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  1. Chuck Most

    Sightings 2, the not a datsun but... Thread

    Not a Datsun, but... I'm guessing Datsun sold quite a few cars in the '70's because the Chevette was a thing that existed.
  2. Chuck Most

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    Happy 4/27
  3. Chuck Most

    So what's YOUR take on it?

    Yeah, but I'm not going to list every example. The Z is my go-to for that kind of discussion. :) First gen Bronco are hipster bait now, so that doesn't help with the whole affordability thing. And I'm not going to go on a hipster rant right now... Scout stuff shouldn't be pricey, but International guys are even more insane than Mopar guys. We're talking about guys who say stuff like "I bought this rusted out D-series pickup for $500 because it has good tail light lenses. I'll figure out if I can use anything else later, for now it'll just go out behind the barn with the other 50 hulks I bought for one or two good parts. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to spend the next fifteen years looking for a master cylinder with the proper embossed date code. Wait, first I"ll take a break to go online and berate a guy for upgrading to a 12 volt charging system."
  4. Chuck Most

    Model Car Thread

  5. Chuck Most

    FML thread with better title than Insomnia's

    Fix My Lighthouse?
  6. Chuck Most

    So what's YOUR take on it?

    As far as price gouging goes, that was bound to happen. Car-based reality TV shows, Ebay and Barrett-Jackson have convinced every mullet head that the rusted out hulks in his back yard are worth a fortune, even if he's got nothing but four-door, straight six, base model Chevelles. If you're into muscle cars, International Scouts, or Model A Fords you've been paying good money for complete shit for years anyway. The early Japanese stuff wasn't going to stay under the radar forever, especially since it seems like there's a growing interest around them. It seems like even the "Buy American, you dirty commie scum" types make an exception for certain old Japanese cars. "You know... those old Datsun Z-cars were actually kind of cool for their time, I wouldn't mind having one. Especially since I'll never be able to afford a '70 Roadrunner at the prices they're bringing these days." I don't know if an old Z will ever bring what a Hemi 'Cuda convertible would bring at auction, but the prices won't be going down, that's for certain.
  7. Chuck Most

    So what's YOUR take on it?

    Hot Rod magazine did when the Dynacorn shells came out- there's not a single factory '69 Camaro panel on this thing.
  8. Chuck Most

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    All I want to know is what good could a competition be if it is is free and involves Leyland?
  9. Chuck Most

    Model Car Thread

    Happy 5/10 :thumbup:
  10. Chuck Most

    Model Car Thread

  11. Chuck Most

    Model Car Thread

  12. Chuck Most

    Model Car Thread

  13. Chuck Most

    Model Car Thread

    R&R Vacuum Craft used to do one. Not sure how good it was, but R&R kits were generally known for being a bit on the rough side. They're out there, but Ray passed away about five years ago and as far as I know nobody has taken over.
  14. Chuck Most

    Model Car Thread


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