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  1. I am trying to find a shop that will actually straighten an aluminum head. All the shops only mill the surface and in my case of a Z24 head, line bore the cam bearings. In my opinion, this is not good enough. I have heard all the arguments that a head cannot be straighten but I don't agree. I ran a Z Car shop for over 20 years and on those heads with removable cam towers, I would occasionally have both top and bottom milled and this did not put the cam bores out of line. There was available shims for the towers to correct the geometry somewhat but that is not the case in the case of the Z24 head where the cam bearings are integral with the head. I want to find someone that will bolt the head to a plate and put it into an oven.

    I know what I want and don't need any comments that "it will be OK to just go with the crowd on just milling it straight.

    If anyone knows of a machine shop that can do this job reliably, I would appreciate a referral.

  2. On 7/4/2019 at 3:08 AM, bananahamuck said:


    Yes that's almost exactly what i was going to do, (eventually) , a roof and gravel between them for a extra spot to pile stuff that can take more weather..  Main problem i see with a stick built or pole barn type shed is,,  our county taxes you on them.. But a container being a non permanent structure,  is exempt.


    DATmike,, I thought about a fan or fans but they are going to be at least 180 feet away from house so don't wanna have to run wires out there and check on them ,, needs to be set and forget 


    Thanks for the answers. have tons of projects that need to be done in garage that is so full my tiny 411 barely fits. 


    Solar panels enough to run fans should be reasonable.

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  3. This seems to be an old thread but if anyone is interested:  About 20 years ago when I built a EFI L18 510 for a customer/friend.

    I used a 280 Z ,manifold, cut out the two center runners, reworked the plenum to match up.. That was the most difficult part on the manifold as when the center was cut out there was a mismatch in alignment. I used the EFI parts from a 200sx and electronic ignition distributer from a later l20. I was able to tweak the air flow meter and some other settings. It worked out great. I don't remember a lot of the details after 20 years but I built some pretty mean 510s before I turned the shop over to my son. I probably notched the intake ports to be like the 280.

  4. I need to put a front clip on a 1969 510 2 door that was wrecked.. I have a wagon. Does anyone know when Datsun began stamping the VIN in the firewall. I have them stored a distance from me is the reason I have not checked this out for myself.  Thanks

  5. I have a 1982 240sx which Intend to use the engine and related parts. It is hit in the right door,. Front end, left door and rear clip is usable. If anyone is interested in sheet metal parts, I can pull and ship for whatever it cost me to pay my helper to remove parts etc. I have tried to post in classified but cannot post there for some reason, The admin has not responded to may question as to why. I hate to see good Datsun parts go to scrap. I can be contacted direcly greywolf@cartersweb.com The car is near Savannah, GA.

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