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  1. 2 out of 3. What is with the Ranchero wheels? Guess i'm getting old. But ugly is still ugly. Chopper Jim
  2. Working on boxing manifold for shipment. Cheap cardboard boxes. Chopper Jim
  3. I'll check to see if I have it, will let you know. Give me an address to ship to, Your welcome. Chopper Jim
  4. NVFireFighter, I would say Noah Fernandez has not been interested in the stock manifold. It's yours. Let me know if you want both, intake & exhaust. Chopper Jim
  5. Started years ago. Having the common name Jim, we had Corvette Jim, Hat Jim, before poliitical correctness N Jim, and there were 4 more. Due to my Denvers Chopper, you get the point. Chopper Jim
  6. Let me see if Noah Fernandez responds since i offered it up to him first. If no response this week its yours. Chopper Jim
  7. Found the exhaust manifold with the air injection pipes.Also the intake. Datzenmike, when did they change from bolted to the intake? Chopper Jim
  8. I may have at least 1 manifold with the air injection pipes. Doing my 78 with Hooker header & Offenhauser manifold & Weber carb. Will see if i can find it. Chopper Jim
  9. I would suggest a wheel shop or tire store. Maybe even an auto parts store. Lug nuts are m12x1.25 from what i see. Or you are stuck with overseas parts & pricing. Chopper Jim
  10. The iconic 32 Ford Roadster of Tom McMullen. Flame job by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. Auctioned at Mecum this month. Bid to $700,000.00 Not sold.
  11. Stretched the chickens neck in the fan belt? Just kidding. Chopper Jim
  12. We used Cheng Shin tires on our choppers. They had that old style tread pattern. Not the sport bike look. We had one that had a Dunlop that was no longer made. Bought from a bike builder in California that had a N.O.S. tire from the 70's. Chopper Jim
  13. datzenmike you forgot about the 6k neutral to drive slams. Chopper Jim
  14. Just saw this. When I saw Funtana it was still a complete truck. Sounds like the fate of all Steroids trucks. Bought lots of 5 slots from the daughter & son. Why would you have 3 in a set ? Sorry to hear you had such a problem in Bullhead. Wish i'd known, I could have given you a hand. About 40 miles up the hill in Kingman. Chopper Jim
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