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  1. Thanks guys I appreciate the advice. Used square gasket .Putting engine in tomorrow . Fingers crossed
  2. I’ll try that soon as I get this rebuilt engine in it. Thank you
  3. I’m trying to put a 78 L20 engine in my 73 620 . My question is I’d like to use my exhaust manifold off the 73 which is square port but the head is round exhaust port. Will this work ? and if so should I use a square port gasket or round port gasket ? Thanks
  4. I recently removed my dash to replace the pad on my 620 and now my fuel gauge and temp gauge isn’t working. Where on the gauge cluster is this module you guys are talking about is it the same as the regulator in the gauge. I tried to clink on a link in this discussion but says it no longer exists.
  5. Thanks Datzenmike that will save me money from buying electric fans and fan spacers. much thanks
  6. So should I swap timing tabs with pulleys . The L16 is on drivers side and the L20 is on pass side? Thanks
  7. I’m swapping a l20b into a 1973 620 with L16 . My question is the water pump on the l20 had a clutch fan and would be up against radiator so I put the water pump off the l16 on it non clutch fan which will clear the radiator. But now my fan is hitting my front pulley / balancer . The L20 pulley is 3 grove about 3 or 4 inches long but my L16 pulley is only a 1in or so long which would work if it fits . So can you swap a L16 pulley/balancer onto a L20 or not? I found that the flywheels are different Thanks for the input.
  8. Will a 1980 720 4x4 5sp work in a 73 620 minus speedometer. Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks Mike I screwed up and put a 280zx 5 speed in .and it's just geared way too high for me. I found one out of a 84 Maxima hoping it works out better
  10. Hate to hijack the post . I see where a Maxima 5 speed will work for a swap in a 620. What year Maxima will I find this transmissions ?
  11. Thank you Crashtd420 that helps .I actually got the white with yellow stripe info from this post.probaly a typo cause the guy who wrote it know his datsuns and any advice he has given me has been accurate. But thanks white and red to white and black
  12. I wanted to chime In about going with a internal regulated alternator. I saw where to connect yellow wire with white wire then white with red stripe to white with yellow stripe . I don't have a white with yellow stripe wire. But I've got a white with blue stripe or a white with black stripe.1973 620
  13. I was wondering what year 620s have the 4.637 rear. I put a 280zx 5 speed in my 73 620 and it will run 2000 mph downhill lol. But seriously i need a lower rear gear for pulling. Thanks. PS king rat warned me this would happen before I installed it.
  14. three months later its still fixed. now on to lowering it a bit. thanks again for the help.
  15. thanks again datzenmike. its all coming together now.
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