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  1. You're right. And this may be a bit too much exposure. I deleted the link to the race page.
  2. Rakko

    '84 Maxima Road rally advice

    Thanks ]2! HRH, yeah, was at Canby for a minute. She started to feel self-conscious among all those pretty cars tho...
  3. Ya, it may turn into a shit show. Either way, it's going to be fun.
  4. Rakko

    '84 Maxima Road rally advice

    I am not going to worry about the positive camber due to the lift. The Blizzaks will be toast anyway after 500 miles on/offroad in July, and it handles just fine for my purposes (This race is a far cry from autocross). I'll take out the spacers and cut down the rear springs if she survives the race. Ok, WHEN she survives the race (got to visualize success).
  5. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Xhsq3PL5WcU&feature=youtu.be July 11-12, this baby goes on a 500-mile road race. Last year was the 210, this year the '84 Maxima. Send your positive vibrations. I feel like we got a winner.
  6. Rakko

    '84 Maxima Road rally advice

    Blizzaks are on- offroad ready! See you at Canby!
  7. Rakko

    '84 Maxima Road rally advice

    So I replaced the rear springs with '81 mercedes 300D front springs with 3-3/4 coils cut, which makes the rear perhaps 1-1/2" higher and stiffer than sh*t. Ride is rough rough but very stable on corners and bottoming out is no longer really possible. Check out how much thicker the mercedes springs compared to the stock: Those are 205/60s on the back with a more aggresive offset. I think that once the rally is over, I will cut another coil off the rear and run with those, and something similar on the front. Stock rims go to the tire place today to get a set of near-new blizzak studless snows from CL. 195/70s for the rear and stock 185/70s for the front. If the rears fit without rubbing (may have to roll the fenders) that will be the rally setup.
  8. Rakko

    Need help finding the right wheels

    This forum is pretty dead. I don't know about the wheels. 8" seems pretty wide though for a stock wheel that was maybe 5.5. They do look awesome. Where are they rubbing?
  9. Rakko

    '84 Maxima Road rally advice

    Allright, here is before/after. Subtle, but it will help.
  10. Rakko

    '84 Maxima Road rally advice

    Houston, we have more higher. In the front. And a fresh set of KYB inserts. In case anybody else ever wants to lift an 84 Maxima (which will be never) here is one way: Ride effex spring spacer with bottom spring channel cut off on the bottom of the spring. Pics of the car when I get some good ones. Yes it looks goofy. Next for some stiffer springs for the back and maybe taller tires.
  11. Rakko

    '84 Maxima Road rally advice

    She gets new front shock inserts this weekend. Ball joint dust boots are completely gone. I am wondering if I can get away with new boots, or if I should replace the control arms/ball joints.
  12. Rakko

    '84 Maxima Road rally advice

    Dragon is done
  13. Rakko

    '84 Maxima Road rally advice

    It is counterintuitive that the springs would get stiffer as they got shorter. Seems like they would get...well, just shorter. But the internet confirms it. We'll see, I have some time... would like to find an option that doesn't decrease the travel. As far as tires go, I see that the vw vanagon crowd uses the 195/75/14s, so I am watching out for a used set of those with all-terrain tread to use on the stock rims - glad you steered me away from new wheels.
  14. Rakko

    '84 Maxima Road rally advice

    Like this: http://m.imgur.com/gallery/UzAgbwk
  15. Rakko

    '84 Maxima Road rally advice

    And I promise to slam it after July. All I want is 2".

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