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  1. DatsunHiLife

    1977 Datsun 620 KC

    same page as you.
  2. DatsunHiLife

    1977 Datsun 620 KC

    cool truck. I like all the different mods on it.
  3. DatsunHiLife

    Heres my 77 620 longbed

    Nice trucks. nice work. nice engine upgrades. nice drops on both. nice paint.. gotta be nice to have a brother working on one to keep the inspiration up. damn thats a lot of niceness!!
  4. DatsunHiLife

    Let the 1977 620 KingCab project begin

    little update on my Datsun. Lowered it one more inch in the front and back. 4 inch blocks and reindexed the front. Little more bounce but thats ok. Going to order some new shocks soon. Went around the island for half the day with my girlfriend. Was a lil hot so pulled up into the shade of a lighthouse in Kalapaki Bay and watched Hawaiian airlines land there planes overhead. Nice to have it on the road.
  5. DatsunHiLife

    What did you do to your 620 today?

    Lowered from 3in blocks to 4in. Reindexed torsion bars. Cruised all Sunday. Perfect day in Hawaii
  6. DatsunHiLife

    Let the 1977 620 KingCab project begin

    awesome bro. was looking at the printer online. would love to have one.
  7. DatsunHiLife

    Let the 1977 620 KingCab project begin

    Thanks. Have you ever printed a wrap for a datsun hood? What kind of printer you using? Curious! Remember bro. I paid 100 for a frigin radio delete. :rofl: shipping? whats that? haha
  8. DatsunHiLife

    73 Datsun 620 As My First

    lol what EVERY SINGLE Chevy guy says who doesnt have a Datsun.
  9. DatsunHiLife

    Let the 1977 620 KingCab project begin

    Lil sumthin sumthin I made tonight. Would be nice to wrap my hood with it!!
  10. DatsunHiLife

    Rat&Wrenches Logo "Hawaiian" version

    Who created the original Rat & Wrenches? anybody anybody
  11. DatsunHiLife

    Rat&Wrenches Logo "Hawaiian" version

    Charlie, Mr. Dole is not too Pono (righteousness in Hawaii) He was part of that annexation party business. I will do some funny takes though. Like a can of Spam and the wrenches!!
  12. DatsunHiLife

    Small Factory's Datsun 620 Truck (for trucking)

    My man. what you did with your interior is badass. I only wish I had the same flooring as you. I think I am gonna have do the same to mine!! thanks for posting all the good pics.
  13. DatsunHiLife

    77 620 "the blue buzzard"

    we would say "mean da poke" here in Hawaii :rofl: past 2in here in Hawaii is a ticket
  14. DatsunHiLife

    77 620 "the blue buzzard"

    my pertronix conversion been pretty cherry on mine.
  15. DatsunHiLife

    Let the 1977 620 KingCab project begin

    this is kinda funny. this is what the guy, Braddah Joe has left of his rear bumpers. Bent to shite and then the other part of the bracket. haha I am pretty sure I could make these brackets out of 1-1/2in x 36in Aluminum flat bars that are at 1/8 in thickness.

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