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  1. The repeal of the $32.00 fee goes into effect in 2020 is what they said. We will see. Charlie69 you are right about Ducey. Met him here a few years ago. During the campaign. Kingman is a hot spot for the Republican party. They had a town hall meeting at the diner next door to us. Chopper Jim
  2. Automotive Karma is a weird thing. Good on you. Chopper Jim
  3. You could go to Steele Rubber Products, go to grommets. choose the size that fits best. Chopper Jim
  4. We did an Air Show in Kingman, Az. a number of years ago and had a Gee Bee at that show. What a wicked little plane. Chopper Jim
  5. They called them light bars when i had mine. Liability issues then. The bed floor is just as bad as the wheel wells. Don't trust it as a roll bar. Chopper Jim
  6. You could try 1967 or 68 Camaro RS headlights. Just a little fab required. Chopper Jim
  7. Had an '87 El Camino with the Club. They cut the steering wheel, which made the Club useless. The next day the tow yard called and said they had our car. Complete shell, nothing left. Chopper Jim
  8. Remove the coil wire. You could buy a boot like some police agencys use. Or keep your insurance paid up. G-Duax you're right, tow trucks are the fastest way. Chopper Jim
  9. You're welcome. The only catalog I could find was the KYB. All my others are boxed up. Chopper Jim
  10. Will go through some old catalogs and see what I can come up with. Chopper Jim
  11. What is the Monroe stamping number? Chopper Jim
  12. We don't mind at all. It's all about family. That 25 years makes him your family. Now ours. Chopper Jim
  13. Find some Truckin or Mini Truckin magazines from the '70's or '80's if that is the inspiration you're looking for. Don't be afraid to cut it up. It's only metal. It can be fixed if you screw it up. Good luck on what ever direction you choose. Chopper Jim
  14. When did they change the K's backwards? I've seen them on adds for 1959 regular. Have seen racing photos with a 1958 wagon & trailer and it is the backwards position. Just found it. Didn't dig long enough. 1957. Chopper Jim
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