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  1. I been going through and giving a good cleaning, solid car with just some small rust areas in the fenders.
  2. Hey everyone, figured Id post and show my wagon I recently aquired. It has been a reliable car just needing some cleaning and tuning up. Is missing some of the trim BUT does have some stylish mailbox lettering to really set it off (on the hunt for replacements) I am in Greenville SC. I just recieved my shop manual from ebay today and reading up on it so I can maintain this car like I should. Any pointers are greatly appreciated!
  3. I own a Wagon that is missing a few of the pieces to it. Hoping to find the front fender emblems I will be most appreciative if anyone has them. Also need visor clips, horn buttons, some of the trim on the sides. I am in Greenville SC 29607.
  4. slaw31

    A10's U-nite !!!!

    Yeah the mail box stickers are killing me, I am on the hunt for actual emblems.
  5. slaw31

    A10's U-nite !!!!

    I also am into corvairs (I was visiting a friend when I snapped this photo)
  6. slaw31

    A10's U-nite !!!!

    I am not allowed to attach photos just yet but hope to soon
  7. slaw31

    A10's U-nite !!!!

    Hey everyone I am posting around just trying to learn about my wagon I own, Not sure about the lingo but I assume the 80' 510 model is called a A10? It is a 80 wagon pretty complete with some small pieces here and there missing but just cosmetic and will hope to locate soon. Right now just enjoying it and cruising around town, I have also posted on a couple of other forums, so you may of seen it already. I am in upstate South Carolina in Greenville, work as assistant manager at a golf course and attend a lot of the local car shows (plan to take the datsun to this upcoming cars and coffee)
  8. slaw31

    pic of your dime

    Hey everyone, Just signed up and thought I would share my 80 wagon. its a pretty solid old car and hope to clean it up and enjoy it. On the hunt for front emblems for it so if any are around please let me know. Its a Automatic blue blue and more blue with wood sides to keep it classy. A/C awesome heat and power steering, it is pretty optioned for its day. Been just going through it and giving it a good cleaning.

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