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  1. As an alternative, does anyone think I can just import a grill, badges, and lip (possibly even the hood) and it'll still accomplish the Sunny Hakotora GTR look? I can get the flares in the states.
  2. Hey everyone, I found a company that is willing to design and build a kit that includes full fenders, hood, and front end with grill, headlamp frames, and bumper lip. I was wondering if anyone is interested because they require 5~+ people before they start the R&D on the conversion kit. The price is $2500-3000~ depending on how many people are interested. They are called "CarbonSignal Automotive". I hope some are interested because I would like to get this kit; they have a kit for the Datsun Sunny's as well.
  3. I just came across this post: "I'm currently working on the 5 lug swap using the toyota hubs on the nissan dropped spindles. It requires machining the spindles. The cheaper alternative (since you would need to get spindles) is to use toyota spindles and hubs. That would require modified lower control arms to accept the toyota ball joint." - Nis720 Will it work on a 620?
  4. Hey guys, I didn't want to make a new thread for this since I'm still just getting information. I talked to Beebani about his disc brake adapters, but I have a question about 5 lug hubs that will work with the adapters and disc brakes (or an alternative route). I want to do 5x114.3 lug pattern because of the wheel options and current companies tend to make those, such as Works, AG, Rotiforms, and CCWs etc (not saying those are my options, just mentioning). So my question is, if i go the route of changing out spindles to achieve the 5lug, can I use the whole assembly that works with that sp
  5. Thank you DatzenMike for the information on the brakes and on this thread, huge help. Rick-Rat: no motor within the truck at this moment. The owner is selling a KA24DE with the truck if I want both. I don't think he has a transmission for it (that's why I asked which would work since I have the option to go with any transmission). I'll have to ask some more about the motor on which version and what vehicle it came out of. Thanks again everyone, much help! Micro: It took me a while to see that I typed it wrong haha.
  6. Resurrecting this thread just to say how informational this thread has been. I recently posted in the "Project" section trying to get everything together for my KA24DE in a 620. If you guys got some time, can I get sent some links on where to get these motor mounts and disc brake conversion parts? Thanks again guys, I'm new if it wasn't obvious lol.
  7. Hey everyone. I just joined the forum today and I'm planning to own a 1978 620 King Cab. My first step is to put a KA24DE into it, but before I get knees deep into it, I wanted to get my parts all together. I know I need motor mounts and harness; can anyone point me where to get them at? Next question is, what transmission would you guys recommend? I see people did 720s, 240s, but what's better/easier? I've been reading a few of the threads that did this swap and I see that it took some cutting and grinding on the driveshaft and torsion bar (i think); can someone further explain
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