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  1. petercscherer

    Eye bolts in cargo bed

    I know Hardbodies 1987-1997 had corner eye-bolts and YES I have hauled a motorcycle in the bed strapped down with them. They're mounting through the double-walled corners and are VERY secure. Obviously, still triangulate and use common sense when tying down a load, but you should be fine! ~Peter
  2. petercscherer

    How to turn a decent car into a beater, part 1

    Needs Moar Pics
  3. petercscherer

    '73 1200 Coupe Project, aka Timmy

    Texas law is 25% on the front side windows and any level on the back-side and rear glass.
  4. petercscherer

    240sx suspension swap

    Agreed with what Atom and Josh said, hypothetically you could swap over everything if you have enough fabrication skills, money, and dedication. The problem is that the 1200 is a really small car and very little will be straightforward about exchanging components with a 240sx. The reason you haven't read about many 1200/240sx combos is that the 1200 is a rare car, and thus parts for them are very hard to come by. If the goal is for a drift/race car, then you're probably on the right track by combining the 240sx suspension with the 1200 body, would have extensive body mods, but could be done.
  5. petercscherer

    S10 Blazer Build

    Yup! Runs and drives! Back on the road after 10 days in the shop. Drove it around most of the day yesterday. Today I got the hood on and changed out the side mouldings for new replacements. I'll get some more pics later this week. On the to do list still: Exhaust (tomorrow) Alignment Transmission shift adjustment Working Oil/Temp/Volt gauges (Summit Racing) Smaller front tires (These ones rub the inner fenders) Re-do Window tint Replace odds and ends under the hood (a lot of wiring and connection issues still) Interior freshening Otherwise, I'm pretty satisfied with the truck, definitely a big project still. Interior is rougher and rattles like a tin can. Suspension needs some fine tuning, as does the engine performance. But it'll be a fun project over the next few months. But, I have to take a break from personal projects and get back to some client's stuff. Have a gas pump restoration to finalize, and need to get a gameplan for remodeling the shop with more workstations! I'll probably start a thread about the shop upgrades, since I'm thinking a lot of members here might be in need of inspiration and/or ideas! 😄 ~Peter
  6. petercscherer

    S10 Blazer Build

    Video of before/after swapping the engine out. https://youtu.be/VeY40Kktw1o Started the engine up yesterday, waiting to break it in fully until my rear disc kit arrives tomorrow. Should have a significant update on Saturday with outside pics and vids. ~Peter
  7. petercscherer

    S10 Blazer Build

    Paint is a Maaco respray from a couple years ago, hasn't even been cut-polished since then. Regarding the headers, at the time, I was wanting to keep the exhuast stock, but ran into some clearance issues yesterday. I guess now I'm doing duals... MPG doesn't really matter too much, I'm used to <14mpg with older rigs... ~Peter
  8. petercscherer

    S10 Blazer Build

    Almost wrapped up the engine replacement, but I'll highlight it for you here: Before photo, tired old 171,000 mile 4.3l V6. Severe Rod Knock, opted to do a motor transplant, rather than rebuild this one. Removed old engine Back in the crate ready to go back as a core. Rebuilt V6 from ATK Engines, I purchased it through Jeg's. Installed all the original components back on it after cleaning and painting. Stabbed it back into the truck, now was time to install all the accessories. Almost there, still need to run new vacuum lines, radiator, etc... Should be doing start-up tomorrow evening! Also took a moment and installed the 3" Belltech Drop leafs and shocks in the rear: Yes! That's lowered 3" from stock... Might be needing more there. Definitely lowering the front another 2" this coming week with some Belltech Drop Coils. ~Peter
  9. petercscherer

    Site Updated 🍔🍺​​​​​​​

    Starting to get the hang of it. Still only allows for 51kb profile pic size...
  10. petercscherer

