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  1. 15 hours ago, john510 said:

    Fortunately here in California we have Prop 13.And how that got passed is beyond me.It was a long time ago before the dictatorship got control.I'm paying about 1/3rd of what somebody would pay if i sold today.They can only raise it about 1.5% a year. In Cali they fixed the "shitbox" car registration fees.No more cheap ride.My 510 was about 20 bucks years ago and going down.Then Arnold stepped in and now its over $120.A good friend bought a Chevy diesel truck,registration was $850 bucks a year.He moved to Texas and now it's $60.

    Ha! Jerry Brown was governor from 1974 to 1982 when prop 13 passed (78). You should thank him for prop 13.  I think he’s living on a farm north of Sacramento.

  2. 48 minutes ago, Str8jacket said:

    How about the government/ governor minds their own business and fucks right off and let's the business owner demand what ever they like and the customer the choice to choose wether or not to spend their money there? Seems reasonable?

    If an employee doesn't feel safe because everyone isn't vaccinated then they can quit. I mean it's their choice. No one is forcing them to stay? No one even needs to be penetrated against their will. 


    I've quit job places that were unsafe, fuck I'm going to lose my work over this bullshit. the way this country is going I might not even be able to go the shops to buy food. But hey you know, it's my choice starve or science experiment that works so well everyone who has had it is fucking terrified of the thing it is supposed to be so good at protecting you from. 

    New topic? Or agreeing that a governor controlling a business owner’s ability to do their own thing is wrong? Not understanding whether you agree that control is control, regardless of whether it is a dem or a publican doing it.  Oh, the hypocrisy.

  3. If a governor does not allow a business owner to require masks or vaccination for customers, and proposes fines or penalties if they do, coercing the business owner? Yes. Is the choice being taken away from the business owner?  Yes.  Fuck that commie bullshit.


    Copied from above “By your extremely simplistic and pedantic logic if I put a gun to your head and say "do this" you still made the choice. Threatening excessive punishment to achieve compliance but claiming you gave them "a choice" is not something the GOOD GUYS DO, that is what petty tyrants do.”


    And, “ Even under the law "duress" is recognized as not allowing for a choice to be made.”


    And, “Stop trying to rationalize your willingness to allow for petty tyrants to control other people just because you happen to agree with them.”



    Not copied from above. What happened to the business owner’s individual choice? What is the difference between this commie bullshit and the other commie bullshit? One government controlling a person’s actions is another person’s commie bullshit.

  4. 26 minutes ago, john510 said:

    I'm not sure what a flexible mind has to do with the flip flopping from Dr.Fraudci,the CDC and our current Government.Definition of "flexible mind" ? Sheep ? 

    Nope - just the ability to accept that when a scientist is confronted with a new experience, like COVID, understand all of the following:  1) the scientist has to think about something, 2) take a guess as to what might work or what might be happening, 3) tell the public what they think, 4) go determine whether what they said is actually what was happening, 5) understand that the first 4 items were based on a reasoned guess based on training and experience, 6) also understand that the scientist’s reasoned guess could have been flawed and require adjustment based on what they did in item 4.


    If you don’t have that ability to accept that things get better through study, then you’ll end up calling a scientist a liar because they tested and adjusted what they said at the start, and I’ll understand that you have an inflexible mind.

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  5. 6 minutes ago, john510 said:

    Maybe we should change "forced" into "bribed" ? What is this "eradication is a dream i concocted" ? I've never made a suggestion that the vaccine eradicates Covid.Maybe California now has a lower infection rate because we had a higher infection rate some time ago ? Isn't Los Angeles still a mess ? And i don't trust whatever is being reported,who would be dumb enough to trust everything we've heard as absolute truth ? They're all over the place with what they tell us.Remember "two weeks to flatten the curve" ? That was over a year and a half ago.Remember "no masks necessary" just to be changed a few weeks later.Now two masks.Get the vaccine and you don't have to wear a mask,now it doesn't matter if you're vaccinated or not,wear that mask.Kids were fine and somewhat immune to Covid a year ago,now they want them vaccinated ? So which is it ? If you're outdoors and alone you don't need a mask yet we watch our President stroll out to his helicopter,alone and outside wearing a mask.Yea i trust all of this back and forth changing of the rules and different opinions from all involved.Now have i forced you to ignore me or is it a choice ? 

