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  1. you will want a 240sx engine the front sump clears the bolt in cross member. you will have to flip the steering center link to clear the oil pan. the engine mounts can be obtained from redeye on here. if you use a 240sx five speed you will need to slot the trans cross member for the longer length and shorten the drive shaft. i recommend getting a can/am box from icehouse on here not a have to but will save you alot of headaches.
  2. I'm in nc I will take it off your hands you don't have to do anything to it
  3. Lead on rocker panels https://tabcoparts.com/pickup-trucks/datsun/620-pickup-1973-1979.html
  4. so here's the deal i started this build with the intent on taking pictures of every part. however I worked alone the entire build and didn't document near what I wanted to. I am happy to announce the today I mounted the ecm and got everything zip tied and took it out for a test drive :thumbup: loved it, I snapped a few shots of how i mounted the ecm and can/am also a under hood shot if anyone has any specific photo requests or info let me know, oh and I MADE MY 6 MONTH TIME LINE!!!!! WOOHOO
  5. It runs!!!! had a massive air leak and dizzy was a tooth off starting to rap up wiring and by the way Icehouse that box is the shiznit so simple a country boy could do it i used a harness connector i picked up at our hyundai store in the wiring repair kit.
  6. https://youtu.be/IaePzlEAhL4 here's a link to what the ka is doing when started can't get it to idle long.
  7. measured drive shaft tonight dropping it off tomorrow to be cut was going to use a one piece from a 79 goon but changed my mind still may get the shaft from the goon to have if i do want to use it. also got the fuel rail, manifold, dizzy, and fuel pump installed update pics coming soon.
  8. I was toying with the idea of re-purposing the fuel vapor tank in the wheel well for a surge tank beings we do not have emissions laws in NC. has anyone ever tried this? any thought or suggestions welcome
  9. I used a 5 speed from a s13 240sx have not gotten the drive shaft done yet. I will post pics when i get start that part
  10. got the steering center link flip back together plenty of clearance. also bolted starter up wish i would have done that with engine out lol. as promised herer are pics of the re-tapered arms
  11. I didn't use the goferit inserts had a solid insert custom tapered
  12. I will take some pics I sent the original link, idler arm and Pittman arm to Carlin customs in greenville sc. They drilled and installed solid inserts and redrilled and tapered them cost $150 but turned out great
  13. Anyone know of a flange that bolts to the s14 exhaust manifold it's 3 bolts but a standered 2.5" flange doesn't fit one hole is offset I can cut one ear a weld it back but if I could buy a prefabricated piece that would be great
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