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  1. allidosyndicate

    1978 620 s13 ka24de swap.

    trying to figure out my alternator wiring i read a few stuff online idk if this is correct
  2. allidosyndicate

    1978 620 s13 ka24de swap.

    i ment white/red (w/r) and thanks for your reply ill try looking for that 2 wire plug on my 620
  3. allidosyndicate

    1978 620 s13 ka24de swap.

    ok guys im new here and new to datsuns ive been swapping the engine but i need help finishing it and making sure everything is good so far. swap info s13 ka24de engine/trans ]2eDeYe engine mounts (thanks worked perfect!) icehouse can/am (thanks made it much easier) pathfinder throttle cable off an older one ka24e alternator brackets and thermostat housing all the pictures is how i did it not sure if its right please help need to know before i attempt to start it 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) no sure if the power goes straight to the battery if so does it need a fuse? 6) 7) dont know where these go 8) 9) 10) dont know where these hoses go still have to figure out the driveshaft and center link

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