    Some folks have flexible minds and can accept that things change and might be different in the future than what is currently being reported/said.  Others do not have flexible minds.


    I suppose that I misused what you wrote. You indicated that there would be a different reaction from folks if the goal of vaccination was eradication. Of course, but that’s a little silly, as eradication was not proposed as a possible outcome by anyone.





  6. 37 minutes ago, john510 said:

    You typed all of that and ended it with "it is a choice" ? Obviously it isn't.Who in the hell can or should just pack up their life and start over because of a forced vaccine ? Ridiculous.If this vaccine was showing to eradicate Covid i'm sure more of our citizens would be willing to get it.That hasn't been the case though has it ? Vaccinating and masking children is another ridiculous ploy from these leftist lunatics.They're kids,young and healthy.Maybe a natural vaccination would be better for them.Your definition of choice is distorted.And who is it that wants society to "bend to their impassioned wants" ? It's not those that don't want a vaccine is it ? It's those that want everybody to get it no matter what the circumstances.I'll point out Newsom's childrens vaccine mandate,that hypocritical SOB wants all kids vaccinated to attend school and his own kid isn't vaccinated for so called medical reasons.Absolute bullshit.

    We are using two different definitions of force. One of physical force versus pressure.  Our “government” and employers are using pressure or effort force, while you are likening it to being something more.


    If vaccines and masks are not working, why does California have a lower infection rate? Eradication is kind of a dream that you concocted - don’t think anyone anywhere has proposed that vaccines were intended to eradicate.  If you respond that you can’t trust what is being reported, I’ll be forced to ignore you.



  7. 2 hours ago, john510 said:

    You should rethink yours.Just because you don't have a problem being forced into something you think others should feel the same way ? This virus doesn't kill the vast majority that catch it.The problem is our Government is pushing things too far.If you get vaccinated what's to worry about right ? 

    Now you make a valid point, instead of the “No, I’m not” ( yes you are) type of argument.  But, still, no change in my rethink.


    Part of my argument was that we live under laws in society. Some are easy to comply with, while others are not.  But we all live under those laws. Yes, others make those laws, but everyone in that society lives under them. Some laws have harsh penalties, like if you were to rape your neighbor; and others have less harsh penalties, like if you were to vote twice in an election.  With each law, regulation, policy, you have to make a choice every day with each and every law. Do I do this or do that.  Somehow trying to raise this decision to be more morally repugnant than another is what? If he and you are so incensed by this type of behavior by those who are making those decisions, then get involved and support someone who can win an election and make different laws and decisions that are more to your liking.  Right now, you have to live with the choices that exist now.


    So, in this case the penalty for not getting the vaccine is somewhere in between those two prior examples. He can get the vaccine, or he can lose his job.


    He could also move to one of those two states where the governors have put penalties in place where they can keep schools from vaccinating or masking kids, and are trying their best to blunt any attempt for vaccine mandates. Otherwise, he’s living in a place where he gets no such consideration, and he has to make a very tough choice.  I’m kind of surprised that there are so many people who make impassioned arguments about things and decisions like this, appear to make it into a life or death choice - are faced with a less than life or death choice like moving to a state where their choices are much easier on their morals and conscience, yet want society to bend to their impassioned wants.

    Get the vaccine or don’t - it is a choice.

  8. 8 hours ago, Dguy210 said:


    You have every right to get it if you think it is the right choice for YOU. Having that decision taken away from you by mandate or risk of losing your job is what is NOT right.


    Also, last I checked you can take hearing protection off when you get home. It is not a PERMANENT MODIFICATION to your body demanded by your employer.


    Most employers have no loyalty to their employees but think it is perfectly acceptable to force them to undergo a medical procedure that has a RISK OF DEATH.


    Let's all crunch the numbers now. We will use CDC accepted numbers even if they are likely bullshit or under reported.


