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  1. Looks great! Mario does fantastic work but not cheap huh?! You definitely should remove the stock tar sound deadening stuff from the tranny tunnel and put some high-quality modern sound deadening and heat reduction products down. Check out my build thread on The Realm for what I used if you want.
  2. Reached out to the owner of the Art Hughes car and asked him about this. He sent the following pics showing it folding towards the back of the car. Hope it helps!
  3. What happened to all the pics! Planning on doing the Lokar e-brake kit on the 510 next week and came here for the instructions. Any chance the pics will be up soon again or will be hosted somewhere else?
  4. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1969-Datsun-510-rear-side-marker-lights-working-condition-/122537720927?hash=item1c87d13c5f:g:EEoAAOSwZKBZOF9O&vxp=mtr
  5. I did a lot of research when completing the alignment on my car. Goal was that it had to be streetable and not too twitchy but have an aggressive turn in when going into corners. Here is what I ended up with and am currently running: 1/16" Front Toe in 1/4" rear toe in -- important for off throttle stability! 3 deg caster 2.5 deg neg front camber 2 deg neg rear camber To me Dean's specs are very mild and the 510 responds well to more caster and camber.
  6. GoGoGo

    NVH Issues

    Pretty sure those are for the T/C rods where the poly is drilled. But I could be wrong....
  7. GoGoGo

    NVH Issues

    I don't know why the poly is a debate when you can't get new rubber bushings for the mustache bar or the cross-member mounts. Just getting it for the control arms is very challenging! If the choice is to leave old rotten 45-year old rubber in OR change them out for poly, I'll take poly any day. Was hoping for new NVH but I guess that goes with the territory. Definitely doing sound deadening this winter for sure.
  8. GoGoGo

    NVH Issues

    So I finally upgraded my rear suspension from a basically mild setup (slotted crossmember, control arm poly bushings and comp springs) to a Datsport fully adjustable crossmember, whiteline bushings in the control arms, crossmember mounts and mustache bar plus Ground Control coilovers with 250lbs springs. Also a R180 STI diff was installed. Hah! Big changes that have made the handling much better BUT a significant increase in NVH. Can hear some gear whine now. To the point where I am considering what to do to lessen it. So would love some suggestions to go about this. My initial thoughts are: 1. Do some sound deadening and suppression in the interior since right now it's just carpet on metal. 2. Swap out some of the bushings back to stock ones? Maybe crossmember and mustache bar? 3. Would changing the rear coilovers down to 225lbs make that big of a difference or any? 4. Would the CV axle conversion improve some of the vibration? 5. Just suck it up and get used to it! Any feedback?
  9. Whiteline are still available - http://www.aftermarketsuspensionparts.com/products/datsun_510_1971?scri=17&filter Baz from Datsport recommended Whiteline over any other brand and I trust them completely.
  10. This looks tasty - http://www.enjukuracing.com/products/competition-clutch-nissan-240sx-white-bunny-upgrade.html Complete kit and 18lbs flywheel is a good balance to not too light or heavy. This would work fine on a L20b engine right?
  11. Maybe I missed this earlier in the thread....what about motor mounts for a L-series?
  12. What about the clutch fork? Neither the 240SX tranny or the 280ZX bellhousing came with the clutch fork. Can I just use the one that was in the dogleg or should I find a 280ZX/240SX one to use?
  13. I'm actually not 100% sure on the flywheel size but to clarify it's already on the engine and the car is running and driving. Pretty sure it's 225mm. Bellhousing case still needs to be milled for sure for clearance. Have the T3 universal cross member and 280ZX tranny mount so I don't think I will need to purchase anything else to mount it. Didn't know about the early vs. late slave cylinders and will definitely just order a new OEM slave for the 240sx. Thanks for the tip! Ohhh...white bunny upgrade sounds interesting. If I didn't already have this flywheel and clutch assembly with less that 10K on it I might have sprung for that setup. Maybe next time...
  14. So after purchasing a used 240SX motor and rebuilding it (only want to R&R once) along with swapping out the bell housing to an L-series one, I'm ready to finally update my noisy 200SX dogleg to something a little more modern. Before just jumping into the swap I'm hoping to get some guidance first. Will need to shorten the current stock driveshaft. What is the length does it needs to be? The current motor is an L20b (maybe LZ23 next year) with a lightened flywheel and Exedy Stage 1 clutch. I don't believe I will need to change anything to adapt to the 71C. Anyone confirm that? Throwout bearing the same? Besides moving the shifter hole back I don't think I will need to do anything else to the car in terms of modifications. Correct? The 240SX tranny didn't come with a slave cylinder. Can I just use the one on the 200sx and swap it over? Anything else I'm missing? TIA, Ryan
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