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  1. The 4wd and pathfinder front fenders are wider than the 2wd ones but the 4wd bed is the same as the 2wd one. Most people cut up 4wd fenders to flare the bed or make their own out of fiberglass.
  2. my 1980 reg cab bogs real bad. thought it was the carb at first, i had an issue with the float bowl previously so i assumed that was acting up again. Once i verified that the carb wasn't doing anything funky i turned my attention to the ignition system. Cleaned the cap and rotor, checked the plugs, it made a bit of a difference. ended up getting new plugs, wires, cap, and rotor. this fixed it for a week. now its doing the same thing again. could my distributor be bad? i'm going to see if i can pick one up at the local u-pull-it. the truck just hit 100k.
  3. too bad you're too far away for me to consider picking this up. Ive wanted a dually since i owned my first one.
  4. no, solid rear window. i'll try hot water, unfortunately i'd have to drive to get wd-40 and i'd need my truck for that. catch-22 and all. thanks guys.
  5. I am locked out of my own vehicle, I have the key but it just bends, the lock poppers dont move. if inside the vehicle, you can pull on the popper as much as you want, but the door just won't open using the inside handle. I am so frustrated! first the passenger side stopped working and I figured i'd just wait until it stopped being so damn cold to fix it. But today, the drivers side does it! just great. the locks turn, but no longer unlock either freaking door. Do I just purchase some ebay door locks? are my latches going to be screwed up? how can I get the doors open? slim jim?
  6. I've been searching for over six months just to find something that was this decent. yeah, it's a 700$ truck, but it's the first that wasn't outrageously expensive (3500 for a partially bagged project, no bed, no engine and no title, ridiculous) or 6-8 hours away.
  7. I am purchasing another 720 this weekend (1980 standard cab 2wd) but its got some rust. i can weld and shape metal so it's not a big deal, but i was wondering where i can get replacement fenders, rockers, cab corners and door skins. The bed's a lost cause, but i'll be modifying it to fit wider wheels and tires so it's going to get fixed anyway. eBay has some of this stuff, but it is eBay... Anyone know of anyplace that sells these preformed pieces?
  8. did my first vg33 swap in my z in one afternoon, start to finish, outside. Started snowing on me halfway through. this time i have a shop.
  9. air impact wont take it off either. shouldn't be too bad of a swap. as long as I don't get crazy with turbo stuff, and have the mounts and driveshaft made before hand, the truck should go together in 2 days max.
  10. no, i mean, the crank pulley bolt won't come off.
  11. slight update. timing chain has stretched to the point where it wont run anymore. tore most of it down and discovered that the crank pulley will not come off. impact wont do it, left the truck in gear and tried to do it by hand, just moves the truck. wedged a prybar in the camshaft pulley sprocket, worried about cracking the head, because i put an awful lot of pressure on the breaker bar. so, time for an engine swap. Going to get all of the odds and ends into the shop to put it together within the next couple weeks. Parts list is as follows: vg33e out of a 2002? Frontier 4x4 (bitch to p
  12. I'm looking to do a triangulated 4-link and coilovers on all corners. my question on this subject is what size square tubing will I need for the 4-link arms? suggested diameter and wall thickness would be immensely helpful. As for sway bars, my truck currently has none. Body roll in corners is ridiculous. I would like to use a sway bar at least in the front to use softer springs but still eliminate body roll. Is there a stock or aftermarket bar I can use? I'm not sure how a sway bar will cooperate with the 4-link rear, but I would like to run one in the rear as well. On the subject of drop s
  13. Sounds like it would be a good idea to take them both apart and take pictures.
  14. Friend of mine, Alex Via, has performed a vg33 swap into an s13, to use for drifting. Turns out the FS5R71C from the 300ZX Z31 N/A models is similar to the FS5R71C found in the 240sx with ka and sr's. it's also similar to trans used on rb's. http://z31performance.com/showthread.php?13560-71C-trans-Z31-and-240SX-full-gear-clusters-can-interchange How similar are the truck transmissions to 240sx 5-speeds? I should just be able to switch bellhousings from the z31 transmission to the transmission currently in the truck. "I used a z31 71c and a stock s13 drive shaft. Could use a z31 bellhousin
  15. This is the only picture i've got that isn't from instagram so far.
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