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  1. maredlin1@hotmail.com

    620 alternator "upgrade"

    I would like to wire a Saturn ir altenator to a 1978 ir 620, all I can find is how to put a ir altenator in a external regulator (I just need to know how to wire it). Also I've signed on with photobucket (the free membership) but I can't get the third party photos unless I pay like $300 bucks, so I can't get any photos Thanks, Doug
  2. maredlin1@hotmail.com

    Saturn Alternator in a 620

    I've tried, but I don't know how to look anything up on this site, plus I went to photobucket to try and get third party pictures, but they want $300 and some bucks even after pushing the free button. I had no idea Datsun people were so rich, but it makes sense, as you can afford to work on then. I have a 1978 Datsun 620 kc that I bought new, and it dropped a valve seat after 250,000 miles (piece of crap. So I decided to rebuild the engine. I am now attempting to put a Saturn internal regulator in my 620 that was also internal regulated. All I can find is how to convert over to external regulator. They get close but no cigar. My Saturn plug is wired to S F L P do I need to change them? If so, where do they go? Also want to keep my battery charge light. Thank You, For any help. Doug
  3. maredlin1@hotmail.com

    1978 L20b front cover

    On the back side of the front cover there is an L shaped groove that runs along side and under the water jackets. I don't know why it's there. My question is, does that groove have to stay open, or will it affect anything if it gets filled with gasket maker ? (I throw most of the paper and cork gaskets away) and use Permatex The Right Stuff. Never a leak, drip , seep or blow out.and vehicle ready to drive in 5 minutes
  4. maredlin1@hotmail.com

    1978 Datsun 620 k.c. rear axle shim gap

    Excuse my stupidity, but what is 0.0059 on my dial indicator ?
  5. maredlin1@hotmail.com

    1978 Datsun 620 k.c. rear axle shim gap

    Is it 0.008" to 0.0059" I don't know where that is on my dial indicator or is it 0.08" to 0.059" ?
  6. maredlin1@hotmail.com

    1978 Datsun 620 k.c. rear axle shim gap

    I don't have a fsm, could someone please explain to me the proper procedure of shimming the rear axle bearings for a 1978 620 with the stock h190 rear end Thank You ahead of time. I appreciate it
  7. maredlin1@hotmail.com

    1978 Datsun 620 k.c. rear axle shim gap

    I believe the shims are designed to adjust the tolerance between the rear axle bearing and the bearing seat (how else could you adjust the clearance, but to add or subtract shims).
  8. maredlin1@hotmail.com

    1978 Datsun 620 k.c. rear axle shim gap

    Bought a set of Timken rear bearings for h190 from Rock Auto. I assumed they where made in U.S. Not so, made in China. Will not go thru all that work for bearings made in China. Found some on E-Bay because you can see where they are made. Got one from Italy another from Japan for about the same price as Rock Auto. My question is, what is a good end play. Chitons reads 0.012 - 0.035. Is there a happy medium (mostly a daily driver). Also, should I spray copper coating between shims to limit leakage ? Thanks for your input.
  9. maredlin1@hotmail.com

    1978 l20b 620 alternator

    My 78 620 has air conditioning, don't recall what alternator was stock, but most list my alternator at 35 amps. Will a 60 amp 280zx fit my truck, or what will?
  10. maredlin1@hotmail.com

    1979 280zx piston in 1978 L20b

    Do the oil rings get gaped?
  11. maredlin1@hotmail.com

    1979 280zx piston in 1978 L20b

    Plus the tolerance cannot be the same as a stock 280zx, because I have cut about half of the cylinder wall off.
  12. maredlin1@hotmail.com

    1979 280zx piston in 1978 L20b

    I have looked for what the ring gap for the top ring, second ring and oil rings (which seem to be a secret) are in real feeler gauge terms. I get replays like .0098-.0157. Ether I need a better set of gauges or I no comprehendo. I have a nice ring filler, but would like to know what would be perfect set them at. Like top ring .010 second ring .020 and oil rings at ? Thanks for any information
  13. maredlin1@hotmail.com

    L20b head gasket

    Sorry it was .010
  14. maredlin1@hotmail.com

    Oil in gas in new rebuild

    Do you think it might be beneficial to mix a little oil with the gasoline in a fresh rebuild ?
  15. maredlin1@hotmail.com

    L20b head gasket

    Thanks, got what you're saying.

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