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  1. Chopper Jim

    B210 noise

    Stretched the chickens neck in the fan belt? Just kidding. Chopper Jim
  2. Chopper Jim

    Honda Rebel Chopper Build

    We used Cheng Shin tires on our choppers. They had that old style tread pattern. Not the sport bike look. We had one that had a Dunlop that was no longer made. Bought from a bike builder in California that had a N.O.S. tire from the 70's. Chopper Jim
  3. Chopper Jim

    620 purchase price

    datzenmike you forgot about the 6k neutral to drive slams. Chopper Jim
  4. Chopper Jim

    Funtana Comes to the NW

    Just saw this. When I saw Funtana it was still a complete truck. Sounds like the fate of all Steroids trucks. Bought lots of 5 slots from the daughter & son. Why would you have 3 in a set ? Sorry to hear you had such a problem in Bullhead. Wish i'd known, I could have given you a hand. About 40 miles up the hill in Kingman. Chopper Jim
  5. Chopper Jim

    Scooter Porn - Why Not?

    Perfect engine for a chopper,
  6. Chopper Jim

    Engine Porn (beyond ... saturation)

    Just leave the hood off.
  7. Chopper Jim

    Heater Core: B210

    Napa part # NHC-6603585.
  8. Chopper Jim

    Pumpkin Daves Parts & The Birdshit Goon.

    The Canby '08 Best Ratsun looks like a Cal Custom hood scoop. Part # 10-10. Have seen used examples go for $100.00 up to $175.00. Just looking on Ebay and a cherry one they are asking 375.00. Chopper Jim
  9. Kelmo, we have Arizona 40 & Route 66 covered. Very nice offer my friend. Chopper Jim
  10. As in the years past, I offer my truck & trailer up for anyone that might need assistance. Cell phone # 928-263-0166 Chopper Jim
  11. Chopper Jim

    Car Porn

    Jesse C. Thank you for the photo. Have seen some gassers with engine call outs on the fenders and that is not what was under the hood. This time it is awsomeness. Chopper Jim
  12. Chopper Jim

    R.I.P. Burt Reynolds

    RIP ( Bandit, Stroker.) Burt.
  13. Chopper Jim

    Car Porn

    Just to bad the hoods not open showing that power plant. If that is what is lurking under the hood.
  14. Chopper Jim

    Truck Porn

    A friend of ours in town drag races a 1964 Ranchero called Double Trouble Ranchero in the PSCA. His name is Dan Reaume. It'll hang the front wheels, just not that high. If you are staring into space, you're losing the race.

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