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  1. Sweet Engine Mattndew76!!! :hyper: . I sure can used one of those rocker valve covers.
  2. LOL!!! I do have A/C on my 1200. All stock engine.
  3. Thank You Goes2fast. Can't wait to get the Coupe. . .
  4. Thank You All, It is so tempting, isn't it? I had those dirty thoughts too. I am trying to grab the one on here, to have those daytime Dirty dreams on that one :devil: , It is the perfect candidate for that. But it is been so hard to have a hold on goes2fast, I have a feeling I am not going to get it. HELP PLEASE!!! I really need that Coupe to release all those dirty dreams :rofl:
  5. Not much done last few months. Rear pop up rear windows seal, rear windshield seal and white wall tires added for now.
  6. Cool. Looking forward to see how will look like.
  7. Hey, Fivetenguy been quite lately. Just do the cards boards and redo it. it is hard to get some panels on decent shape. If you going to do the seats, just do the panels and it will end up all looking the same. I planning that for one of the coupe, have them make the pattern on stitches. I saw a picture somewhere of that and it looks really good.
  8. I WANT that center carpet... !!!! :rofl: Really Nice car. Nice bones for a restmod.
  9. You are completly right Kilo. Like I said before, Wish I live closer and It is a good deal.
  10. Thank You Datsunfreak. Now I am 100% when times come to refurbish it.
  11. Just saw Your Sedan on Craigslist. Sometimes You got to know when to throw the towel. Wish i was in Texas, most of the good Datsun are close to You guys. I just keep looking to see if I can grab one close from South Florida. Well good luck with the sell.
  12. I always see them barely with the blue only, all other color faded. I want to paint mine. but it is an USA model. is it yellow too? I always though was Blue, White, Red.
  13. Hear You my Friend. But and the end of the day, if You take in account the money and time sometimes it is worth it to go with the reputable and expensive cause it would be cheaper when it is all said and done. But 40K it is a really big bill for a Datsun 1200 coupe, maybe a 240Z with a really low Vin number would justify that kind of money.
  14. Looks like new. What kind of paint did You used Datsunfreak? Did You also paint the fan plate. the Blue, yellow. Red? Didn't know It was actually Yellow. Cool.
  15. Great car. Love the Nova. In the other hand. Is there is any reason shop don't like to even touch a imported car? Jap in this case. They act if they going to get some terminal disease if they work on a Japanese car. Money is money. You quote your job fairly and You should care less if it is a Jap, Korean, o whatever that may be. That happens to me couple of weeks ago, when I try to get my ID Tag refurbished. They simply say no. When in there wed they stated they would be able to do to any car and model. Well, that is how thing goes. Good Luck with the 1200.
  16. Is there any decent reputable shop left? Hate when that happens. Keep pressing on, it doesn't look too far to finished. Good luck on that EPTXDATSUN. Hope You took good care of the interior as they look really good. Are You planing on mod the interior too?
  17. Nice , very nice Datsunfreak. Love it. Did You paint the cluster lid?
  18. Just get my new washer bag and a n.o.s. shifter knob for my Coupe. Also the Front and Rear Original TS spoiler from a guy in Malaysia, who ,make a mold to make them and sold me the real ones. not cheap !!! :( with some scuff in it, nothing mayor.
  19. Thank You very much for your words. I love how modest you sound, But.... your work is up to par to any I have seen, I really mean it. I completely understand what you refer too. I was at the same boat as You, I still grabbing and searching for whatever I can get, even if my parts are looking really decent I still go for the new one. You got a lucky brake with that "LOAD" You score. By the way I can't remember if You have any of the rear side cards(sides covers), Mine have speaker holes in it. Need them on black. Are You going to build a Threat for the Coupe. It would be much easier to f
  20. Would WOW!!! be a good expression? That Coupe going to turn up really Sweet. I guess You got some serious Dat addiction, Ask me about it. I have spend some serious money on mine, and it's like I can't really stop looking for parts and stuff.
  21. Looking really Good Fivetenguy. Are you going to refurbished the whole interior? :thumbup:
  22. That is going to be a sweet A14 when all is said and done. They Rev so nice.
  23. lcgarcia98

    1200's unite!!!

    Datsun vs Toyota. 70's vs 80's mmmmm... Finally result, Datsun won that race!
  24. Sweet Sweet Sweet!!!! looking soooo good. Wish i could hear that Engine. What is it, and what work have been done on that beast?
  25. Thank You Fivetenguy. Need to finish so minor details on it. Some of the warning or serivice decals arrive. Not going to put them yet, Would like to show it to the guys who going to do the rest of the labels, so can match material and lettering. Grrrrr last nite i screw my Steering Wheel. Hit it with a extractor and chip..... Ohhh Live. Now back to sand and paint. Going to try to redo some place i miss...or wasn't perfect to re-mod standard. Will see how it turn out.
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