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  1. RockFord_

    L18 Carb problem

    it is just a bit over OK. The second flap is closed.
  2. RockFord_

    L18 Carb problem

    I did not get anything done on the car today :( -Checked the selinoid and it works. -Fuel level in glass is now high. sadly that is all i had time to do. By the way. what carb do you guys recomend i buy when i get the money?
  3. RockFord_

    L18 Carb problem

    Mixture screw does nothing. Fuel level in glass is OK 1st photo shows the carb on the car. the one that has the problem. Fuel cu off selinoid goes on the main jet? I have to check if that works aswell :) Thanks!
  4. RockFord_

    L18 Carb problem

    thanks guys. i will get to work :)
  5. RockFord_

    L18 Carb problem

    oh. and what we call the co screw is the mixture screw as pointed out here. It was low on fuel, so i am looking for some kind of blockage.
  6. RockFord_

    L18 Carb problem

    Yes. this sounds about right Where are the jets? i need to check that out. Thanks for your comments guys.
  7. RockFord_

    L18 Carb problem

    Hello. I know nothing about carbs other than that they mix air and fuel. The problem i have is that the engine wont run properly, i have to use almost full choke all the time or it stops. Had it at a shop to adjust it but he said it had a internal leak he can not fix We took care of the small things first, like bad hoses and other small things. Adjusted idle and got it to the point where it passed emissions so that he can approve it for the road. The readings on the exhaust said it was way low on the co. Adjusted this screw That is where the problem is at first it was stuck, got it loose and the screw does nothing and we can not get the car to run properly. Do you guys know what it is and if that is fixable. Can it be as easy as to swap over the needle or the lower part of the carb from a donor? i met up with a datsun guy who gave me 2 carbs for free but they are newer and have auto choke. Also if these carbs will work ? And what do i need to make the auto choke and idler work on my engine? I know a new carb is the easy way out of this but i am on a low budget right now and i need the car running.
  8. RockFord_

    77 180B

    I got it in Bergen in Norway and he has more. New old stock. He sells them for 100 dollars The guy does not want to ship but if you contact him about it maybe you can work out a deal. Pm me for contact info.
  9. RockFord_

    77 180B

    I got a new windshield!
  10. RockFord_

    Projekt.....1972 wagon

    I love those wheels man.
  11. RockFord_

    77 180B

    Thanks. I have to look in to that. Do you guys know if it is possible to get a new front window for this car? No one in scandinavia has one and they say that it is no way of gettin a new one.
  12. RockFord_

    74 620 widebody

    That is a weird car you have got there. but i like it. :thumbup:
  13. RockFord_

    77 180B

    Ok, thanks. This is the best way? there is no lowering leaf springs available? I don't think this is legal in Norway, the laws are strict here. The only law that is to my benefit is that i can do an engine swap to what ever i want as long as it is an 1.8, turbo or no turbo. this because the car is old and new laws do not apply :) Also if a part has TÜV papers you can argue with the dmv idiots until they accept the parts.
  14. RockFord_

    Engine Porn (beyond ... saturation)

    you can't breathe near this engine without making a spot
  15. RockFord_

    Car Porn

    Its my summer car :P

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