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  1. petercscherer

    (Unofficial) Project MX720 Build Thread

    This project is on the list to be revitalized this year. I need to wrap up my Honda Rebel Chopper, and then this truck is getting back into the shop. However, the build plan has changed. A lot. I'll leave you with that teaser for now. 😉 -Peter
  2. petercscherer

    1995 Nissan Hardbody 2wd Build

    No changes to the truck since my last post. Still driving it every day, even in the snow! ðŸĪŠ It's on the schedule for an interior upgrade later this spring. I'm holding off on the suspension swap as I choose between Coilovers and Airbags. I have all the Beebani components, just need to decide which direction to go. I'd love to build a race-prep auto-cross/road racing variant of the D21. That's doable, but out here in West Texas, there aren't any tracks, so I can't really get too excited about corner carving. Anyways, as I mentioned on the Honda Rebel thread, just picked up a new Nissan Hardbody, and I'll be starting a thread on that one probably next week! ~Peter
  3. petercscherer

    Honda Rebel Chopper Build

    Thanks for the kind words. Haven't had a chance since December 20th to get back on this project. Too many trips and other obligations. I'm hoping to jump back in here this coming week and get some parts finished and shipped off for coating, powder coating, chrome, and machining. Frame and wiring still are two big items on the to-do list. In other news, got a new truck! Another 1995 Nissan Hardbody, but this time a King Cab!! It's a 102k mile, 2 owner, rust free and unmolested time capsule of a truck! I considered dropping it on airbags for a day or so. Then realized that it just rides so comfortably, and is such a reliable and lovely truck, that I can't cut it apart... So, it'll be my new daily as my white Hardbody continues on it's spiral into craziness... 😄 I'll probably start a new thread on the Red truck once I get some parts in the mail and start cleaning it up and getting it legally on the road. 😉 ~Peter
  4. petercscherer

    Honda Rebel Chopper Build

    1st, I cannot take credit for the Tig Welds around the rear axle plate, those were done by Voodoo Vintage. I am merely a self-taught welder so maybe one day I can achieve that skill, but for now I'll settle for strength first, and aesthetics to follow. Regarding wheels, the front is like a 3.00x18 (90/90x18) and the rear is a super narrow 130/90-15... makes it nearly impossible to find vintage looking rubber, but I'm gathering some intel towards that end. ~Peter
  5. petercscherer

    Honda Rebel Chopper Build

    Good point, the main reason is clearance for dropping the oil. The plug is on the left bottom of the engine casing, so it I had exhaust running there, you'd need to drop the exhaust before changing oil to avoid spills. Also, almost all Frisco-Style choppers used Triumph or Harley drivetrains which almost always run pipes out one side or the other (usually the right side). It's part style, part function. 🙂 ~Peter
  6. petercscherer

    Honda Rebel Chopper Build

    Mid-month update: Started on the exhaust pipes. Considered using portions of the original piping, but I soon discovered a sneaky little secret Honda employed on these exhaust pipes: Inside these 1 3/8" pipes, is the actual 7/8" exhaust tube! This was more than likely done for both noise and heat insulation. However, it means that every single Honda Rebel you see out there, even with custom mufflers or dumps, are still ONLY running the 7/8" pipes! So on this bike, I decided to build true 1 3/8" exhaust pipes. Started off by mocking up the downpipes. I wanted them to angle in towards each other to add to this bike's narrow silhouette. All welding here is Tig Welding with 1/16" Silicone Bronze filler rod. Welding Mandrel Bent 1 3/8" Mild Steel tubing. At first I was going to try and loop the exhaust up and have the exhaust exit out the upper rear of the bike, but the bends started looking to awkward and made the right side of the bike look lopsided compared to the left side. So this ^ got abandoned. Instead, I'm doing this ^ Then it was time to pull both header pipes off and seam weld and grind smooth all the welds. Exhaust is getting shipped out this week to Jet Hot Coatings for their Polished Heat Coating. As durable as chrome, more heat insulating, and far cheaper than sending these to the chromer! Let's see, what else happened... Oh yeah, the dual carbs are a no go. The clutch cable has to fit in the same area where the throttle cables needed to be, this problem was never mentioned in any Rebel dual carb build I've seen. In this photo ^ the clutch bracket isn't even bolted down, simply no room for it. Yeah, I could make or modify this clutch bracket, but after taking a closer look at the build quality on these carbs, and looking at some cfm ratings and fuel estimates, I think I stick with a single carb on this one. I'll find a way to make it look cool and vintage. This means as well that start-up and tuning should be far easier once this bike is done. I got the tail lights mounted as well: In other news, I decided to remove the front fender, since almost all Frisco-Style choppers only run a rear fender, I'll follow that trend. This means I'll be ready to start bodywork and testing out paint methods and layouts on the Tank and the rear Fender starting next month. In the meantime, I have 3 business trips planned over the next 30 days, so not a lot of progress will be made on this. But starting late January, I'll be back working on this bike as well as on getting the S10 Blazer build wrapped up so I can daily-drive that while I'm doing a full suspension swap/upgrade on the Hardbody! It's going to be a busy Spring! ~Peter
  7. Hey, was hoping to get some details on your xl70 build

