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    For Sale: 1976 Datsun 620 Pickup Truck Project - $1800 This Datsun 620 mini truck is a project, but it's most of the way there, and has great bones. It's already lowered, has no rust I can find, comes with some of the parts needed for a 5 speed swap, has rare Enkei Violence multi-piece 15x8 wheels – directional (holes have two different tapers) with brand new Hankook Ventus tires, almost new Weber carburetor, etc. Needs some of the cosmetics buttoned up if you want to run it as a patina truck, or it's part of the way towards getting a paint job. Comes with parts pictured – front chrome bumper in really good shape, lower valence and adapted Camaro spoiler, extra dash in great shape, 5 speed from a 240, pedal cluster, door panels in good shape, gauges, etc. Runs OK but starter relay is so-so. Would need work before being a daily, of course.


    Colorado Springs, Colorado - US

  2. Epic. And all in my back yard. Have to see this in person sometime.
  3. Yes you can - and that's an awesome example. What are the forks off of?
  4. I am selling one, yes, but it isn't technically mine. A friend I am helping to sell some of his stuff, because he isn't as internet friendly. It's a cool little car, and I'd love to have it, but I need a lot more utility out of my vehicles now, and I also need to get rid of 3 right now and get 2 running before I can get another one. Or I will be divorced, I'm sure.
  5. No worries, man. I figure if Honda had a really successful race bike with that setup, and Ducati has used it successfully for decades, it must not be too bad. Heh.
  6. Here's a picture of one of the heads - twin plug, 3 valve, semi-hemi. Great little 650cc engines, but the crankshafts were the weak link once you made over a certain amount of power, they would flex/fatigue and break. Mine wasn't in danger of that, but the racers often did.
  7. Late 80s, early 90s. Single sided swingarm, chassis code of RC31. If you know old Superbike racing, the Honda V-4 750 race bike was the RC30 and frame and swingarm looked very similar. Weren't the same, but obviously developed at the same time by the same people. Chassis was great base but engine was always underpowered. On mine, I installed a VFR750 rear brake and spindle and wider rear wheel, CBR600 F2 front wheel, with dual 316mm Hawk rotors (normally ran one of those on the Hawk wheel) R1 calipers, Progressive rear shock, cartridge emulators in front forks, ported heads machined for more compression, big valves, cams, opened intake, race exhaust custom modified, etc etc etc. Was a great bike.
  8. That was the Honda Hawk GT - the black one with the stickers on the tank I had opened up and made larger.
  9. Wow - thanks for the welcomes. Here's a few more I've done, and a few of the 'before' pictures for some of the ones above. 1964 NSU Prinz 1000
  10. Thanks - that's why I'm here, to learn! My wife had a Nissan Frontier when we got married - does that count? Heh.
  11. Hello, I have posted a few little things for sale over recently, but have lurked for a long time, mostly watching some 520 and 720 builds. Looking to build one of those or a 510 or 710 wagon someday soon. Most of my car history has been German, and VW & Porsche and Audi and BMW. Some Toyotas and other stuff thrown in, but that's the crux of it. Helped buddies with fuel injection installs, motor swaps, etc. I fell into buying and selling on the side to 'finance' my projects and now often help others that aren't as web savvy to sell some of their stuff (usually older local guys). Most of my car projects have been water-cooled and lowered for canyon-racer or autocross duty. Here's pics of some of them. Last one I just sold - 1988 VW Fox 2dr Wagon - 5 speed swap, lightened flywheel, short shift (built by me), custom exhaust (built by me) and downpipe (bbm), Recaros, cam, valve springs, lifters, intake, throttle body, bigger brakes, Corrado springs, Audi struts, etc etc. Another - 1979 Audi Fox Wagon, automatic. Swapped to manual, which turned out to by much more complicated - had to fab pedals, tunnel work, mounts, etc. Plus intake, exhaust, custom Recaro mounts, etc etc etc. Some more: 2.0 16V Rabbit Truck - daily driver for years. Miss it.
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