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  1. Lots of innuendo n skewed screen shots -what could it all mean? Don’t tell, you’ve been watching a bunch of those TV shows that have so many questions n no answers? Yes, that was a question? Conspiracy? No, it’s confusion? Now go buy your tinfoil so the UFOs can focus their beam properly?
  2. He’s a politician - he lies, cheats, and would steal candy from a baby. Not a surprise. Someone is writing that is what helped get him past the recall effort, and that it will help other dems in next years elections - if they hit that idea hard. Nobody knows what will happen next year, but this might be a reality, so gird yourself for more indignation and stress if you’re a Newsome hater.
  3. that’s what it means to all the lovers n haters out there
  4. Oh no, was it a quote, or just an old guy who didn’t know how to edit? Seems like you belong to the hypersensitive Hot Wheels forum. I’ll make it a point to not go there.
  5. Yeah - not sure what state you are in, but I would suggest moving to somewhere like lincoln Montana, where Ted Kazinsky was hanging out. Probably not much employ there, but at least you’ll be safe for awhile. When you refer to hanging bureaucrats and politicians personally gaining from the vaccines, we’re you referring to United States of America politicians, or those in Canada, Mexico, or some other country? Maybe all of them, so we can have freedom for everyone across the world? Either way, I’m with you.
  6. Yes, you may think it is your gold and someone else is merely holding it for you, but that image of power about those who are merely holding it for you is at this moment real, and they have the immediate power to make you decide whether you get the vaccine or you get to keep your job. That is the decision. You can hope for some other path, but until there is one, there is no third path/decision. All those f’in sheep that have been referred to in this thread as just taking it up the as? and taking the vaccine are the ones who have nobody leading them down a third path/decision. There is no leader. Anyways, most of those sheep wouldn’t follow any of those who would like to create a third path - they are too radically off the center path. Yes, the vaccine is scary - but the alternative also seems somewhat less than ideal.
  7. It is still your choice. Those with the gold are presenting you with a decision - you don’t get to change what the choices are because they have the gold. You’ve been presented with a decision, stand by your principles and do the right thing for you. Conflating the discussion around the decision does not help you make the decision. Instead of confusing it by making it more complicated (Harvey), simplify it to what it actually is (job vs. vaccine) and make a decision based on your principles and morals. You don’t have to do what Harvey says, but if you want to…
  8. Things change - adapt or don’t. Too stubborn to adapt? Good for you.
  9. There are two golden rules: 1) Do unto others as they would do unto you, and 2) them’s that’s got the gold makes the rules. A mandate is not a mandate if you have a choice. It might be a choice you don’t want to make, or your choice makes life more difficult for you, or life becomes more expensive, but it is still a choice that you can make. If you don’t want to wear a mask (at restaurants, concerts, etc.), and your state requires you to wear one, you can move to a state that doesn’t have a mask requirement. It is your choice to wear a mask or to live somewhere else. If you want to go eat in a restaurant and they require shoes and shirts to get service, and you don’t want to wear shoes and a shirt, they can kick you out of the restaurant. It is a choice you make. It was the restaurant owner’s choice too. Same thing with a mask in that restaurant. Same thing with the vaccine “mandate”. You still have choice to get the vaccine, or not. If you don’t want to get the vaccine, don’t. Your choice of refusing to take the vaccine will cause you to not be able to be an employee of the government, but that is a choice. If you own a nursing home that receives Medicare or Medicaid money, and you don’t require employees to get vaccinated, then the feds will fine you or stop paying you those Medicare or Medicaid funds. If you own that nursing home you can decide your employees must get vaccinated to provide services to Medicare and Medicaid patients so that they don’t get fined, or to keep getting those fed dollars. The owner makes a choice - the employee makes a choice too - to get the vaccine and continue working there, or to not get the vaccine and start looking for work somewhere else. If you want your kids to go to a public school that requires vaccinations against disease, your children must get the vaccines to go there. This vaccine is one of a few that might be required. It is a choice you make. Is it a mandate? No, it is always a choice. It might be a choice where you don’t like either choice because of the consequences - but them’s that’s got the gold makes the rules. Stop yer cryin.
  10. Big teeth test - can she eat an apple through a picket fence?
  11. Not his alone - no. Blame it on Russia - or the Afghanis. Russia was there for many years themselves n trained the afganis how to better resist. Our Afghanistan f-up was started by one President, he kept it going for 8 years; another inherited it n kept it going for 8 more years, then trump got it and made plans to get us out - but lost re-election bid before he could get us out. THEN Biden came in n has gotten us out. Quote from Repo Man - I blame society.
  12. Shoulda been ADMITTED instead of admired.
  13. Tennessee would be opposite of your suggestion. They would report as not covid to tamp down covid fear. They fired some state vaccine chief promoter something or other because she promoted teen vaccinations. Funny - next she bought sent herself a dog muzzle n first claimed publicans set it to her. Easily debunked.
  14. Sister-in-law is hospice doctor in Tennessee hospital (all her patients are on their way down and out). She admired six patients with covid last week. None were were vaccinated. All are now dead.
  15. If you are not vaccinated, can a physician decide to not treat you (due to limited time or other resources, or a vaccinated person is a better risk for saving, or the physician believes that the unvaccinated raise the physician’s risk of contracting covid, etc.)? The answer is yes - it is happening in Alabama. As resources are stretched, this idea will spread. As a result the death rate from covid for those who are not vaccinated will rise (only need to think about this if you believe covid is a real disease/virus).
  16. A couple of days left - on copart…
  17. Me no. Where’s my froggie? Where’s my froggie!?! Yes the frog was a frog - he had no fight in him - hence his predicament.
  18. I have no excuse. I’m not young. Although I do feel like a frog that’s been put in a pot of cool water - everything’s fine. Then the gas burner gets turned on - after a few minutes I’m still ok, feeling better even as the water is more to my liking. After a few more minutes, I’m cooked dead and never knew it - never tried to get out.
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