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  1. Almost forgot - got a genuine MOMO Monte Carlo too. Even got a Datsun horn button.
  2. Removable core support and one man engine removal...CHECK.
  3. Been busy waiting for the KA to come back from the machine shop.... OK not really but: Thailand flares Lowered 2”
  4. 620_Brian

    Titan wheels.

    The description on the nisssn part page you posted is incorrect. The description says alloy wheel but that part is the acorn style for steel wheels. Also...You would never ever use the shank style lugs with steel wheels.
  5. 620_Brian

    Titan wheels.

    Wow. Just wow.
  6. 620_Brian

    Titan wheels.

    Mike...you wanna take this one?
  7. 620_Brian

    Titan wheels.

    Anyway...I think the 18” titans use the shank style lug nuts and the ones I have need a little “hole maintenance”. Thanks everybody.
  8. 620_Brian

    Titan wheels.

    Hmmm...I think maybe the Nissan parts description or number is mixed up. There are 2 part numbers listed. 1 is for the shank style, 1 is for the acorn style. But I think the descriptions are wrong / opposite.
  9. 620_Brian

    Titan wheels.

    Ya I have the correct ones - I meant I’ll need to have them reamed (just slightly) to accept them again. The cone style ones the POS PO used smushed the hole just enough to not let them drop in properly. That should be doable correct?
  10. 620_Brian

    Titan wheels.

    Damn. Guess I’ll have these reamed / drilled out to accept the correct ones. Again. Thanks!
  11. 620_Brian

    Titan wheels.

    I finally got some 18” Titans. Question for others who have these - the lug nuts, are they supposed to be the cone / tapered seat style or the kind with a washer and a short shank that drops in the hole? The holes look like they need the shank style ones but the PO clearly used the cone taper style. Hope I’m explaining that somewhat clearly.
  12. Reduced - Someone make me a reasonable offer and come get this original drive train - I've got KA machine shop and FS5W trans shop bills..... https://ratsun.net/classifieds/item/238-79-l20b-5-speed-webber-complete-and-running Drivetrain SOLD! Going to a local buyer with a sweet 72 510.
  13. I just can’t believe Nissan engineered and released the setup that is in my truck right now. Im pretty sure that rear end has been changed to something higher than stock (I do vaguely remember the PO saying something about it as well but he unfortunately died I think sooo...) Earlier this week when I had a payload as pictured below, a loaded KA, an engine hoist, 2 jacks, 2 jack stands and an engine stand, 1st gear was still worthless. I mean it did do fine in 5th at a constant interstate 70-80mph for a 4hr round trip to Orlando and back..but just wow. There was absolutely nothing left in that right pedal. Scream-ing. And I totally get it the that the L20B is designed as a high redline engine and that screaming is subjective to someone who normally drives modern cars. I get it, I get it. Anyway, we’ll just wait and see what the KA swap does with whatever is in that ?. Maybe it’ll be just right (to me).
  14. Look at these beauties I got in the mail yesterday! Thanks Stephen.
  15. Gotcha. I’ll wait and see. Great info. Thank you.
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