots of plans... Lets see how much i execute.
  13. Brohemius

    Forum Newb looking to buy Nissan 720 4x4

    The interior is very clean, the body seems to be in good shape, and it has relatively low mileage. Nice truck, that said i think the price is a bit high also. If that truck calls to you, and you cant stop thinking about it... Buy it, its for you.
  14. Brohemius

    My First 720. And First Datsun!

    Decided to mount up a delete plate while i was bored tonight. Masked of the big areas, just cause. Touched up with some silver. Backing plate mocked up. (i painted it black before mounting it.) And the delete plate done and mounted. Looks better than the giant hole did. I made it so it should pop out when i get a better center console.
  15. Brohemius

    My First 720. And First Datsun!

    Thanks guys! It was fun but my brain was burnt out by the end... I lost my ratchet and then al pointed at the caliper wich the ratchet was hanging from :) . Alignment... I basically tried to set the tie rods to match the old ones. So not really an alignment to speak of haha. Im gonna get it aligned by the weekend, the tires squeal pretty good around even moderate turns. Merging onto 126 it was a long enough squeal to smell some rubber. Atleast my bearing dont sound like railway hand carts now.

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