  8. petercscherer

    Honda Rebel Chopper Build

    Alright, you guys get an update! This will be in chronological order over the past week. Got the Mini Frisco-Style Tank mocked up, and started playing around with seat placement as well. Upgrading from the stock single carb to dual carbs! This dual carb set up is an aftermarket piece but seems to be equal to or better than the OEM carburetor. It uses the same style throttle cables and choke cable as stock, and still retains a single fuel inlet, so it should be straightforward to get running when the time comes. The rear fender was a chore to get right, started out with a LowBrow Customs Manta Ray 4 3/4" rear fender, but the arc was for 16" and larger rear tires, so I first made equidistant pie cuts, and re-arced it to match the tire. Taped to the tire in these pics is 5/8" heater hose, this creates a nice gap for tire clearance all the way around the fender. Tack welded the pie cuts, and then carefully seam welded them avoiding warping of course. Then ground smooth (ish) this will all get body-worked down the road. Grabbed some of LowBrow Customs fender mounting tabs, and after playing around with getting the fender square and centered, got them fully welded in. Great thing about this particular aftermarket rear fender is that it's made from 14 gauge steel! Meaning that two mounts in the front are more than enough to hold it steady and means that no rear mount is necessary! I really hate sissy-bars so this is good news! TC Bros Choppers sells this sweet fake oil tank with removable end caps for hiding wiring connections and other unsightly hardware. Grabbed some quick tabs from the bin and welded it in tight under the seat base. Next I got the Frisco Tank mounts welded into the neck of the bike. Results in a super low profile fitment to the tank. It's a little wobbly, but that's the way these bikes are meant to be I guess! Also got the front seat mount fully welded as seen in the pic above. I then threw everything together to get a better idea of the rolling bike. Rider comfort is actually really good, I'm 5'4", so for me this is a perfect size chopper. As you can see, I also got a battery mount figured out, it adjustable and the battery can be removed without taking the "oil tank" off. Next step is probably going to be re-designing the wiring harness, figuring out a rear brake pedal arrangement, brake light and license plate mounts and EXHAUST! Boy, I can't wait to make a custom set of pipes for this; my plans for that will probably blow your minds! 😄 ~Peter
  9. petercscherer

    Honda Rebel Chopper Build

    Only other smaller bike you could chop would be a Shadow. V-Twin engine, relatively cheap to pick-up, only real downside is that no-one makes a hardtail kit for them, so it would be up to you to build a hardtail using one of the universal kits out there. Of course, now that I have a frame jig, making my own frames seems far easier. 😉 ~Peter
  10. petercscherer

    Honda Rebel Chopper Build

    There are advantages and disadvantages to the Rebel as a platform. My initial thoughts are that this will be an excellent size bike for anyone under the height of 5'7"; because, despite the stretch on this frame, it still results in a very short bike. That's great for storage, maneuverability, and compactness, but any big frame person will still look silly riding it. However, you could always do a super-stretch hardtail and get more leg room. Didn't you have a CB you were working on? They make Hardtail kits for those too! ~Peter
  11. It's been awhile since I posted any updates on this site, mostly been sharing my projects on Instagram lately, but I figured I'd post this project thread to keep y'all entertained! I've been wanting to build a full-size, road-legal, licensed and titled motorcycle for awhile, and finally stumbled onto the deal that lit the fire. Earlier this summer, a local Harley enthusiast listed a 1985 Honda Rebel 250 that he had taken on trade and didn't need. The price was a bargain, and the bike ran and drove, so it came home. Fast forward to Monday of this week, and I pulled it into the shop for the transformation. The bike has about 7k miles showing, and seems mechanically sound, but I'll be tearing into the motor later. For now, it was disassembly time! Frame was mounted into my Chop Source Frame Jig, and prepped for slicing. I'll be using a Voodoo Vintage Weld-On Hardtail for this build. This is custom fabricated in their shop and each one is built to order. This will be a 3" stretch and a 2.5" drop hardtail. Tack-welded in place. Engine test fitted and the new rear engine mounts welded in. Fully welded and gussetted, and down on the floor for the next stage in mock-up. Here's one of many inspirations for the direction on this build. End game plan is a fully custom bike, with wild paint, lots of chrome, attention to detail, and fully street legal. It'll be my side project for the winter, so I'll post batch updates when I have progress to show. Otherwise, you can follow me on Instagram, my username is: CaprockFabShop ~Peter
  12. petercscherer

    Eye bolts in cargo bed

    I know Hardbodies 1987-1997 had corner eye-bolts and YES I have hauled a motorcycle in the bed strapped down with them. They're mounting through the double-walled corners and are VERY secure. Obviously, still triangulate and use common sense when tying down a load, but you should be fine! ~Peter
  13. petercscherer

    How to turn a decent car into a beater, part 1

    Needs Moar Pics
  14. petercscherer

    '73 1200 Coupe Project, aka Timmy

    Texas law is 25% on the front side windows and any level on the back-side and rear glass.
  15. petercscherer

    240sx suspension swap

    Agreed with what Atom and Josh said, hypothetically you could swap over everything if you have enough fabrication skills, money, and dedication. The problem is that the 1200 is a really small car and very little will be straightforward about exchanging components with a 240sx. The reason you haven't read about many 1200/240sx combos is that the 1200 is a rare car, and thus parts for them are very hard to come by. If the goal is for a drift/race car, then you're probably on the right track by combining the 240sx suspension with the 1200 body, would have extensive body mods, but could be done.

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