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  1. ​I agree I'm not happy about that. I screwed up the wastegate placement, so I had to roll the turbo up more than I wanted to. I'm still debating the 90, I just don't like the idea of a small 90 right away. The only advantage that the current routing adds is flexibility for engine movement. I can probably find something better.
  2. This engine is 9.7:1 compression. I'm planning to run at 10 - 12 psi. I'd like to be running 350-400hp.
  3. The 350Z trans has the following ratios: 1st3.790 2nd2.320 3rd1.620 4th1.270 5th1.000 6th0.790 With the 3.54 and the small tires I have (195-45-15), first gear @ 6000 rpm is only good for 47km/h (29mph) and in 6th 225km/h (140mph). 100km/h (62mph) cruise is at 3375 rpm. With a 205-50-15 first is 48km/h (30mph) and 6th 230km/h (143mph), 100km/h cruise is 3300 rpm. I'd like to go even taller to get my cruise RPM down.
  4. So with my plans for 350-400hp, I figured a stock R160 open diff might not be the best bet. Also with the gearing of the 350Z transmission the stock rear end would make first gear useless. So I got a Subaru STI R180 with a 3.54 ratio and torsen LSD. I want to do CV joints, but don't want to do the adapters to the Porsche style CV joints. In addition I want to go to disk brakes. So I am currently working on a conversion using the 240sx rear disks/calipers, 350Z outer cv joints (rzeppa style, instead of the tri-lobe the 240sx has), STI inner CV joints, custom shaft. I'm designing new tra
  5. The K is a Honda engine that turns the right way. B,D,H series Hondas are backwards.
  6. TURBO!!! So after a bunch of research I decided on a Borg Warner S200 SX-E 52mm turbo with a twin volute housing. In order to make use of it, I had to make sure that I designed the exhaust manifold correctly. Since turbo K24 510s are rare (I know of no others) finding an exhaust manifold to fit would be hard. I decided that i had to go custom. I wanted the turbo to sit here: For flow I need to ensure that the correct cylinders went to each 1/2 of the turbo. I designed it to have the shortest possible pipes, and also tried to match the lengths as much as possible. In order to mock
  7. I then did some test fitting of the engine and parts. You can see in here the custom intake I built. The stock intake would not work because it faces into the firewall. I took the stock intake and cut the runners off. I machined a flange for the plenum and bent up the aluminum box. I decided to go center intake because it would be easier for plumbing to the intercooler. In addition I made a custom alternator / pulley install. I deleted the A/C and power steering, and am using a non-Honda alternator (one I had just bought for the KA24E). Custom idler setup and adjuster mechanism made.
  8. You may have noticed in some pics that I'm not posting completely in chronological order. I've decided to group stuff together. So in order to fit the huge transmission into the car, I needed to do some tunnel massaging. Here is what the tunnel looked like with the 240sx swap: A small hole was cut in the floor..... A little welding and most of the hole is filled. In addition to the tunnel mods, I wanted to get the intercooler and radiator positioning done. The goal was to push the intercooler as far forward as possible while still keeping the grill in pla
  9. I think the issue with the KA was where the O2 sensor was mounted... it always ran HUGELY rich. You'd think it was a diesel with the smoke.
  10. Yeah, I do like to make it hard. The crossmember is one of the few areas that I knew I was going to redo later anyways, I'm not a fan of how it is right now. (When I go to a R&P steering I'll build a new one).
  11. The engine was placed in the car, and it was obvious the cross member and oil pan would not be playing together. With modifying the crossmember and cutting up the oil pan the engine would sit in the engine bay. Engine mounts made: The oil pump on the K24 has balance shafts that make it longer than the RSX Type-S oil pump. To clear the crossmember an keep oil volume, I swapped oil pumps. K24 pump: Crossmember fab (I'd like to change to the JB coachworks crossmember in the future by mounting it farther back on the chassis and m
  12. So I mocked up what I thought i was going to do... I realized that in order to do it that way, I'd need to have an adapter plate, custom flywheel, and would have issues with the starter, and the transmission was so long that the shifter would be too far back. I figured it would be easier to use the Element's transmission as a bell housing, and mate it to the transmission with a custom front cover. Element bell housing: Bell housing cut off the transmission Front cover removed Machining the cover plate Length comparison between the Honda and KA24E
  13. So I've had a 1972 Datsun 510 4 door for years. The stock engine was too slow, so I swapped it for a KA24E. I never got that running right, and have always been a Honda guy, so I decided to swap in a Honda engine. Since I like to do things differently (Make things hard for myself...) so I decided not to do an S2K swap. I decided that I'd do a K-series Honda. I had some guys ask about the swap, so here is what was done (so far). Here is the car.... when it was running: My brother smashed his Element into a telephone pole.... which made it easy to find a donor.
  14. Anything new on this? I was looking for a different picture of custom arms I saw before and came across this post. I was looking to build a set myself, but this may be a better option. Basically I'm looking for a bunch of things, and new arms would solve my issues: 1- Ability to get my 15x8 0 offset wheels to fit under stock 4 door fenders. 2- Toe and camber adjustment 3- Disk brake conversion 4- Newer style wheel bearing/hub (Basically I've got an STI R180, and am trying to run STI inner and outer CVs, a 27 spline hub re-drilled to 4x114.3)
  15. Looks good. I noticed you painted them already....but are you going to swap your wipers over or leave them backwards?
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