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  1. Evaded

    My Intro with my 70 GOON Barn Find!

    I need to update this post guys sorry. Since.... pulled L16 out and replaced with a L20b! First start was yesterday, gotta figure out throttle now. Will post pics soon. Eric
  2. Thanks for the response... gonna work on it tomorrow. Hope it all works out. Thanks for the help guys Eric
  3. I bought a L20b for my 70 Goon. The L20b came out of a 2 door 510. The L20b also came with a Centerforce dual friction clutch. The clutch was mounted and to the engine which was mounted to a 5 speed tranny. Will my tranny/Bell/ Fork/Bearing (off my 70 4spd) work for my L20b/clutch combo? I have the 5 speed in my garage which I picked up with the engine. The Tranny is not mine. I can see that the throwout bearing is larger in diameter than the one from my 4speed. will it work? sorry newb. Eric
  4. Evaded

    GOONS check in

    Quick question fellow Goons.. Im swapping an L20b into my 70 Goon. Ive pulled the L16 out, what mounts do I buy before sticking the L20b in? L16 mounts for my 70 Goon or some other year L20b mounts? Thanks Eric
  5. I believe it may have been out of Cali possibly?
  6. If I were to rebuild my L16 Can I buy all my rebuild stuff at local parts stores? Or is there a spot all you guys go to?
  7. Awesome... Is $1200 a fair price for the L20B with dual Webers? What do I do about the throttle cable which I dont have now?
  8. Soooo Ive been working on getting this thing back on the road. Looks like I may have a couple dead cylinders. I have the opportunity to buy an L20B with Dual Weber carbs for what I think is a good price. It was pulled from a running 2dr for a swap. Since my car is so Original and im the second owner, should I just rebuild my L16 or just buy the L20B? Im not going for speed, just a good daily driver. Is there a clearance issue with the L20B, Thought I saw that somewhere? Thanks Eric
  9. Evaded

    Mr Big Tanker's watermelon wagon.

    you selling your L16?
  10. Thank you for the response. Yes Im going to break it all down today and do that, to see if it helps. I understand that. Should have said the carb seemed to function as it should with the linkage disconnected. Thanks for the help again. Thanks for the link.... If your gonna respond that way however Id rather you just not help. I mentioned right from the start when I became a member a couple of months ago, this Datsun was my first and very new to me. I apologized for all my newb questions. Everyone on this site has been very helpful and supportive so far. Might have to shoot you a pm if the greasing doesnt work.. thanks for the help again. :) Eric
  11. Rebuilt the carb.. functions as it should. Its the linkage for sure. So if those ball things are shot, whats the solution?
  12. I have the spring connected. Maybe its worn out? The spring is pretty worn looking and loose. I may need a stiffer spring. Thanks Eric
  13. Sorry guys on my 1970 510 wagon.
  14. Anyone have detailed pics of the throttle mechanism coming out of the firewall into the stock carb? My throttle sticks bad.. cant figure it out. Maybe I installed it wrong when I put the car back on???? lost. Eric
  15. found it that wont fit dual point dizzy.

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