    # of vaxxed Americans= 209,701,005 

    # of vax deaths reported (VAERS) what CDC uses= 16,310

    # of vax permanent disabilities (VAERS)= 23,712

    # of vax life threatening events = 17,618

    # of vax hospitilizations = 75,605


    So we can then divide the adverse event/number of total vaxxed Americans and get your chance of something bad happening.

    Chance of death 16,310/209,701,005 = 1 in 12857. So if you mandate the vax for a company of 13,000 people you will kill 1 with the mandate. 

    Chance of permanent disability 23713/209,701,005 =1 in 8843. So for that same company of 13,000 people you have now maimed at least 1 and almost 2 people.

    Chance of life threatening event= 17618/209,701,005 =1 in 11902. Another person has had a life threatening event, or could be the same person.

    Chance of them being hospitalized= 75605/209,701,005= 1 in 2773. So 4.6 or call it 4 to 5 people you've sent to the hospital.




    The overall death rate from COVID is 185 per 100,000 people, so scaling to 13,000 people it is 24 people from 13,000.


    So for the vaccine mandate you need to kill 1 person for every 24 you could potentially save and let me remind you the vaccine does not prevent 1. death from covid, 2. catching covid, spreading covid.




    BIDEN'S vax mandate through OHSA is expected to force 80,000,000 people to get the vax. It will statistically kill 6,222 people who would otherwise not die. HIS ACTIONS WILL KILL 6000 people. That is literally twice what died on 911 and we went to war over that.



    NOTE: WE know these numbers of adverse events are highly under reported by likely a factor higher than 10.


    If you give people a choice and tell them the risks that is fine but as soon as you force it you are responsible for killing or hurting those people.





    This is a false argument.  If you don’t want the vaccine, don’t get it.  If you don’t want to have your kid get it, don’t.  It is a choice that you have and can make.


    In civilized society, we live under laws made by other people.  That has been true for some time.  Some laws we like, some we don’t.


    Home school is a valid option.  Get another job, work for yourself, or go be homeless.  Nobody (yet) is coming to your residence with a gun to shoot you if you don’t get the shot.


    Don't conflate getting a vaccine to killing  the people who get it - as though there is no choice involved.  If you have such strong beliefs, then be true to them and don’t get the vaccine.  Go live in the wilderness somewhere where they will never find you.


    There is no force, there is no gun, so nobody is killing or hurting anyone by force - it is a choice.  Make it.

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  9. 4 minutes ago, paradime said:


    Although I named the source, I actually went back and added a link to the reference shortly after posting it.



    All true. However, according to the Independent Petroleum Association of America, since 1947 (84 yr) fracking has produced a grand total of 7 billion barrels of oil, and 600 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. So it's safe to say "Fracking is done for natural gas, and has (in all practical terms) nothing to do with the price of gasoline."


    Edited yesterday at 04:15 PM by paradime

    You seem to think I think fracking has some affect on oil prices, when I do not. I was debunking someone else’s claim that the prez n his halting of fracking has caused oil prices to go up.  Are you stuck on it being 84 years versus 70?

  10. 1 hour ago, frankendat said:

    The problem is that I have direct (in person) experience that is contrary to the your statement. Real estate prices did drop and there is less fracking in the mountains of Utah, after Biden. But, the bottom didn't drop out of it, as has been the case, when regulations hit it in the past. First, by "drop", real estate prices in the oil "boom towns" went from grossly over valued to just very over valued. When I was there, a spot for my trailer, with electricity (which was not included)  and a sewer hookup (which was included) was $800 a month (with electric and heat(propane) around $900, I super insulated my trailer and my monthly costs were the lowest in the park, so said the park owner). I felt lucky to get a spot, in the packed RV  park. I understand now, the spots are $500 and there isn't waiting lists at most parks. In my mind, even $500 for a strip of earth with a sewer hookup a garden house and a 220v outlet, in the middle of nowhere and less than 10ft from other trailers, is getting skinned. The fact that it cost me near a grand, was rape.

    There are an ass load of other reasons why fracking has slowed, as well as, an ass load of reasons why real estate hasn't bottomed out and none of it means shit, and I don't give a shit.

