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    Eugene, Oregon and Phoenix, Arizona
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    77' ka620, 87 BMW 325iS
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    old cars, getting off the beaten path, Special stages and a little bit of skid racing.
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    Manufacturing Engineer
  1. Madd Engineering

    upper control arms v2

    do you still have the adjustable uca for sale? I converted my early 620 by welding on 720 towers (the ones at an angle to the frame) and the castor and everything is great but I have a ton of negative camber. btw moving to eugene here in may, super stoked to be in the land of datsun enthusiasts
  2. Madd Engineering

    Center Support Bearing diffrences

    just get a strip of rubber from Mcmaster-Carr or your local industrial supply. mine was 22 bucks for a 2" by 36" 1/4" thick strip. tighten it down put a screw or two in to hold it and bam good to go
  3. Madd Engineering

    What did you do to your 620 today?

    marked the back edge of the cab to cut and weld it so i can fit a 720 gas tank
  4. Madd Engineering

    suggestions to make a daily driven 620 better

    ball joints and disc brackes in the front new rubber everything bushings hoses etc. massively helps ride and reliability steering ball joints 720 4x4 springs there is nothing wrong with carbs but ka24de and 5 speed make life better and parts are cheap and plentiful just my 2cents

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