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  1. whining noise? does it sound like plastic rubbing together? If so, I once left duct tape over the valve cover breather tube and it made a Very Unnerving noise. just a thought. 

    1. zimm


      Thanks for the thought 😊

  2. zimm

    Engine problems

    There something going on in the engine thought it was not getting in fuel
  3. zimm

    Engine problems

    Don't know what else to do to my Datsun 620 put new voltage regulator new fuel pump new wiring harness new distributor got it back in time it run great for about a week then it started missing again it has a whining in the engine could anybody give me any ideas what to do
  4. I have a question to ask about my 620 I put everything on the outside of my engine I don't know what to do it will miss one minute and then start running right the engine has a whining noise just wandering if you might have any ideas what my problem might be.

    1. datzenmike


      Whine? L series don't usually whine. Maybe the fan belt. There are spray on belt dressings you could try. I've rubbed a hard bar of soap on the belt sides while idling (very dangerous) to do the same thing.


      What oil are you using? brand and viscosity? When changed last?


      Pull the plugs and examine them. Dry black soot? wet and oily? Tan/light brown? Are any bright white porcelain?

  5. zimm

    Engine problems

    Going up hill
  6. zimm

    Engine problems

    Would like to know if anyone can give me any information on my Datsun 620 pickup one minute it runs just as pretty as you please the next minute it starts missing like wildfire has anybody got any ideas what I might do. To correct the problem I have tried everything
  7. Just wanted to say thank you for the help got my truck running again purrs like a kitten put wiring harness voltage regulator and distributor on the truck thanks to the Asian guy video I got it back in time thanks all God bless 

  8. zimm

    Engine problems

    I have a question about the distributor I have all the marks lined up on the crank and the cam and the oil pump have It at top Dead center i know the little inn of the oil pump shaft has to go to the front but can't get the distributor on number one Piston the distribute will only go one way have any ideas on what I am doing wrong.
  9. zimm

    Engine problems

    Okie dokie thanks will check tomorrow 😊 I would put the old distributor back but they took it for a core .
  10. zimm

    Engine problems

    The only thing I can't even get it to run sent I changed the distributor.really don't know what happened could it be in the wiring. I really appreciate you trying to help me....
  11. zimm

    Engine problems

    Thanks for the info i pulled the old distributor out and put a new one in the same way the old one came out but when I tried to get it to run it back fired I thought I got it out of time so I took it apart to check the timing and every thing seems to be in order just wondering what I should do next
  12. zimm

    Engine problems

    I have a 1976 Datsun king cab my truck started missing i rebuild it about a year-and-a-half ago I put new plugs new Coil new distributor.cant figure out what is going on with the engine now it seems like it's out of time but I tore it down and all the timing marks are lined up has anyone have any ideas what the problem might be I would appreciate some info thanks and have a blessed day
  13. zimm

    ring gap setting

    thanks guys for the info have a blessed day
  14. zimm

    ring gap setting

    what are the setting for the piston ring gap if anyone can give me that info it would greatly would be appreciated
  15. zimm

    ring gap setting

    for a 1976 L20B engine on a feller gauge
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