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  1. bought my first "modern" car yesterday :thumbup: . A 1994 Nissan Sentra XE Coupe. I got the price I wanted and drove it home on all 3 cylinders. It is the first vehicle I have owned that is FWD, injected, and has enough room for me to stretch my legs. It has a G16DE engine and a 5 speed trans 4 speed trans that used to have 5 gears. It's not just falling out of 5th, it's not there at all any more. Not really a big deal though but I'll try to fix it if I keep the car long enough. I'm the third owner, I think. It has 180k miles. 40k miles are from the previous owner who admitted to not taking
  2. Hi, I am new to the forum, got here because of a carburetor swap I did on my car (wife´s car but I drive and she´s too lazy to drive so I am her driver anyways :P ) Of all the place, I had two choices, the MG club or the Datsun club, and I choose to come here. Mainly because the Datsun is a Japanese car (as far as Wikipedia tells me). I haven´t seen any of those in my country, but there is Nissan and Mazda, being Nissan like a son of Datsun (if I understood the story of Datsun correctly). And secondly, because you guys seem to know more about the weber adjustment than most folks on the
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