    Site Updated 🍔🍺​​​​​​​

    Yeah, I can't see how many likes my posts have.
  11. petercscherer

    S10 Blazer Build

    First big update! Spent yesterday cleaning the truck up, first outside getting the majority of the Lubbock dirt off: Saw that the paint, while piss-poor quality, actually was a decent Charcoal Grey Metallic! Then I pulled it in the shop and gave it a top to bottom wash and vacuumed it all out! Interior is tired, but not too bad. Needs front seats, carpet and headliner. Probably replace the dash cap and door panels too at some point. You probably noticed the new wheels! 17x7 Ridler 695 rims with Rikon Raptor 255/50ZR17 tires. Good quality wheels, I picked them up from SD Wheels on eBay, I've used their company before for the Hardbody rims, and was very impressed with the service and pricing! Anyways, as life goes, the truck sits too high (duh!), so I had already ordered a complete Belltech Lowering kit. Drop Spindles, Drop Leafs, Drop Shocks, and Front/Rear Sway Bars! Today I spend 8hrs on the front end, sucks working alone... Old brakes were crusty: Driver's side piston was froze up, surprising since it still stopped pretty straight and cleanly. So I figured, I'd just throw money at a problem... New Calipers, hoses, rotors, bearings, seals, etc... This in addition to the drop spindles, shocks and Front Sway Bar I installed! The old front sway bar was 1.29" thick, this one is 1.54"! This thing is solid steel and way stiffer than stock! I can't wait to get the rest of this installed and take it for a drive! I then re-installed the front wheels to see where the body sits now that it has the 2" drop spindles on it: Well, tire-fender clearance is now 4", was at 6" stock. So a true 2" drop. Don't worry though, I saw where it was sitting and IMMEDIATELY ordered a set of 2" drop coils... They should be here Friday. Rear is still at stock height, I'll lower that tomorrow with the 3" drop Springs. Mmmm, red calipers. That reminds me, I need to order a rear caliper conversion kit for this thing. Gonna look silly with tiny rear drums... Stay tuned for more updates, motor swap begins tomorrow night! ~Peter
  12. petercscherer

    S10 Blazer Build

    New Engine gets installed July 4th Weekend. Got a local mechanic coming over to help speed up the swap. Life got in the way for the past 2 months, but everything kinda fell in place recently and this project is GO! I'm excited to share with y'all the transformation! If you're on Instagram, give me a follow @caprockfabshop I'll post behind the scene photos and vids there before I update this thread. ~Peter
  13. petercscherer

    KA24DE vs SR20DET realistic price of swap

    There are a few problems with what you laid out there. Take it from a guy with a stalled engine swap: 1: If you're budget can cover engine OR Suspension, you should either save up more money, or choose suspension and just enjoy the lil L series engine for now. 2: I say this because the stock suspension has little that can be done to make it ride better, sit lower, or handle better without drastically modify or replacing parts. Sure the beebani brake conversion is a good idea, but it should be coupled with some upgraded suspension changes. Coilovers, airbags, whatever. 3: Whatever budget you have estimated for an engine swap: Double It! 4: The question that is always asked in these kind of threads: How much mechanical and fabrication experience do you have? Engine swaps can be as simple as changing some mounting locations and figuring out wiring, but oftentimes run into major rebuilding messes that bog down builds and can put your project in limbo for years. 5: Decide what you want out of the truck. If you want a race car/truck, then you need SR20DET, full coilover suspension, roll cage, fuel cell, etc... If the goal is just a cheap, reliable daily driver, the KA24E/DE is a better choice, and you could probably get away with mild chassis upgrades and slowly make it better. But keep my rule #3 in mind.... That's all just my opinion, and I'm not hating on you or trying to bust your balls, I just know this is the kind of info I would like to have received before I took on a similar project. Then got stalled, then life got in the way, now my truck sits in a corner for the last 2.5yrs.... :( ~Peter
  14. petercscherer

    Forum Update - How to embrace change

    I say that, and then it double posts. I guess I jinxed myself... :/
  15. petercscherer

    Forum Update - How to embrace change

    Everything is the same for me on mobile as it always has been. Looks smooth to me.

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