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  1. MISTER_Gunnz

    WTB: In-channel Visors for 1986 720 King Cab

    I was able to order some and my mechanic paid me for them today. :thumbup:
  2. MISTER_Gunnz

    WTB: In-channel Visors for 1986 720 King Cab

    DREWSDIME, I'm referring to the external window visors seen in the pic. I just reread what I wrote and I guess I left the "window" part out. :blush: Thanks for the responses, everyone. I've found some that I think will work!
  3. Yup, bumper is still available. Let me know!
  4. Sup y'all! Long story short, I took my pickup in for some service and they broke one of my in-channel visors. Just wanted to put it out their to see if anyone has some laying around that they would part with....or if anyone knows of a place that still sells new ones that work for this year, any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking!
  5. MISTER_Gunnz

    1986 720 brake upgrade questions

    I hear what you're saying about performance pads. Pretty sure I'm going to try a set of EBC Green Stuff pads. Reviews seems favorable. As for the lines, I've been looking into Goodridge braided lines. But, I've having trouble finding a part number for a V6 2wd D21.
  6. MISTER_Gunnz

    1986 720 brake upgrade questions

    Thanks for all the responses and the great info, yello620! It seems to all come down to what spindles/hubs are on my truck. I'll be sure to check the production date and go from there. Any information/recommendations on braided brake lines or performance brake pads would be much appreciated. :thumbup:
  7. MISTER_Gunnz

    1986 720 brake upgrade questions

    Thanks for chiming in. :thumbup: Hopefully, someone has some recent experience with this. It would be good to have this info available in this section of the forum.
  8. MISTER_Gunnz

    1986 720 brake upgrade questions

    Thank you very much for the reply, datzenmike! The D21 V6 rotors/calipers will bolt up to my hubs/spindles without modifications? I drive on the freeways of Southern California. There is a lot of quick braking from 80mph to 15mph. With that said, I drive this pickup around 5k miles a year...so the tradeoff of increased wear would be acceptable if I can gain a little more brake control.
  9. MISTER_Gunnz

    1986 720 brake upgrade questions

    Hello, I've got a 1986 Nissan 720 (K/C Z24 carburetor - 5spd), originally purchased from Newport Nissan on 11/09/1985. The brake calipers are sticking and I'm looking to upgrade my setup. Been searching here and on google and haven't found much info that applies to my truck so I'm hoping someone can chime in and steer me in the right direction. On with the questions: Any recommendations on a performance low dust ceramic pads, braided lines or slotted rotors? When searching for parts online would it be best to search for parts compatible with a 1985 720? Several places seem to list different parts for 1985 and 1986 720's. And if I can upgrade: Are there 2 piston calipers that will bolt on directly? I'm looking to order some parts in the next day or two, and any relevant info would be greatly appreciated! _Luke
  10. MISTER_Gunnz

    1986 Nissan 720 King Cab ST 4x4 picked it up this weekend.

    Very clean pickup! Congrats... :thumbup:
  11. MISTER_Gunnz

    720 wagon? Any info would be appreciated.

    Wow, thanks for the link Laecaon! Super-clean graft work!!
  12. MISTER_Gunnz

    720 wagon? Any info would be appreciated.

    Hello y'all, A friend of mine sent me this picture and I was hoping someone on the forum could give me more information as to what exactly it is: It looks to have Japanese plates. I've done some searching and haven't been able to find any pictures or info. But, it may just be because I don't know the proper name. Thanks for looking!
  13. Great seller and items! Thanks! :thumbup:
  14. bump - o.b.o. :thumbup:
  15. Sup y'all! I'm cleaning out the garage and have a very nice set of 14" OEM 720 wheels, with tires and beauty rings for sale. They're in great shape and the tires have tons of life left in them! I removed them soon after I bought the truck, back in 12/09. They've been stored in a dry garage ever since. Tires are: 215/70-14 2 x Guardsman III (front) 2 x Goodyear Regatta 2 (rear - still have nubs) $300 o.b.o. picked up in Burbank, CA. Wheels/tires were removed soon after this pic was taken. ******************************************************** I'm also selling the chrome rear bumper that was on the truck when I got it. This has a bit of damage from the previous owner, but still shines and works as it should. Does not come with wiring for the license plate lights or sockets, as they were used on the replacement roll pan. Not sure if I can find the OEM mounting bolts, but if I can...they will be included. Please see pictures. These were taken right before the bumper was removed. $150 o.b.o. picked up in Burbank, CA. Hit me up with a PM if you're interested. Thanks for looking!!

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