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  1. Ya I don’t know why I said 1/4” - the plate we were water jetting was closer to 3/4” actually. But it was just what lying around in the drop pile.
  2. Generic plate I’ve been trying to make work. Not to scale and I'm not positive on the shown M sizes - all preliminary..
  3. See the pics in this post. It can be done, but like I said I think I can come up with something better that can be duplicated by others. I'll be doing a acad drawing for the brackets when perfected.
  4. Well..I think I can just use a 3,4,5 rib belt or whatever on the 2 remaining crank pulleys. I have the 2 inner ones to choose from. I did the SOHC power steering delete so I'm already running a mismatched belt on the outermost crank pulley. From what I read there are guys that have 1000's of miles with that setup with no problem. I guess that's why I'm assuming I can do the same on the remaining inner pulleys. I do have one of the giant cast OEM compressor brackets, but I've totally scrapped that idea - its just too much. I've been trying to mock up a simple flat 1/4" plate that would use the 4 oem compressor bracket holes on the block. These holes would be slightly slotted for "X Axis" adjustment. Then 4 more holes threaded in the plate for the oem compressor to mount with spacers in the appropriate Z Axis. There's the guy in a link in previous post that did it just like this but it just seems so tight - I think I can come up with something better with that smaller compressor.
  5. Cool. Almost 🙄 I’ve been trying to mock up different bracket configurations with the OEM compressor. It’s still really tight with hardly any adjustment room thanks to that stupid steering box. At the suggestion of my AC guy I’m now looking at what he called the smallest compressor available. It’s what all the LS swap / hot rod guys use - a Sanden SD7B10. It’s about $150 new with warranty. I’m going to mock one of those up when I have more time to tinker at work. There’s a company called dirty dingo that makes the LS swap brackets that I’ve gotten some ideas from. Something like this but obviously for the drivers side:
  6. I'm not sure of the brand - but its this actual one from advance auto (rock auto had a better pic). Those fittings from the hot rod shop might be useful if they fit that compressor. I'll be sure and let my AC guy know those at least may be available.
  7. The compressor I have has the single bolt oval shaped style manifolds on each port. I'm not sure about anything being commercially available. I think in my case its going to be all custom tig / brazed or whatever.
  8. Ya I have one of those giant Sandens that came with my under dash kit. Worthless for this application. I have the 240 oem one that is fairly compact and it still has the manifold / ports attached. I'm told by my local "AC Guy" that he can fab the hard and soft lines no problem. We'll see. I'm going to get the compressor and condenser mounted and let him have at it. The under dash unit is already mounted and hoses are mocked up.
  9. I'm talking about an AC Compressor.
  10. It looks like that other guy ^ did exactly what I was saying....and it looks like he used "all thread" or something to mount the compressor to adjust the belt? I'm all over it..cardboard in hand. Standby.
  11. Carl - I assume that is a oem s13 / s14 chassis radiator? And what about the condenser? If not from a 240 chassis, do you happen to remember what the dimensions of it? Or a part number? :) I'm right across the state from you..sort of.
  12. Now that the KA is in and I can see the tiny area we have to work with next to the steering box, I think...I can fab up a simple flat plate to mount to the block using the original 4 holes. The oem compressor could mount to that. It will have to be a tiny compressor, which the oem is. I think I've seen some even smaller at the bone yard - Mazda RX8? The idler / tensioner is another story, but I think it can be done. I'll post mock up pics soon.
  13. Slow progress..... Radiator hoses and condenser piping.
  14. Motor in. Just need to finish the fuel pump and plug in the harness.
  15. I think we all need a passenger side fender. Let us know if you get one successfully. Supposedly there’s a guy in Greece that has some NOS body parts but they’re crazy expensive and the shipping is usually more than the parts.
  16. And of course I still have to tackle this...
  17. Long overdue update. Been chipping away..but it’s ready to be mated with its new trans and wiggled into its new home. Fingers crossed my helpers come this weekend.
  18. Damn. Damn damn damn. Well ok thanks for the info. So there you go Stevie you've got at least 2 customers needing a custom KA compressor mount. I'd be happy to send you the OEM bracket assembly and a compressor for mock up purposes...
  19. ]2eDeYe - have you (or anyone) tried using the OEM 240sx ac compressor with the KA swap? I'm concerned now about the steering box hitting it. If there is a problem with the stock compressor location, I would need to design some other bracket. AC is a must with my project.
  20. Stoffregen - it is lowered 2" - still not sure about the look. Mostly the wheels - I wanted the old school saw blades from the 90's in a 15x8 or 10 but couldn't find any. Those 15x10 bullet holes ones I have on there were $50 for all 4 so I grabbed them. I think im going to polish the outer lips and paint the centers gold or something. FrankRizzo - do you have a KA swap? I didn't even think about there being interference with the compressor / steering box. I have the 240sx bracket and compressor - its tiny. Let me know if you've already tried this...and if so got any pics?
  21. Sorry I’ve been tied up with...life. Surgery and stuff. But I'm still working on it. The KA is due back from the machine shop this week (yes - 6 months now). I’ve been collecting more swap parts and preparing the shop to jump back into the project. Under dash AC unit is installed and lines run. Engine bay detailed and prepped. KA wiring harness prepped. I was kind of going for that 80’s minitruckin look..but I’m not sure about it either. Easy enough to weld up 20 tiny holes if I take them off 🙄. No notching the flares. They sort of just bend and suck in to the body lines. More to come very soon! meanwhile....
  22. Almost forgot - got a genuine MOMO Monte Carlo too. Even got a Datsun horn button.
  23. Removable core support and one man engine removal...CHECK.
  24. Been busy waiting for the KA to come back from the machine shop.... OK not really but: Thailand flares Lowered 2”
  25. 620_Brian

    Titan wheels.

    The description on the nisssn part page you posted is incorrect. The description says alloy wheel but that part is the acorn style for steel wheels. Also...You would never ever use the shank style lugs with steel wheels.
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