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  1. The original screw is m4.2x13, but the head diameter is 12mm. The head diameter has to be this large to cover the large adjustment hole in the glove box panel. So if you decide to order from Bel Metric try this screw: https://www.belmetric.com/42mm-c-10_110_111_113/slh42x13blk-phillips-truss-screw-black-p-613.html?zenid=u3ehhnfuhdd0ikipik01d6rbe5 It should have a large enough head to work. -Guy
  2. Follow up on the screws that hold the glove box. They are metric, but a 1/2" long #6 binder head or lathe head screw will work (a little loose, but a #8 is too large). The original ones are black oxide color. Total of 8 needed. Six inside the glove box, and two at the bottom. -Guy
  3. This thread is now +15 Chi and exhibiting a strong life force. Hoping to see great energy flowing here soon. :-)
  4. Wow... Nice Rack :-) I really like how this project is progressing. I have been interested in R/P for a while. Keeping the original turbo location would give such a nice stock appearance to the engine bay for an SR510. -Guy
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