    If you want/need the moral high ground, take it. I'll be the first to say fracking is awful for the environment, but unless you're pro nuke there are dark days ahead. As for my understanding of the USA oil production numbers, (information I cannot confirm and have not witnessed) in terms of gasoline, because of environmental regulations it is more cost efficient to export oil from the USA to be refined and then imported back. While that is understandable, I do not have a source confirming and doubt I will take time to research. Americans, which I am proudly one, in general, don't want to know how the "sausage" is made, or even how we get meat to eat. America has devolved from the land of rugged individualists to groups of dainty, pretty, princesses that cry and eschew the savagery that provided their opportunities.   

    I love America and have done a little traveling. Other countries have worked out somethings better and somethings worse, but experience cemented my belief that the United States of America is the best in the world and I will fight organizations, politicians, gangs and individuals who oppose.

    First you’d have have to jump the hurdle that fracking is about oil n not natural gas.  I was corrected by another poster that oil by fracking has only been about 7 B barrels of oil in 70 years or something like that (no source provided for that statement - but ok).  Then you’d have to jump over the hurdle of the prez actually having made a policy that limited fracking n caused oil prices to jump.  Perhaps I missed that policy in my daily reading.


    I’m sorry you had to live in Utah, my condolences.


    I wrote nothing about being against fracking n don’t need the moral high ground.


    The point by person who started thread was the prez was responsible for higher gas prices n gave three reasons why.  I attempted to show those reasons were false arguments.  We seem to agree that supply n demand determines gas prices more than other tings.  I blamed it on producers (oil price not high enough to support more production (prolly due to competition)) n traders (making money where they will).

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  11. 17 minutes ago, paradime said:


    My theory on gas prices holds two truths as a constant. 


    1st, if you want to know what drives an administration's energy policies, look at who's stuffing money into their pockets. 

    2nd, if you want to know why sheeple hold a fixed position one way or the other, look no further than the BS hyperbolic marketing both parties are using to sell their corporate donor's long term interests.


    I have no interest in arguing which is right or wrong, because I don't chose to live in Myopia. And yes, I accept full responsibility for my open minded opinion on this matter.


    Fracking is done for natural gas, and has (in all practical terms) nothing to do with the price of gasoline.


    Halting NEW drilling permits is a pointless argument when you consider oil companies have backlogs of existing permits that will keep them busy until dooms day.


     Granted, Biden's Keystone "XL" shut down may have an impact on oil supplies a decade from now. Oil markets don’t react to potential longterm effects like this in real time, because there's no way of knowing where oil supply/demand will be 10 years from now. Oil markets react when hurricanes disrupt the immediate oil supply, not when meteorologists announce predictions of a 90-150% increase in hurricanes over the next decade.


    I see it this way, if halting Keystone expansion is why gas prices are stupid high right now, then why did gas almost double in price between May 2020 and Dec 2020 when Trump had KS fast tracked? It's because oil/gas supply doesn't have the ability to bounce back in real time. Oil shipments and refining capacity don't remain a constant, and just like when someone pumps the brakes on the highway, shit backs up to a crawl behind it. Oil markets react sharply to fluctuating demand along with the potential for sags in the supply chain, so prices rose sharply in 2020 when the economy started reopening. That’s also why oil and gasoline prices are so F'n high today, because new demand is outpacing the supply chan's ability to accelerate and meet it. Look and you'll see the same supply and demand issues are pushing up prices in base metals, lumber, cotton, oats, sugar, microchips, etc. And all of it associated with Covid-19's negative impacts on our economy, aka the flow of goods on the US/world economic highway. Why traffic and the markets take so God damned long to recover, your guess is as good as mine.



    Fracking is also for oil - from the ever reliable Wikipedia:


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  12. 35 minutes ago, bottomwatcher said:

    Just a nit but the keystone pipeline has been in operation since 2012 and still going today. Oil goes from Canada to Texas. The keystone XL was a shortcut section with a larger pipe. Otherwise this has no effect on gas prices. Certain politicians blame prices on this and their followers believe them 


    That is great news! I suppose I’m watching the wrong news feed. I suppose I should take back what I wrote to show a source two tings n now ask for proof o three.

