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  1. 720jon

    84 4x4 720 trans swap

    I couldn't find the same trans. Getting a custom shaft made this morning $60
  2. 720jon

    Wrecking Yard Report

    90 and 93 hardbody in mcminnville at mac auto wreckers. Rear ends gone
  3. 720jon

    know your friends (thanks)

    Not at all. Without the input I've received from you guys, I wouldn't have been able to do this project. With or without extra hands
  4. You really learn who your friends are when you need help. I help whomever asks, if I'm capable. Yet when I need help everybody is busy or flaky or just doesn't respond. All of you guys have been awesome. I'm speaking of the people around me. I've been doing a lot of reading around the forums and it seems more like a family lol. If any of you are traveling thru the mcminnville area and need help, feel free to message me. Again, thank you all.
  5. 720jon

    84 4x4 720 trans swap

    Less than 2 feet from end to end. More like 10-15" joint to joint
  6. 720jon

    84 4x4 720 trans swap

    Only temporarily. But that is exactly what I was taking about. I didn't finish last night so I'm trying to get everything back together with a soon to be shortened shaft.
  7. 720jon

    Can I use 4x4 pan on 2wd?

    Is it a ka motor? If so, I can use the pan lol
  8. 720jon

    84 4x4 720 trans swap

    OK. Here's one for you. 84 4x4 720 trans grenaded yesterday. I bought a trans out of a 93 2wd hardbody. The trans in mine is the short one, the one I got is long. I know I need to shorten the shaft between the trans and t case but I have to get to work (33 miles) to do it. I know it's a lot of extra work (but I need it driving by Monday) but can I take the t case out and install a 2wd driveline to make it work? P.s. engine is running AWESOME! After I rebuilt it i knew the trans was going to be the next to go lol
  9. 720jon

    HELP!!! lol. '84 720 swap

    That's whati did
  10. 720jon

    HELP!!! lol. '84 720 swap

    Torqued all the other day.
  11. 720jon

    HELP!!! lol. '84 720 swap

    Z24 doing great. Haven't figured out what to do with ka yet lo
  12. 720jon

    HELP!!! lol. '84 720 swap

  13. 720jon

    HELP!!! lol. '84 720 swap

    IT'S ALIVE!!! Igor, get me a beer. Thanks to you all for the support. Now, what to do with the ka...
  14. 720jon

    HELP!!! lol. '84 720 swap

    Yes coolant no lock or bend almost back together
  15. 720jon

    HELP!!! lol. '84 720 swap

    I imagine. Since the head i had to replace wwhen I first got the truck was cracked

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