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  1. OK - thanks for all the good advice guys. I went with the gorilla tape and I’m now looking for that shrink tubing to polish up the appearance so my wife don’t notice (not Lorena). I’m not an electrician but remember 0/0 gauge. Is that as large as it gets?
  2. Ya - I shoulda known - I been playing this game for awhile. My mother’s instructions from long ago were quite clear. Would you recommend gorilla tape or glue as a fix, maybe something similar has happened before? I’ll check the forums too.
  3. Well no, my arm/hand was attached to whatever that thing is - grabbing it quite tightly - so the veins were a little more prominent.
  4. Me? My arm fell off last night, so not worrying about swelling anymore. I thought it was just numb when I first woke up. Will post pic in a minute.
  5. Did you go to St. Elizabeth’s?
  6. WTF - why so long, eh?
  7. Rash from second Moderna vaccine shot. Felt a little out of the weather yesterday. It’s all good now though as I’m still alive. I’d like our world to open back up and get back to normal…. but the number of new infections will need to keep going down. Those who don’t get a vaccine will be the ones COVID will find - good luck to everyone - those who get a vaccine and those who don’t.
  8. Pomona I pull u pull has a 64 roadster for sale. No pic.
  9. Instead of a direct reply - more inference - and redirection to question what media sources I follow. To cut to the end of this chase - it seems as though there is no media source reporting mass problems with the vaccine or mass deaths due to the vaccine. Put this information up - or don’t. If you don’t then what you write is suspect.
  10. Lots of innuendo and inference about the media and COVID. You didn’t actually say it but you tried really hard to stay in a make believe world and bring us with you.
  11. We are talking about COVID - and the vaccine. Distractions of describing generalized media cover-ups is chickenshit. I was asking for any media that was reporting mass deaths because of the vaccine or actual significant issues with the vaccine (more than the few for blood clots). If you got it then put it up. If not, then... Now contrast the issues described in any media against the deaths from COVID. Which is the greater threat? sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. What got her?
  12. Actually, yes - I’ll listen or watch any media source. I’m not biased and not scared of hearing what I’ll not agree with. Anti vaxer? What is one of those? Is it someone who has a good understanding of facts and science and has decided they do not want to take a risk with their health? Or, is it someone who won’t listen to facts and science because they’ve pre-judged the outcome based on a biased view of the world. I suppose it is all in the eye of the beholder... I’m not one, I got the first dose a couple weeks ago. Will get the second in a couple more. How likely is it that all sides of the media are covering up mass deaths and serious shit from folks getting the vaccine? Not likely. Someone would love to be able to report that - if they could. I’ve not seen it. If you’ve seen anything remotely similar - show us all that truth (no innuendo tho).
  13. Well - let’s see. Which side of this divide are you on? I’m guessing (not really) that you have not and will not get the vaccine. I’ll also guess (not really) that you are not a liberal - neither am I. I listen to more than one side of the media, and assess for myself what is believable and what is not. I believe that if you do not get vaccinated you will be more likely to get COVID and you will be more likely to not be here after that happens. Ask Ted Nugent if he now believes COVID is real. The media reported that he said it kicked his ass. Something changed his mind - or is the media lying about that too?
  14. Yep - I’m one of the two types of sheep you describe... A few days after I got it my arm was sore, but I felt no other ill effects, other than not being able to remember the past few days, and a new euphoria - the best I can describe it is being assimilated (i.e., like being part of the Borg). I feel better, and my previous reservations have evaporated. I think it would be better to not die, don’t you?
  15. I heard the COVID was really a voter suppression effort supported by mainstream media. If GOP voters don’t get vaccinated there would be fewer GOP voters. The media is reporting that GOP voters are much less likely to get vaccinated for many different reasons. A focus group of GOP voters showed they are really entrenched in their mistrust of the vaccine and the govt scientists who promote it.
  16. I heard the COVID was really a voter suppression effort supported by mainstream media.
  17. https://www.copart.com/lot/32877521/salvage-1981-datsun-510-or-eugene on copart
  18. Parts R Us also has: 1980 720 with L20B - no distributor 720 with Z22 Several 620s Many 280Zs - no struts 2 or 3 roadsters 1980 or so 510 A couple of B210s A 200 sx auto
  19. The parts r us in Orland has a 64 or so cab, no frame or much else.
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