  13. 7 hours ago, Racer X 69 said:


    I have never shaved anything but my face. And only when I didn't have a beard.


    I might grow the beard back. Someone told me they heard on Facebook that beards help filter out the Covid.



    I know who said that….




    Not sure you should believe everything you hear on face place, I hear they will spread anything.

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  14. 3 hours ago, frankendat said:

    You will forgive, if I reiterate the request for source material. I would ask for such confirmation of any claim that flows against common knowledge, not for esteem of common knowledge, which often lacks, rather for a baseline; a fixed point from where to launch.

    Sure, I’ll forgive.  For those of us who don’t follow Ratsun as a main news source, this was and is common knowledge.


    Oh wait a minut, you were asking me for my source - and  not the numbskull who posted that the prez shut down keystone (true dat), stopped drill permits, and stopped fracking.


    Heres a not true story you’ll never read - “Real estate in all those fracking states (not a slight) has collapsed, house prices are down 85% from last year, all because all the oily covered young men who used to frack with each other no longer do (break my back mountain reference) because the prez has shut down fracking.”


    Who knew the prez would be against oily young mens - I thought he was a true liberal.


    See?  There was never that story in any news feed, because it did not happen.  That’s what they call common sense and mostly common knowledge.


    Ask that numbskull who posted those three truths for his references and you’ll get nothing, except for the fracking part, which I already agreed was true and correct and he wasn’t crazy about that.

  15. 1 hour ago, datzenmike said:

    Seems to me that if you stop your own production eventually you have to buy it from somewhere else in the world.

    But - how many of the facts are not fake news?  I count one.  He stopped keystone.  For the other two, stopping fracking is bullshit- he did not do that; and for halting drilling permits, maybe partly true up in the Arctic NWR (but that is a universal black n white statement n he didn’t stop all drilling permits so mostly fake).


    Last fact - whose oil was running through keystone?  You got it - Canadia?  So that was not going to be US oil.  Was keystone oil going going to be refined in US?  No, it weren’t - it were going outside US for that.  It was just gonna flow through the US.  Go figure.


    Doing those three things would cause prices to be higher in US.

  16. 1 hour ago, thisismatt said:

    Gas prices in CA are about $1/gal more than in MO, with CA having almost 50¢/gal higher state gas taxes.  I imagine the other 50¢/gal is easily due to operating costs (land, power, etc).

    Gas is $2.81 in Alabama today.  I’m lucky to get it for $4.25 at the cheap place.  Thats $1.44 more in CA.  Yes, could be operating costs.

  17. 20 minutes ago, john510 said:

    Just curious if you believe Newsom's raising of the gas tax (along with Jerry Browns) caused folks here in Cali to use less gasoline ? I kind of liked Trump's "short term effects" low gas prices,about four years if remember correctly.

    I’d guess that higher prices would cause folks who don’t have excess money to drive less.  So less driving away from the coast, prolly not much change on the coast for the richies.


    What I find curious is, yes, gas prices in CA are f’n high, partly due to state taxes and because CA has a special gas blend which limits our production, but I think it is also caused by higher incomes in CA.  Gas prices in southern states (and prolly ND SD, etc.) are at least a dollar cheaper than in CA.  It can’t be that much cheaper to produce and transport (we have some production here in CA).  I blame higher wages, including higher minimum wage that allows CA folks to pay more.

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  18. The president can have a short term effect on the price of oil by releasing some of our strategic petroleum reserves, which is 714 billion barrels.  US uses about 6.66 billion barrels a day, so that’s about 100 days of reserves.  If he releases oil, the price will go down - it puts a little foam in the market.  Usually the threat of releasing oil from the reserves will cause prices to go down by OPEC not actually decreasing production.  But it is temporary.


    Long-term, the president can make policy through legislation, to perhaps raise the gas tax, and cause folks to use less oil, which lowers the actual price of the oil, but the higher taxes will cause you to not see a lower price at the pump.  Long-term less use will lower prices.  Taxes never go down.  The president could also create a policy to encourage electric cars, which use no or less oil, which is probably where we are headed, which will also lower demand and the price of oil.


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