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  1. Thanks for replying datzenmike, once it get closer to 60mph it would hesitate and refuse to go faster when the gas pedal is fully press down. doesn't run rough or misfire at all. just now it happen again at 40mph. would hesitate and would go! it would lose power for a lil bit then will run fine. I haven't had a chance to look at the carb yet. since it's raining and i live in apt that doesn't have garage.
  2. Hi Ratsun gangs!! I was wondering if you guys have any issues with a 1981 wagon that couldn't go pass 60mph. Feels like a fuel cut/choking. Even though I change my fuel filter it's still the same. I mean it drives fine until it hit 60mph then it would go downhill from there. Any advice or opinion help thanks. Sorta new to this classic cars.
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