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  1. Does this guidance to avoid “Poly” apply also to stabilizer end link/bushing? If so, I will avoid using the Moog K700539 kit. MOOG K700539 {Click Info Button for Alternate/OEM Part Numbers} Polyurethane Bushings Info Front $12.03
  2. Nice work, I will verify the rear diff this weekend, truck is up north and plan on going up this weekend.
  3. www.midwesttrans.com, Zumbrota, MN. They should have what you need for your transfer case, they also rebuild them. I had them rebuild my TC 2 years ago and they are top notch. They also rebuild Manual Transmissions, great workmanship and they know what they are doing. They also have a custom driveline shop.
  4. I will send you the detail of the 555 when it arrives, I hope it’s the real deal. Torsion bar boots, let me know how they turn out, I would be interested if possible. Fuel pump is working, OE it is… Good info for the tank, I plan on replacing looking for a windshield seal with trim option, I ordered a precision wbl271 for 34 bucks but would like to keep the trim if possible. How many hours will you have in the frame and did you blast it?
  5. Nice work and the frame is clean, do you have the PN,s for the spectra gas tank and Nissan oe check valve. What about the fuel sending unit, did you replace? The 555 left side is tough, I bought one nos on eBay from Cyprus for 39.00 plus 20.00 shipping, waiting on package. I have all 555 parts for front except the center link assembly, I bought a alternative but still seeking a 555 center link assembly.
  6. Pulled the 3 OE heater hoses, removed front access panel on heater box and vacuumed the debris from critters. The heater control valve is seized, pulled it and have it soaking in penetrating oil. Flushed the core from both directions and flow seems to be unrestricted. PN options for replacement hoses I could find with slight modification, near perfect Oe fit. Upper heater hose- Dayco PN 87881 cut to fit Lower heater hose- Napa PN1170 cut to fit, one 5/8. X 5/8 heater hose 18o degree straight barb fitting and one Foot 5/8 straight heater hose, connected the 2 pieces together. Heater hose connecting front heater core to heater control valve, Dayco PN 880400 cut to fit. 8 clamps If the heater control valve does not free up I try to rebuild the internals??? Cleaned the lubricated the heater controls, motor and resistor is good. Thanks for the input, I appreciate the content and knowledge within Ratsun. I will try to upload some photos of the newly acquired 620.
  7. 20 plus years sitting, need advice. Truck started, I bypassed the fuel system feeding a outboard gas tank directly into mechanical fuel pump, replaced all rubber gas lines within engine bay but did not mess with the OE pump other than running 6 gallons of treated gas heavy on sea foam and marvels mystery oil. Pump seems to be be rock solid and functional compared to a new China POS pump. Should I disassemble the OE pump, clean, inspect only and test fuel pressure or leave it alone. The fuel tank is rusted and has some big dents from rolling over stuff. I plan on pulling it, back flushing the metal fuel lines and using a copper electrical wire to rod them out and replacing all rubber fuel hoses for inlet and return lines. Should I try to clean with solvent, metal BB shot or gravel and shake it or should I have it dippped at a radiator repair shop? Or a dorman replacement 720 tank? Any input on exact Dorman PN for the 79 King cab. Do I need to modify hose connections, fuel sending unit, fuel pickup or it it plug and play. Will it bolt to frame without modifications. 1979 620 KIng cab. Thanks
  8. Need new upper and lower heater hoses. RA has straight hose by the FT and other sites are not clear on options for upper and lower. I would like to find the OE or equivalent hoses, are they available or should I pull them and try to match close fit options at Napa? Truck has sat for 20 plus years, does not seem to leak at heater core or valve and leak is the hose or Elbow connector. Thoughts on removing system, flushing core and inspecting valve only, cleaning, repacking foam seal, testing fan, switch and resistor and adjusting controls.
  9. Thanks Mike, any limitations if installed on a Federal emissions vehicle. I have the VIN, did Nissan identify emissions on the VIN number?
  10. Can a NOS Hitachi DFP 384 carb install without issues or limitations on a 1985 Federal emissions.truck? How to identify Federal emissions versus California emissions, truck is in a different state. Can I identify using the VIN?
  11. Update, I cross referenced The Nissan OE PN Mike provided, looks like Moog K9043 is the Front lower right for the 620. MOOG K9043 http://yoyopart.qiniudn.com/2012-4-17-21-2012417102652656.jpg?imageMogr2/thumbnail/237x237 Descripition Brand:MOOG Part Number(s):K9043 ProductName:Ball Joint Cross Interchange Parts Factory Number NISSAN 40160-48W00 NISSAN 40160-48W25 NISSAN 40160-B9500 NISSAN 40160-F1700 NISSAN 40160-T3060 A.B.S. 220197
  12. If anyone has a Moog Front lower right PN I would appreciate it. I called them and they did not know the PN and was discontinued. Otherwise I will RMA the 2 lowers and find a different supplier.
  13. I do have some NOS aftermarket (older inventory) ball joints, would need to see which ones.  PM if interested, I will dig them out!



    Denver CO

  14. I ordered 2 pairs of Moog balls joints from RA, are the lower RH and Lower LH identical. I called Moog and they thought they are identical and they have a NA catalog misprint. Upper- Moog K9022 identical pair for LH and RH Lower- Moog K9045, documentation on Moog WS and RA states “ front lower left “ Other suppliers either sell a matched pair but others state lower FR and FL. I have not removed the OE ball joints to compare, are the lower ball joints a identical PN/set? Mevotech Supreme PN MK 9045 is a matched PN set on their WS and on RA.
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