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  1. Norcal Datsun 620

    620 Starting Issues

    Alright so I got my truck to start but it's running like shit any idea on this is it the timing
  2. Norcal Datsun 620

    620 Starting Issues

    yes the cam did turn when the head was off and I made sure I turned it back to where cylinder 1 was all the way up and the cam lobes were at the 10 and 2 o clock
  3. Norcal Datsun 620

    620 Starting Issues

    well there is spark going to the spark plugs but still wont start I'm going to start all over taking the distributor off and placing it on 1125 position
  4. Norcal Datsun 620

    620 Starting Issues

    Turned out after I changed the head gasket I followed all the steps I needed to take I even watched the youtube video of h2theizzo put the truck back together and it wont start it turns over and there is fuel going into the carb but just wont start I'm starting to think my distributer is not working any help will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Norcal Datsun 620

    vacuum issues with egr

    Do you have a pic of a l20b that is correct this is the only problem holding me from passing the smog I really want to drive this little truck I wish I can put pictures so u guys can see it.
  6. Norcal Datsun 620

    vacuum issues with egr

    Ok thanks I'll get on that it probably was connected wrong because I made sure I disconnected and connected every thing the same way. I do remember seeing the egr connected to something else not the carb so that's where I'll check
  7. Norcal Datsun 620

    vacuum issues with egr

    i need help connecting the vacuum hoses back I know they are correct but when I disconnect the egr vacuum hose I don't feel any vacuum at all? im new to datsuns and I really like my 620 everything else is right on except it didn't pass the egr validation I took the egr off and cleaned it, it works fine but im just not getting the vacuum I really don't know what is wrong. I need help with the vacuum diagrams I cant find any that look like the motor I have and I have a 78 dat 620 and it has everything stock

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