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  1. Solar panels enough to run fans should be reasonable.
  2. Time Left: 1 day and 17 hours

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    84 39k miles. King cab, power windows, factory sunroof, factory cruise. Factory air, automatic transmission. Head gasket blown, may need engine rebuild but I drove it onto my trailer when I bought is about 5 years ago. The cab, bed and interior is in excellent condition and has a molded plastic bed liner. I bought it intending to customize it but I feel that it is too special to change anything. Paint is original but faded. I have another KK to build and would let this one go. Asking $3000. I know that is high but considering the condition and low miles, that is what it will take for me to let it go. Located near Savannah GA, Thanks Email: aj@cartersweb.com (put 720 sale in subject) text 912 272 2613


  3. Greywolf

    EFI info

    This seems to be an old thread but if anyone is interested: About 20 years ago when I built a EFI L18 510 for a customer/friend. I used a 280 Z ,manifold, cut out the two center runners, reworked the plenum to match up.. That was the most difficult part on the manifold as when the center was cut out there was a mismatch in alignment. I used the EFI parts from a 200sx and electronic ignition distributer from a later l20. I was able to tweak the air flow meter and some other settings. It worked out great. I don't remember a lot of the details after 20 years but I built some pretty mean 510s before I turned the shop over to my son. I probably notched the intake ports to be like the 280.
  4. Greywolf

    Datsun VIN

    I need to put a front clip on a 1969 510 2 door that was wrecked.. I have a wagon. Does anyone know when Datsun began stamping the VIN in the firewall. I have them stored a distance from me is the reason I have not checked this out for myself. Thanks
  5. I have a 1982 240sx which Intend to use the engine and related parts. It is hit in the right door,. Front end, left door and rear clip is usable. If anyone is interested in sheet metal parts, I can pull and ship for whatever it cost me to pay my helper to remove parts etc. I have tried to post in classified but cannot post there for some reason, The admin has not responded to may question as to why. I hate to see good Datsun parts go to scrap. I can be contacted direcly greywolf@cartersweb.com The car is near Savannah, GA.
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