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  1. any interest in titan steel wheels ? I have two sets...
  2. They usually disclose when the part is aftermarket...I did order a shift boot and a couple other rubber parts for my 110 and they didn't have a factory bag... great quality tho..i just ordered a set of repop door panels for my 510 and they are awesome!!!!!!!!!! really surprised how good they are:)
  3. 73' I purchased in june 2015..it was a long time in the waiting as I had been trying to buy it since the 80s...I believe he was the second owner..12/72
  4. try rock auto? http://www.importatlanta.com/forums/old-school-rides/336498-datsun-510-windshield-rockauto.html
  5. do you still have the tach? what about bulb sockets and wires?
  6. You went in the rain? yeah i got a little wet but is worth it.........
  7. as of 1/21 grill is gone... crap i needed one :( seats are very brittle..i needed a fuel sending unit and the whole top of the tank is rusted thru...i have never seen that before..
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