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  1. Next, they will come for the lemmings
  2. US needs to change its approach to COVID vaccination. Instead of begging those who won’t get it, we should ignore them. We should ignore those who won’t wear a mask too. US can’t penalize monetarily those who won’t get the vaccine - if US did that, those who aren’t vax’d would really howl that they are part of the final (COVID) solution, and are not part of the problem. But, we could pay real money to those who will get the vaccine (or have gotten it). What should that amount be? It needs to be at least $50 a month. It could be paid by the insurance companies by reducing premiums, or it could be an actual check they send to those who can prove their status. What happens? Less time out of work, less pain if you get it, economy recovers quicker, you’re less likely to give it to someone else, restaurants open, concerts, LOWER hospital and medical care use and costs, you get $50 a month until it’s over, etc., etc. Maybe it needs to be more, $100 sound good? Instead of begging folks to wear a mask, people caught wearing one in public get $20 bonus handed out randomly and fairly often. What’s the downside? No incentive money going to those who won’t get it, those who won’t get it feel left out of the recovery, those who won’t get it get to stop complaining about the threat of vaccine mandates and mask mandates because they are ignored. Don’t really see a downside here. Arguments?
  3. This used to be somebody’s. Fresno PnP.
  4. Frankly, or whatever your name is, your response is a little disappointing. Most of the others in this little group have progressed to using extensively profane remarks to show how angry they are, while you are stuck trying to change the direction of the conversation with lamer than lame non-jokes. The rest of us are flying way above your altitude. Perhaps you were just tired. Work on your anger and try a little bit harder to show you are really invested in this process. Can someone else work with him?
  5. So fragile, don’t break. More updates on all all the wacky cures you should try are on the way.
  6. Bin vaxed n boosted - no need for me to Neti pot urine. Mor than a few - u could just check the profile - dumas.
  7. Don know - someone else needs to step up. Not in Tejas.
  8. New COVID vaccine for those who can wait, or make it yourself if you’re talented. Pluses - made in Tejas - patent free - traditional vaccine development method - no profit for Moderna Pfizer etc. Wow - what’s not to like? Fetal cells?
  9. What? For those who will try any wacky alternative to vaccines, here’s another one from FOX. Unfortunately, the desirable compounds are not in cannabis or THC, just hemp.🤓
  10. And now - if you do get COVID and end up with a shrunken dick (COVID Dick), there are treatments, including, ahem, “exercises”. See below for more.
  11. You’d have to try it first, to see if you liked it.
  12. Or you could try viagra per Carlson
  13. Intimore says you could try HRT… Im not that kind of republican tho - maybe some others are…
  14. More good info on what to do to avoid getting a vaccine.
  15. Monkey found mor funny You jus don kno wha yu don kno. If yu get, how yu kno?
  16. Uh, don’t believe me at your peril. Just the first study that popped up - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2526142/ and a paste from it below. You should look up the word dogmatic before you read the below cut-and-paste (hint- it isn’t about canines). If these ideas makes you ANGRY, as Jeff Foxworthy might say, here’s your sign… C’mon, do I have to spoon feed you?
  17. New conspiracy theory - cats cause COVID vaccinations! (Should be a cross post with daily randomness - cats burning down their abodes). Generic news story - Daughter told me about a workplace where they had workers in three buildings, one of which had resident cats. Workers were told they had to get vaccinated or they would not be able to work in the building that had the cats. 4 of the 5 workers who were not COVID vaccinated, and did not want to be, got the shot so that they could continue to work with the cats. Moral of the story - DON’T TRUST A CAT! Now the conspiracy theory - it all has to do with a virus that cats get and give to their victims called toxoplasmosis. Read stories about mice who are infected not being afraid of being near a cat (now cat food). Also read about people not being afraid of traffic and walking into traffic (dead). Imagine this, another thing was that humans who are infected do not mind, and might even like, is the smell of cat piss. Wow! So, toxoplasmosis reduces your fear. CDC should recommend all those who are afraid of a COVID vaccination hang out with cats for a while, maybe it could be a national program. Lastly, a poll. If you have a cat, do you not mind the smell of cat piss? If you don’t mind the smell, have you been vaccinated?
  18. That was intended for a different asshole, not you. Last post previous page. I’ve not posted anything about masks - so there’s that too. Perception is funny. You might think calling my straight up reposts from mainstream media as being shrill, but they really have no emotion in them, as I’m a sociopath. Also means I don’t care what others post (have you been diagnosed too?). Most posts are intended as humorous (to me) arguments to counter at least some the bullshit. See, no emotion.
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